Random Lore Questions

That’s pretty simple. She’s planning to kill those pesky mayflies after she’s done with skaven and northlanders. Why? She’s an elf, that’s why.

I’ve also been wondering that, I though they screwed up and never bothered to change it

She’s actually using a Bow of Avelorn that was just renamed this way to justify it being used on all careers, and not just Handmaiden (who can use it lore-wise).


Ok, but why nor name it Starfire bow ? That way at least it follow the old lore

Probably as to keep it neutral and unspecific. Same reason for not calling it a Bow of Avelorn.

I’m pinging @Fatshark_Hedge concerning the Starfire Bow. As said, I am very certain he answered this question before in a quite extensive manner. This has been researched in-house. But I can’t remember the argumentation.

Another question more open to interpretation. So, I looked around yesterday a bit about Shadow of the Horned Rat and Dark Omen. Something which is more or less confirmed / heavily rumoured to be Lohner’s origin story. What I wanted to know is:

  • When do these games take place from a timeline perspective? Especially Dark Omen.

Because as usual for Warhammer they apparently made absolutely sure that no mentioning of the year can be seen … anywhere. I tried to get the question answered by looking if there are any named characters which are cross-referenced in the lore. One such example would be Vladimir Stormbringer, Ice Mage which is personal advisor to Tzarina Katarin of Kislev. As I understand it, the title of Tzarina is only given to the actual ruler of Kislev. And Katarin’s reign started in 2517. So, even if Dark Omen would play at that time, there would be only six years between Dark Omen and Vermintide 1. And man, Lohner would have aged badly in that time. Although he is still very powerful, maybe he just got grey …
There is also the possibility that it is the typical Warhammer we don’t care about characters appearing out of the timeline for coolness factor. Or (since I haven’t played Dark Omen) that Vladimir is only personal advisor of the later Tzarina. So, are there really just a few years between Dark Omen and Vermintide? And where did he hide his magical sword?

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Vladimir Stormbringer can’t be cannon anymore (Being a male Practitioner of Ice Magic) Or at least he can’t be an advisor to the Tzarina

But if the Prophecy are true we can assume he was born in a year where the Ice Witch started to change or where there was a big Chaos Incursion

4th Nuln Halberdiers’s Captain Boris von Raukov is the eight son of Valmir von Raukov Elector Count of Ostland, I think there is a book that mention the year of birth of various Elector Count but I don’t know which, most likely one of the Empire Army Book

The Von Raukov became Elector Count in 2512IC, we can assume since Valmir was loyal to KF’s father that he was count when he was alive and that Boris, being the eight son should be somewhat younger than KF

And we know it’s before Mallobaude was already leading some Undead horde in Moussillon by 2517IC

Truly I don’t think that he is Bernhardt, but he might be one of the Grudgebringer cavalry member (Since they are the one that use that shield, the other units using their own iconography)

His Magic sword would then not be the Grudgebringer but rather a simple magic sword that Bernhardt would have equipped his personal troops with


I actually never read the Lohner’s wiki page

So first thing first that’s the best picture of Bernhardt
So is that a scar on his left cheek ? Because I don’t think Lohner has one

The wiki has quite a few problematic parts, like:

Thikad Urgolsson – A Dwarf Slayer, Urgolsson took the Slayer oath after losing his family heirloom — the runeblade, Grudgebringer — in a game of Ranald’s Fingers. He now believes he was cheated by Lohner, and will not stop until the innkeeper is dead

When the Grudgebringer Sword is stated in Dark Omen:

The mighty Grudgebringer Sword has runes inscribed along the blade by a Bright magic Wizard Lord.

But it would imply that Lohner is indeed Bernhardt, but then again:

Tah-Ra Mentuhr – A Nehekharan Wraith This ancient creature has emerged from beyond the gates of time. It seeks to possess Lohner’s body, infiltrate the Grudgebringers, then murder the Commander before its master’s future plans are foiled

Bernhardt being the commander, it would point Lohner toward him not being Bernardt

Does anyone have the 4th edition of the RPG ? From Crucible 7 ?

Thanks for the extensive answer already. I will check if I find something else although I don’t think I have any rule books unless they had been in the recent Humble Bundle.

For Wiki pages I would always be a bit wary as how exact they are as they are mostly fan curated. Then again, it is unlikely that Fatshark would post the real story there.

I have to admit Lohner being just one of the soldiers is not an option I did consider. In that case though he would have to do something extravagant inbetween these two games. Because the Lohner we have in Vermintide is quite well connected and influential.

EDIT: Correcting a misleading formulation

Given that GW has, if I understood their practices, given the “go ahead” to all the lore in both the computer game as well as RPGs I would think that the later lore is more canon than the earlier. Or we might just say that the magical nature of the sword is disputed and there are two conflicting claims to it.

I’ve got the core book, yes.

Between the commander and the grunts there should be a whole chain of command. I don’t see why a junior officer could gather contacts, as the years pass, and finally retire with both friends in many places as well as a big bag of wealth given how successful the Grudgebringers seems to have been.

I think there is a way to make sense for the 2 origin to the Grudgebringer

So we know that a Dwarf claim that it is a heirloom, which in itself is weird since it’s supposed to be a Sword, which aren’t really used by the Dwarf (At least in current lore)

But what if the Grudgebringer wasn’t a weapon, but rather a set of runes, that way you can have:

  • Dwarf find old runes in desolated hold
  • Dwarf try to bring it back home
  • Dwarf loose the runes
  • Lohner find it and give them to a Bright Order Magister
  • Bright Magister make a few Sword using those runes, maybe only one or enough for a small regiment (Nothing that Bernhardt wasn’t a SE unit but part of the Grudgebringer Cavalry)
  • Dwarf having lost the rune take the oath
  • Dwarf hear about the Grudgebringer and think they stole the runes and want to kill them
  • Wraith want to possess Lohner (because he either is part of the Grudgebringer Cav. or because he is Bernhardt’s second) to kill the commander: Bernhardt

"Moonfire shot is a type of enchanted arrow, of uncertain provenance. The moonfire bow, however, is a gift from Lileath, the Goddess of the Moon (Kerilian’s patron) and likely has a very different character. After all, the Warhammer World has two moons, and one is certainly not so noble as the other.

Then again, who knows to what purpose Lileath intends the weapon to be set, once the pilgrimage is done? She is a goddess of three faces, and unguessable motives. Kerillian likely cares only that it kills, and does so very well indeed."


I don’t think its possible for a Bright Wizard to handle runes. Only a Dwarf runesmith would have the knowledge on how to forge the runes onto a weapon. So while its and interesting scenario with the current lore I would think its actually impossible.