Averlorn Bow for Kerillian?

Thinking about the Handmaidens in WHF, I ended up reading about the Sisters of Averlorn, from whom most Handmaidens are chosen. The sisters (and so presumably the Handmaidens) use magical flaming bows . . . It made me think that this would be an amazing addition for Kerillian, tied specifically to the Handmaiden career. Being a magic bow, it would have infinite ammo but use the overheat mechanic.

I think it would be thematic and just really fun for Handmaiden, while looking extremely cool. I could imagine it shooting weaker, armor-piercing shots on light attacks, and like a Sienna staff you can charge with alt-fire until it fires a powerful arrow with a slight explosion. Or perhaps it could have very good piercing; I dunno, the details could be debated. But no matter what, a bow made of literal magic flame would just be pretty amazing.


I can’t think of any stats this bow could have. I mean we already have fast bow, regular bow and super slow bow. What should this one do?

Like my only thought - it could use mana, which would regain over time and for melee kills. Almost like staffs, but no venting.

Otherwise, we already have every possible type of bow.

Being able to penetrate shields (magic damage), as well as add a small fire Dot would be an interesting approach maybe.

And I do agree with “mana” as a fun idea.


Well I always wanted a Starfire Bow from Total Warhammer to replace Kerillian’s boorish longbow. I am behind the OP’s idea, but don’t care much for gating it to a class. She really needs something more magical than the poison bow, and she needs a ranged option that’s actually good for armor in a general sense, and not the Longbow which requires slow aim and timing an arcing projectile.

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Introducing ‘mana’ like that might earn a rebuke from GW.

It’d probably be less risky to just use normal ammo as they do in TWH2 or use overheat (although overheat may be risky too, GW saying there’s no way they’d ‘overheat’).

I personally would like for it to be related to melee, but it’s a little strong on a melee focused career. Although IB can use his for free basically. It’d probably need to be weaker than the longbow, if not against everything at least against armor, slower projectile, more drop. I’m really not sure on how you’d balance it really without it having little appeal beyond inf ammo.

@shadowsprite Sienna doesn’t pen shields, so i’m unsure of the bow being able to just for being magic based (the Handgun can kinda use the excuse that the bullet is too fast to be blocked).

@lunethex the Longbow is excellent vs armor, able to take out SC in 1 head/2 body with some +power. There really isn’t much more you could ask for other than being able to kill them in 1 bodyhit, which seems a little excessive for an inf ammo weapon.

By SC I presume you mean Stormvermin.

The Daggers already kill them in 1 hit, S&D shares that trait. It’s easy to work around them using another bow (Hagbane) that staggers them and kills off the chaff all in one shot. Handmaiden and Shade won’t be using Longbow because they have less ammo for it, it’s useless against bosses and only good for sniping specials, and nowadays who isn’t playing Saltzpyre, Kruber, and Sienna running Recurve Crossbow, Handgun, and Pyro respectively to fulfill that role? For Kruber, the Handgun is legitimately his only option, since it bypasses SV shields and saves games from silent patrols. That handgun and that crossbow are top tier Special snipers, better than Elf.

The Longbow killing SV is irrelevant as the Shade, that’s also for sure. There are strategies you use at a lower level and difficulty and then there are the ones you end up with at the end of the road.

Still, despite all this, I expect a lot of nerfs to follow. But I would like that bow, just for variety. Her ranged arsenal being the exact same as V1 is remarkably stale, especially since the Swiftbow shouldn’t exist at all.

Like Nik, I think it’s quite hard to figure out the use and niche for this. Trading ammo for heat management could work, especially as Handmaiden is the only one of Kerillian’s careers that can’t recover ammunition through her Talents.

Shot wise, I think maybe fast shot could be with a small AoE, reflecting a weaker version of Hagbane, and charged shots accurate attacks with good Dot effect. Might make it way too useful, though, unless balanced to be seriously handicapped through ammo (or heat generation, if that were to be used). Dunno, as I said, hard to figure out the exact niche for it. Shield penetration on heavy attacks could indeed give it a unique use, but I’m not sure on that either… That should likely be paired with strength somewhere between Swift Bow and Longbow, and simple attacks. I’d still suggest part of the damage being DoT, if only for flavor.

Well, it is slightly boring, but you can do only so much with bows… And personally, I think the Swift bow is the most fun of her bows to use, even if the others are more useful (outside WS, at least).

Yeah simple typo

The daggers/S&D need a headshot, so i don’t really see your point.

Handmaiden and Shade won’t be using Longbow because they have less ammo for it, it’s useless against bosses and only good for sniping specials

I feel like you are kinda missing the point talking about how bad the longbow supposedly is, an inifnite ammo weapon certainly shouldn’t be better.
That aside, i play exclusiely with the longbow as HM with no ammo issues. It has the highest ammo of all snipers after all (and has high boss damage).

That handgun and that crossbow are top tier Special snipers, better than Elf.

The longbow fires faster has more ammo and kills faster than the crossbow, which needs just as many bodyhits, safe for some extreme power stacking to one-hit ratling/warpfire/SV.

The point is the Longbow makes you vulnerable, requires time to aim and zoom in, and is poor against bosses. Alternatively, one can roll the Hagbane and be useful everywhere, and Kerillian’s melee weapons are generally very strong against the harder targets.

But then an infinite ammo variant would need to be worse, meaning more time to aim/zoom in or worse armor damage.

Energy, Focus? Double system when we have arrows, but they are enchanted/can be enchanted as long as you have magicka?

Or it could have very limited energy pool for 3-5 shots, and then either arrows become unenchanted or you can’t shoot at all - depending on implementation.

Or kills grant you power, which allows swapping to magic arrows with special attack button.

I’m no fully fledged lore expert, so i can’t really say what they would or would not approve

FS can always ask them directly.

Because the Handmaiden stealth talent for Dash at Level 25 is so important to not getting killed instantly upon using the skill, particularly on Legend, this bow really could fit in the more you think about it.

Have some perks relating to the Bow’s usage, and make Stealth naturally part of the Handmaiden’s dash, replaced with something for the magic bow. Sort of like Ironbreaker and his drakes. I’d forgive the exclusivity then.

Plenty of weapons in the tabletop game are armour piercing (or nullifying) because they are magical weapons. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be a possibility for a bow. ^^

@lunethex Not sure how the dash being suppusely dangerous and bow realte to eachother at all, but HM dash has to be one of the safest movement abilites in the game as it’s so fast. Try the same shenanigans on FK and see your face get wrecked.

@shadowsprite I didn’t argue that it was, what i was saying was that:
The bow being stronger than the LB would be pretty strong given inf ammo mechanics (that is assuming it gets one and isn’t even lower in ammo than the LB, although i feel like that’d make it awful on HM), so certainly not better vs armor.
The bow being magic in of itself wouldn’t mean it should pierce shields, if we are to remain consistent it likely wouldn’t, although consistency isn’t VT2s strong suit (the attack would likely be most similar to fire bolt, which doesn’t do it either).

I don’t think introducing a completely new mechanic to a single character’s single weapon would be a good idea in any form. Having Weapon Special shoot a stronger, special arrow - yeah, that’s doable (and would help with one of my peeves, too little use for the button), especially with its own cooldown. Using a special resource for it - no. But allowing three different shots could give a very unique usefulness for the new bow: being a mix of the other three bows, albeit it should be slightly weaker in each aspect than its specialist. Fast, spammable attacks like the Swift bow for uncharged; heavier, accurate attacks (still, likely with DoT) for charged shots; and an explosive arrow for Weapon Special. Tweaking these to be slightly different from their specialized counterparts would help even more.

I keep thinking of possibilities for additional tweaks, but I’m too lazy to type them up for now.

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A bow that wouldn’t use ammo but have overcharge like other fire weapons would actually be kinda neat.

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Using overcharge could be really cool, but make it extreme, only 10 overcharge capacity (instead of 40 as on the wizard) primary fire gives 1 or 2 overcharge and secondary gives 5, you could have a very strong bow constrained by shots over time rather than ammo.
As long as you don’t die on overcharged, you could remove venting and the low fire count would prevent cheese.

Give her a bow that powers up when she is close to her allies. It would encourage team play and stop the insanely high number of elf players who rush ahead.

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