What we know about Lores of Magics

Sources: I’ve looked and played at most of the Rpg edition barring 3rd, the 4th (new) version delved deeper in the Lore about magic, I will also look at the TT and the lore

Winds and the Immaterium

Not unlike light, Magic or Chaos Energy is refracted into different “colours” as it is entering the Materium. Those Colours are felt as Winds by practitioners of most races and became schools of magic in most countries.

All magic can be used via focus alone but doing so can cause great strain, Practitioners have found the use of ingredients to help them focus their powers, limiting the strain and pollution of the surrounding winds, Ingredients can be very simple or very complicated depending on the spell you want to do

History of Modern Magic

The first practitioners of magic were Elementalist and Hedge Witch, calling upon the winds to call upon the spirits of the elements, those Spirits still exist and are still called by some Elementalist even as the End Time happen (Golden Magus)

As those practices are very inefficient it creates a lot of pollution and cause instabilities in the Winds, The Elfs, highly attuned to the Winds decides to teach the Humans to limit the pollution and taught them of the school of magic, which later became the Colleges of Magic.

Different type of Magic

Magic in Warhammer can be separated in a few groups:
  • Great Wind of Magic: 8 winds that are the most commonly use, their name vary from culture to culture: Lore of Aqshy (Fire), Lore of Azyr (Celestial/Heaven), Lore of Chamon (Metal),

  • Leyline Magic: Magic that tied to the land (If you stand on a Leyline or inside the land you don’t suffer much corruption, possibly due to the Land being an ingredient/focus): Lore of Ice (Kislev/Oblast), Lore of Athel Loren (Athel Loren/Ancient Forest), Lore of the Deep (The Galleon’s Graveyard), Lore of the Greenskin (Ork tribes)

  • Divine Magic: Magic tied to the belief in a certain god, can cause corruption: Ancient Lore of Nekeharan (Tomb King), Lore of the Big/Small Waaaagh (Greenskin), Lore of Sigmar (Empire/Human)

  • Combined: Magic that necessitate the use of more than 1 wind of magic, they are most always forbidden in lower magic races for their danger: Lore of Qhaysh (High/Equilibrated), Lore of Dhar (Unstable), Hedgecraft (in theory)

Spells and Corruption

As all magic come from the realm of Chaos, and Tzeentch more in particular, using magic mean exposing yourself to it’s corruptive power, this can be bypassed via a few way.

A good way to represent it is as in the Dresden File (By Jim Butcher), all spells are tied to ones will, but you need enough energy too, and to be accustomed to it’s colour to reliably do it

Spell component:
  • Will (Having the winds course through you is supposedly addicting and change your being, and maddening)

  • Knowledge (To be able to shape it how you need to and not burn out by using it wrong)

  • Power (Ambient Wind, can also be supplied with Power Stones, other being, yourself…)

  • Ingredients (Tied to the type of the wind that you desire to use)

  • Fulcrum (A Focus, like a staff, a Grimoire, a mirror…)

  • Enchanted and/or symbolic Objects (Rune enchanted masterwork of the Dwarfs, Vile pelts of the Beastmens, The Shroud of a fallen Bretonnian Knight)

  • Special places (Old Battle field, Ancient Forest, Site of Divine Worship…)

  • Special Time (Due to Celestial bodies and rituals)

  • Timely Aids, be it from other Magister, unwilling sacrifices, or other wordly beings, even in some cases non-practitioners (See spell of Aqshy: “Fury of Sigmar”)

But using Magic will always change you, certain race more than other but most (Practically just other than the Elf and some Slann). Magic will cause mutation, changing the practitioner in mind and in body, turning him toward an ease of use for his chosen colour while the other become harder and harder to cast, till it become virtually impossible

Exemption to the 1 Wind rule

Humans can in fact use multiple winds, there can be a few methods toward being able to do so, it is still very unlikely, even more so when you are at a certain power level:

  • Outside Help: Deamon, Ghosts, Angels and even Gods can help a chosen human toward using more than 1 wind without developing the corruption of Dhar

  • Artefact: Ancients focus of the Old Ones preserved by the Mage Slann of the Lizardmen can serve to learn more than 1 wind without any problem

  • Dhar: Some Magister are not afraid by the Dark Magic and live with their corrupted mind and bodies without any problem

  • Necromancy: Necromancy is the tainted use of the Lore of the Death, mainly a diverging philosophy (One try to avoid death, the other accept it as necessary), as Nagash rose and took in his grasp the Wind of Shysh, he turned it in the most present power, enabling most Magister from using it, it does in fact mean that most Magister could have been able to use the Lore of Death/Shysh but their lack of training mean they become de facto Necromancers

As in Warhammer nothing is simple, being a Magister or a Divine envoy (One who has enough faith to accomplish miracle) comport its risk (as seen with Sienna when she blow up), Magic in itself come from Tzeentch, the chaos god of Change and as always, Tzeentch has a plan.

From minor chaotic phenomenon to full blown Chaos gate yoinking you in the Realm of Chaos, Divine caster who do not use the Winds but the power of their gods can likewise suffer from their fickle gods whim or even from the help of a Deamon at their behest (The change being that a Magister roll on the table after the spell is done while the Divine caster does so before)

Table of Chaos Manifastation 2ed

Wrath of God 2ed

After a while you really start to hope you get a 0

Lore of Magic


Most lore are quite old, the latest addition are the Lore of the Deep (Undeath Lore of the Sea) created by CA for the Total War game and a new version of Hedgecraft that arrive dwith the rpg (ed.4)

Wind of magic
Aqshy: Lore of Fire:

Aspect: Fire

Strong Offensive, low defensive and support, Magic Artillery

Signature Spells: Fireball, Flaming (Sword) of Rhuin

Known Mutation: Copper skin (tanned), Fiery eyes and flaming hair and beard, quick to anger and emotive

Azyr: Lore of Heaven

Aspect: Celestial bodies (Comets, Moons, Planets…) Dreams and Fate, Curse, Storm, Winds…

Strong Offensive and Support, very balanced and as useful in battle as outside of it

Signature Spell: Comet of Casandora, Fate Reading/Manipulation

Known Mutation: Ghostly appearance, clouded eyes and a propensity to be prepared for what’s to come

Hysh: Lore of Light

Aspect: Illumination (Light), Healing/Protection (Souls and body), Abjuration (Ghost Call) but also Stonework (As Stones absorb the light as it heat up)

Strong Defensive and Support ability, also can act as Magic Artillery but it is harder

Signature Spell: Crevasse, Healing Light, Radiant Gaze

Known Mutation: Skin of light (Glowing), white hair/beard, white glowing eyes, calm mind, research of Enlightenment

Chamon: Lore of Metal

Aspect: Metal, Alchemy, Engineering and other sciences

Strong Support

Signature Spell: Final Transmutation (Flesh to gold), Plague of Rust

Known Mutation: Metalic mask, living metal flesh, rigid mind and scientific interest

Ulgu: Lore of Shadow

Aspect: Shadows, Illusion, Sleight of Hands, Mist, secrets, spy-work

Strong Support

Signature Spell: Cloack (Hide), Healing Mist

Known Mutation: Mostly Unknown Propensity to be as mysterious as possible

Shysh: Lore of Death

Aspect: Death, Skeletons, Ghosts, curse, and other ritual about death and accepting it

Balanced lore with Offence focus

Signature Spell: Aspect of Dreadknight, Purple Sun

Known Mutation: White/pale skin, bony hands, hushed voice

They are also clean shaven but this is a cultural aspect in the Empire and not a mutation

Ghyran: Lore of Life

Aspect: Life, vegetations, Spring and Summer

Strong Support

Signature Spell: Geyser, Earth Blood (Heal), Fernbeast (Since ed.4 of the Roleplay game)

Known Mutation: Unknown, but their lifeforce wax and wane with the seasons

Ghur: Lore of Beasts

Aspect: Beast, Wilderness, Were-creatures, Shamanism

Strong Individual Buff, Shapeshifting and summons

Signature Spell: Amber Spear, Beastform, Flock of Doom

Known Mutation: Beast aspects, primitive minds

Qhaysh: High Lore

Aspect: Use of the other lores

Balanced and strong (but hard to master, unavailable to Humans)

Signature Spell: Spell from each of the other Spell Roster

Known Mutation: Unknown


Aspect: Sacrifice, Witches, Blood Rituals, dark magic

Strong but crude, tainted

Signature Spell: Warpfire, Deamon summoning

Known Mutation: See Chaos Mutation, Insanity

Lore of Necromancy (Multiple)

Aspect: All those lore are based on the Lore of Death, but the practitioners fear death in place of accepting it

Summons and Offence

Lore of the Lichmaster

Lore created by Kremmler, basically a better/advanced lore of Necromancy, not much for the Vampire but is able to summon many more undead and control them better

Lore of Vampire/Nagash

Ancient lore of Necromancy, mention the work of Nagash more than the other

Lore of Nehekara

Lore of Necromancer for the Tomb King

Lore of the Deep

Centred around the Galleon’s Graveyard, a magical spot in the sea where the soul of the dead at sea return, Count Noctilus teleported his castle there

Ghostly ships, rotting sea beasts

Lore of the Big/Small Waaagh

Aspect: Aspect of Gork and Mork

Strong but unstable spells, More Ork mean more power

Signature Spell: Fist/Foot of Gork

Only for the Greenskin and possibly

Lore of Athel Loren/Fey

Aspect: Arthurian Legends magic, woodlands, sprites and fey spirits

Support focused

Signature Spell: Haunted Forest, Hidden path, Wild Hunt

Only for Wood Elfs

Lore of Ice

Aspect: Ice, Winter, Spirit


Signature Spell: Blizzard, Frost Blade

Known Mutation: Cold skin, Ice death

Only for Kislevite Womens (Culturally!, men practitioner are either killed or “pacified”)


Aspect: Runes and enchanting

Very Stable, doesn’t cause corruption

Signature Rune: Rune of Wrath

Only for the Dwarf


Aspect: Witch, Traditional Wizardry

Non-military spells, defensive spells

Skaven Magic

Aspect: Vermins, usage of Warpstone

Highly Unstable

Signature Spell: Warp lightning, Plague

Deamon magic (Tzeentch/Nurgle/Slaanesh)

Aspect: Dependant on which god you follow

Lore of the Wild

Aspect: Tainted lore of the Beast/Life


Signature Spell: Viletide, Devolve

Mainly for Beastmen

Divine Lores

Aspect: Depend on the chosen God

Strong support and defensive spells

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