On the subject of Bright Wizards

Id like a bit of help from some of the major Warhammer Heads here. From my knowledge bright wizards are human magic users who specialize in the fire wind. However most images of bright wizards ive seen (sienna included) have other features. Does being a bright wizard “mutate” the wizard somehow? The flaming hair, sometimes having glowing yellow eyes. The skin sometiems changes…are these willing cosmetic changes they do (have done) to themselves? Or does fire magic do this to them over time with use?

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This is something the fire magic does to them over time. Bright wizards have ruddy skin, low tolerance to cold and wet, flame like hair, and writhing tattoos.


Cool…does this happen to all types of human wizards? I know there are (7?) Winds of magic…jade…celestial…grey and the like. Do all human magic users end up changed by their magic? I havent noticed anything on Olysha who i belive is a Grey Wizard…although she could be hiding it…

grey wind is about illusions and the like irrc it would be counterprductive if they standout like a beacon

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Fair, very good point but i more meant changed the wizard in ways more akin to their own magic. Not that everyone became a matchstick lol. You maoe a good point though i can see it not being for the better if they stood out.

it was clear what you meant lol, but it doesn’t really matter how they get changed if they are different in any capacity they would stand out, wich would a be a problem for someone who specialises in deception, honestly i wouldn’t even be suprised if GW never thought of that and grey wizards are clearly disdinguishable

I believe you are looking for the concept of Arcane Marks. These being permanent changes to the wizard’s body caused by that specific Wind.

Notably, Bright Wizards:

  • Temper: You have a quick temper, losing your cool at the slightest provocation.
  • Hyperactive: You can’t sit still. You fidget constantly.
  • Red Hair: Your hair and eyebrows turn a bright, fiery red.
  • Face Tattoos: Odd markings, like tattoos, appear on your face.
  • Flaming Eyes: Your eyes literally smolder with energy. Animals become nervous when you’re around.
  • Hot Skin: Your skin is always feverish and you have a flushed appearance.
  • Vulnerable to Cold: You are uncomfortable in the cold.
  • Aura of Brimstone: You stink of brimstone.
  • Raging Temper: You are volatile, more so than others of the [Bright Order]
  • Mark of Aqshy: The rune of Aqshy appears somewhere on your body.

Sienna clearly has several of these.


Forgive my netpicking, but there are eight winds of magic in Warhammer fantasy world.

Ulgu does have some noted mutations. iirc

With the Magister being more forgettable and less noticeable

So they are less grandiose mutation but they aren’t controlled

I was not sure, hence the question mark attached.

And there are people still wondering why our Holy Order keeps such a close tab on them. They walk on the very precipice of heresy.

Well technically speaking any faith caster isn’t any better, since all magic is chaos (Yes even your rune sword)


What a preposterous notion.
Faithful worshippers of Sigmar channel his divine power and his power alone, perhaps you’re speaking of the so-called priests of other -lesser- gods.


Seems most types of magic have some manner of effect on the users going by the examples we got in game.

Sienna´s hair sets itself on fire without burning herself when she channels while Keri (SoT) has serious bodywide mutations from her channeling what i presume is the jade wind + extra elf stuff.

The exception to this are divine/faith types that seem to be…divinely filtered, to not cause such stuff…But that does beg the question, why does Saltzpyre go bald whenever he goes in that direction?

Well kerillian is a particular case

So everyone knows that Dwarfs are very much hardy and less likely to fall to any mutation (Still happen but very rare, just like natural undead Dwarf), on the other side the Elf are quite susceptible to Divine mutation

And Kerillian seem to be so quite a lot susceptible seing how she look after following the voice of Khaine

Ehh, depend on the individual god, Sigmar is quite tame-ish but the Gods of the Ogre for example are quite mutating prone