Random Lore Questions

  • Can Shadow Magic be used to make people forget something?
  • If yes, can it be reverted at a later point in time?
  • Can magic be used as ward/trap? Like a pre-cast spell triggering on a person coming nearby?
  • Could anyone of the Ubersreik 5 wield the Blightreaper for a temporary time without being corrupted or being executed by Victor afterwards?

Would already help if it has not been established as being impossible within the existing lore.

EDIT: Bonus question: If yes would it work on all of the U5? Or would some of them have to much natural magic resistance?

Magic as a whole can change the mind of someone.

There quite a few way to rewrite a simple memory (though the memory in question will be harder to erase if it’s important

Ulgu/Shadow: Mindslip: Erase all memories of the caster in the target’s memory
Hysh/Light: Never named but there are stories of Magister disappearing and much later familiar Magister of Light appearing (The theory was that they could transfer minds of one of their dead to the victim to replenish their ranks)
Dwarf Runes: The High King Crown is supposed to transfer the memory (Not mind) of all previous wearer (Luckily the crown never fell in foul hands, that could have either spelt the doom of the Karaz Ankor or have rendered it useless)
The Flame of Asuryan from the High Elf: It’s a magical flame that is supposed to change the pretender that walk into it (Not confirmed as far as I remember)
Deamonic and Godly intervention can also change the memories of their target

Certain are supposed to be healable but never at 100%, I know for the Shadow one that it’s not a stable erasure and mostly a conditioning to not think about it (So if faced with the truth it’s supposedly possible to remember all of the blocked memory, which happen to a WH that was hunting a Lhamian Vampire iirc)

Yes, Traps can be made for “any” magic, either by using “Magick” the Imperial Runes, Dwarf Runes or Elven Eltharin, those runes are not eternal though, and not always magical in nature (some being inscribed with special materials or filled with Divine power (which is still technically Magic)

That’s a hard question, the Blightreaper is a Nurglite Chaos Rune weapon, but is it also a Chaos Possessed weapon ?

If it isn’t then it’s remotly safe on the corruption side (Dieter Helsnicht is supposed to have one, he also used Shadow magic to make people forget him iirc) but i it’s not, it’s basically inviting a deamon to touch your mind with their bare touch

The Dwarfs are supposed to be more resistant to magic, but it just make the task harder, not impossible.
But there would be marks, some that though Sienna might not be able to discern (She isn’t particularly bright in that sort of subject I suspect) would be seen by a veteran Magister like Olesya


Aside from what @Arthadaw already said (and I shall ignore that pretender jab)

SPOILER alert for Defenders of Ulthuan/Sons of Ellyrion books

There is in-lore insance where an unspecified spell/combination of spells (most likely Dhar) was used in order to suppress one’s memory:

Character A’s memories are suppressed so that said character unknowingly executes a secret plot. This memory suppression is also boobytrapped/warded in case someone tries to forcefully surface these memories.


I’m sorry, Reikspiel isn’t my fist language, would pretendant be better ?

In Bretonnian it’s “Pretendant au Trône”



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I do want to note that I’m not Bretonnian, I’m a Dwarf of Karaz Ziflin, Engineer and Brewer by trade, but since we traded a lot with the Bretonnian, we’ve learned their language and their odities (though we didn’t take to drinking water)

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It is good to see that even in these everchanging times, some things can still be relied upon. Dwarven stubbornness is a prime example. That and your baffling favour of that bitter, urine-like beverage.


Arent the elves supposed to like Dwarven ale/beer too? Or is that just a Kerillian/Bugman specific thing?

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Sure they love it. They just don’t want to admit it. Elgi…

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I have a question, and ended up rambling.

Can Witch Hunters use Maces? I’ve seen one picture of a WHC model using a Sword and Mace.


I just want to run around CCing everything while it bleeds to death, and the Crit uppercut for headshots. :blush:

Also WHC 1H Sword when?

A 1H Weapon combined with the Griffon-foot, where the Push-Attack is a Push > melee > shotgun blast, would be cool as hell. Imagine the Mace Push-Attack with this added on.

A 1H combined with a torch, so you can bleed and burn enemies would be nice too. Mace and Sword moveset?

Thanks for the info so far. While we are at the topic of random lore questions:

  • Are Karak Azgaraz and Karak Gnol the closest Karaks to Ubersreik/Helmgart?
  • Are they actually close?
  • Are there other Karaks in the vincinity and if yes, are they inhabited by Dwarves or are all Karaks close by overrun with Skaven?
  • Does every Karak have a forge or rune forge (if such a thing exists)?

Hm, maybe I should look for information in that Humble Bundle Warhammer Books bundle that i bought a while ago -_-

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Nothing stop them, there are a supposed to be able to pick any weapon they want (Including Dwarf Rune Weapons and Elven weapons too) so most likely

  • Karak Azgaraz (Dwarf Owned) is pretty close to Ubersreik (but I don’t know where Karak Gnol)
  • Yes, after that there is Karak Ziflin (North of Castle Drachenfels (Dwarf owned) and Karak Norn to the south (Dwarf Owned)
  • In most there are, since most hold have some Runesmith, there are forges reserved for them but otherwise they use normal forges

You sure on that one? I thought this was the Vermintide 1 DLC and it was overrun by Skaven with only an Engineer being the sole survivor. Might check for Karak Norn and Ziflin.

How willing are Dwarves to do someone a favour? I might have to take some artistic freedom on this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, by the way.

Don’t know about that. Could be Asrai specific thing. It would not surprise me since they are swamp dwelling degenerates who turned their backs on the light of Asuryan and practice Dhar.


Reading the Vermintide 1 wiki:

Chain of FIre (third mission of Karaz Azgara)

The heroes try to warn Karak Azgaraz of an Skaven attack by lighting a mountaintop warning beacon

The first mission is in a side stronghold “Khazid Kro” (Crow Village, most likely due to the undead population nearby attracting crows in the region)


Welp, seems I fell victim to a Wiki:

" Karak Azgaraz

A Dwarven keep visited in several Vermintide 1 DLC missions. The name means ‘Hold of the Fearless Axes’ in Khazalid. Nestled among the flinty peaks southeast of Ubersreik, it has stood here since long before the Empire was founded. In the Vermintide universe, the Hold has been overrun with Skaven and the only survivor is a brewe/engineer named Halgrim."

Locations - Vermintide 2 Wiki (fandom.com)

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Aren’t they the Truer Asrai ? Since they celebrate all the ancient pantheon, rather than taking half (Like the Dark Elfs)

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As @Arthadaw mentioned there’s nothing stopping them using whatever they want and/or have at hand even though they more than likely are trained in the sword and rapier as well.
In witch hunter’s handbook it states as such and even names weapons like maul and gudendag as potential tools of the trade, which is far from the elegant rapier that is so iconic.


I’m not sure what you mean by “Truer Asrai” in this case. Did you mean truer elves in general (Asrai, Asur, Druchii)? That is disputable and relative to who’s point of view you want to take. Since The Sundering and after War of the Beard, each elven faction went their own way and shaped their societies differently…

There is very little lore from the period before Aenarion so it is really hard to say what true actually means, but even at that point of time, there still was a clear destinction between Cadai and Cytharai, where some gods were highly worhispped, some less and some not at all.

This is still true for every faction. You can’t say that Asrai worship all the ancient pantheon and the Druchii only half. Every god is represented in their respective pantheonic mandalas, only in different hierarchy/priority, and based on these preferences Asur, Asrai and Druchii form their worship.


This question is not random as i am sure it has been answered before:

  • Why does Kerillian use the Moonfire Bow and not the Starfire Bow?

The discussion came up in the Steam forum again and I am super certain that Hedge previously posted the reason as given by Fatshark’s in house lore-elf/lore-wizard. But I can not find it.

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