Moonbow: Name Mistranslation or Deliberate Choice?

I was actually going to post this in the dev stream questions on Steam, but decided that was probably a waste. Its been lingering in the back of my head for awhile.

Aside from actual mechanics questions, why did Fatshark decided to go with the name ‘Moonfire’ for Kerrilian’s DLC weapon? According to the 8th Editions of the Wood Elves Armybook, ‘Moonfire Shot’, which I presume was applied to the bow itself in-game, is actually supposed to be used against creatures of ‘noble heart’. More specifically called out as the ‘Forces of Order’.

Where as the ‘Starfire Shafts’ would appear to be more fitting, as they are actually the ones supposed to be used against the corrupt, called out as the ‘Forces of Destruction.’

Now, after doing some thinking, there’s an alternative answer that came to mind. Kerrilian is first encountered in the Empire. Even assuming she would have had access to the choice of either a Moonfire or Starfire Bow instead of only one to take, it fits the wood-elf mindset that they would take the Moonfire Bow. Naturally, being in the Empire, there’s a lot more ‘Forces of Order’ aligned factions (Empire, Brettonia, Dwarves, etc) which might take offense to her elf-ness, as opposed to ‘Forces of Destruction’.

Of course, this means we are not seeing the full potential a Starfire Bow might have had, since they had an extra ‘+1 To-Wound’ against Forces of Destruction, which would have explained the immense extra damage it did before it was nerfed. Something that would tickle my funnybone, if the true explanation behind the nerf was not solely player feedback, but someone at GW realizing this and getting the damaged reduced because it shouldn’t be applying to that sort of enemy.

So, what do you suppose? That this was a translation error between the game and Fatshark that GW put through without checking it too much, or a deliberate choice?

Its a question that was asked before and i think the answer was that the bow is a gift from Lileath, elven goddess of the moon, who just decided that fire was a good element to imbue into the bow.

Thus : Moon goddess blessing + fire element = Moon+fire bow . And it works well against chaos because Lileath´s power does so.

Or something to that effect.