Rpg style revamp for this game in october, is this real?


Hope feels warm and fuzzy, it does look good. While giving more freedom to experiment with how you want your character to play… I can’t help but wonder, is this what new classes has become?


I’d guess this was the “new, more free form class system that is completely different from VT2 careers” that they talked about but we didn’t get to see. I never would have imagined they kept it on a back-burner.

I know this is a better late than never kinda deal but I am hella stoked for this.

On the other hand, the Patch 13 seal means we probably won’t be getting an update until October. But on the original hand, it looks awesome. Hopefully, it coincides with the Xbox launch and seasonal content proceeds apace.

Just look at all those branches. And apparently, the ability to mix and match by crossing routes. We can see the Blitz up top and the Ult halfway down. I suppose that means we can’t use them until we unlock them so that will make leveling a bit tougher, I guess.

They say nothing about it in there, so it remains to be seen if selections are permanent or if we can freely reassign talents and save in different loadouts kind of like how we already can. Fingers crossed. I’d rather not have to level 10 different dudes in each archetype, at least not with separate inventories. If they shared inventories, that wouldn’t be so bad I guess.

@FatsharkCatfish When can we expect the comm-link for this one? I am excited -giddy, even- to learn more and I’m sure I’m not alone.


To be honest, I had not thought that much about the selection of perks being permanent and just assumed that it would be similar to what we have now in that regard that you can freely choose which feats you want to use in between missions. Guess we’ll see what Fatshark has decided when we get more information.


yeesh another 2 months of no content for that?

Development of this skill tree actually started before Darktide launched, but some classes were further along than others

very believable, like the rest of the game not complete and intern placeholder work


Insane. Did not expect this at all. Don’t know why the hell we’re learning about it here rather than a comm-link but ah well. Have to say, considering FS’s struggle with balancing the incredible basic skill trees we currently have it’s hard to imagine they can balance something significantly more complex like this. The news they’ve been working on it since before release is hopeful though.

Honestly pretty hype for this, very pleasant surprise.

Looks like it’ll add vastly more gameplay variety than anything else they’re likely to add so seems like a big win to me. I don’t really see what there is to whinge about here, yes it would have been nice sooner but come on.


The vastly more gameplay variety could be achieved in 5 minutes fixing LUA errors alone, let alone questionably dumb balance decisions like 0.5 maniac mods oppressing ogryn him not being able to headshot flak armor buggering all of his range minus gorgo and rip 5, or chain weapons, or the catachan parry/carapace damage, or dueling swords, shovels, infantry autoguns, but I guess more gimmicks are cool. I called it forever ago that Ogryn would either get his big grenade back or default boom box, guess they chose big grenade from the alpha. Because box is stupid and should have been replaced ages ago…


I hope that they add some new weapons to go along with the different skill trees to further alter the gameplay. Still holding on for two-handed weapons for Ogryns. Still can’t believe that they did not share this information sooner, it feels like an announcement on what they have planned for build/gameplay diversity would have helped mitigate the ire of the community somewhat.


I understand there are a lot of little issues that add up and FS’s usual pace of dealing with them is frustrating. However where you normally come off as level headed at the moment you just come across as bitter. Take a break from the game for a while and recharge my dude, plenty of good stuff out at the moment anyway.

Sorry if that comes across as condescending, it’s meant as genuine advice as it’s what I’ve been doing and enjoying DT more when I do come back for some rounds. You do sound quite spent on the game at the moment.


Let’s say it… I did not see something like this coming…

A little hope for a total new system for crafting? without any RNG and the need to choose what you will trade for more strength in some areas… No… I dream, I am sure.

What I see it is these links between the 3 archetypes. So, it means that we could have a semi zealot - veteran…
That’s make it tasty… but let’s see if that we will have to choose for each character the tree or if it will be linked to the loadout like it is actually with the feats.

Also, we don’t see ogryns…

Well, have to wait and see if someone comes here to confirm this or to deny it (@FatsharkCatfish ?)…
Like someone, I would have wanted to read this here… on this forum.
But, I guess that they deliver a message to the true target of these changes. I mean here the potential new players or returning ones…

If it turns out that they actually were working on this and just… didn’t tell us any details whatsoever…I think whoever is in charge of the Community Managers needs to be fired.

Potentially out of a cannon.

Because if you leave your player base moldering without saying any hard details of what you’re working on…well. You deserve the reception you get.


Yes, there are a lot of issues so it is entirely possible to not actually appreciate what is tantamount to throwing out a decent if not interesting foundation in favor of possibly more restrictive builds like VT2, which I did not want to see in this game unless it was actually going to be present in something like classes. Pretty juvenile to assume everything south of praise is rage or whining. I’m just going off the open letter, from January, that said they would suspend their content roll out and adding items to the premium store until they fixed the game. They started updating the premium store again months ago and those boiler plate intern issues people discovered in just the game raw code still persist, among others, along with the promise of no content because this is yet another Fat Shark project for the last X months, they announce right before delivery to explain their silence. Game needs content.

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Not the three archetypes. In the sample tree I shared, the center one seems mostly like the class we have and the side two are new “classes” for Zealot. Note the book emblem on the left guy and -I don’t know- throwing knives, dual guns(?), thunder hammer, and whatever else on the guy to the right.


Community managers can only give informations on things that they are authorized to disclose…

Well, yes, thank you for exhibit #560,324 on how ****** the community has been when we get ANY news whatsoever. Even incredibly awesome news. So of course, they’re not gonna go out on a limb and talk about something that isn’t all but a sure deal anymore.

That’s exactly what I was wondering. So no traditional sub-classes, just alternative build paths via skill trees?

Last time they told us about grand plans like this, they didn’t deliver and got stung up for it. They can’t really afford too many more of those sorts of incidents.

People didn’t even like currency siloing. Can you imagine the kickback if they removed the ability to reassign talents? Even locking changes behind a currency cost wouldn’t go down well.

Honestly, I feel like trees like this are usually more for the role player types. The hardcore players will just run meta.

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I suppose you could still call them “traditional” subclasses if you decided to stay in one path all the way to the end, but now with the added option to make a hybrid class of somekind by mixing perks in different skill trees.

To be fair, we’ve never received an official roadmap ala Hell Let Loose. My guess is because there’s so many ideas and concepts they’re tinkering with that it’s a moving target; thus, a roadmap subject to change would be more disappointing than getting surprise news like this.

Assuming this is actually what it means, I think this is a better way to go, personally. It means only leveling one character with one inventory and being able to pick and choose elements from different “classes”.