Elf ranged

Crossbow isnt good consider how much ammo it consumed just for a black furl.
Longbow is the greatest joke ever made since gunfire quickshot is a far more damaging in terms of both dps and a single shot.
Swiftbow has its own role yet feele very overwhelming because melee do better job and even gain nice amount of vital from it.
Hangbane is good when one can keep his pouch not being dryed.

Imfao Longbow and crossbow must provide better damage and swiftbow need less ammo but better penetration.

oh boy… You need to spend more time playing me dude.

The longbow is in a great place, and is the meta weapon for nearly all 3 classes. With the right build, you can 1 shot every single mob up to a mauler and even 1 shot all specials. You of course need to be half way decent and able to aim. WS with longbow is probably one of the best special killers in the entire game.

The other weapons all have their own play styles and pro’s/con’s. I personally only ever switch between the longbow and hagbane. Which, if you are playing WS or Shade, you will never run out of ammo with. And if you are running out of ammo, you are doing something really wrong and don’t understand how to play the classes.


Never really liked the Hagbane playstyle, since VT1.
I play all the other three weapon, and I play every other career. Honestly, I don’t find any of those weapon being really underpowered… Maybe Swiftbow when used with HM, but even then you got the 40% ammo to make it work, tho I’d recommend bringing a Ranger veteran with you.

The worst of the four imo, is the crossbow, and even then it’s still quite decent…

Longbow is one of the most versatile ranged weapons in the game, albeit it still has one bugged damage profile (charged bodyshot against berserker armour class deals less damage than uncharged bodyshot). It one-shots any special and SV by default with headshots and when kitted with one stack of skaven, chaos, armour and infantry damage, you can guarantee 2 shot bodyshots on all specials, stormvermin, 3 bodyshots maulers and as WS, over pretty much any distance. Put longbow on Shade, take ranged not breaking infiltrate and kill half a SV patrol without them even getting triggered. Longbow’s weakspots are boss damage, which is low, and CW, since even crit headshots don’t stagger them much to pin them down. WS can potentially kill CW with 4 headshots, but since headshot zone on CW is surprisingly small (in all honest, it should register a tad bit lower. With longbow, it becomes especially obvious that even though you clearly hit the face, it doesn’t register), it is usually not worth it chasing this break point, as Keri has plenty good melee options to take care of them, Shade roflstomps CW anyhow and WS can very safely use CDR on level 25 since longbow is so ammo efficient that the odd CW can be easily taken down with trueshot.

Volley cross does suffer from low ammo count, but has tremendous burst damage. Hitting the break points for killing SV in one volley is simple, especially with the +15% bonus power talent, and again, with ranged not breaking stealth talent on 25, you can mow down SV-patrols almost single-handedly without them getting triggered. If ammo is a problem, run scrounger on volley and bloodfletcher is pretty much the only sensible choice on level 15, anyhow. If you want to boost your boss killing to absolute roflmao levels, take Hunter trait on it. Boss comes, throw Shrapnel bomb, blast your first magazine into the boss (with stacked crits, chances are very high it will proc during the first mag), use concoction potion and infiltrate boss for maximum damage.

Hagbane is godly CC weapon with very good horde clear, can guarantee Packmaster kills in a single charged shot, can control patrols and with str pot and barrage, absolutely melts through bosses, lords and patrols. Run it on HM or Shade with +15 bonus power, extra monster damage and Shrapnel and any boss will melt in seconds.

Swift bow is about the only ranged weapon that falls into the category “fun, but ultimately a gimmick”. Its only true area of expertise is horde clearing, which it does very well when stacked to 1 shot fanatics with uncharged body and 2 shot marauders with uncharged body, but since the latest change to gunners and warpfire getting their stagger resistance upped, it has taken a very hefty blow. Armour damage is low on charged body shots and okay on headshots, but even crit headshots don’t stagger gunners and warpfire anymore, so you basically need your trueshot volley as WS. Boss damage is bad and it chews through ammo that it might as well be a WS only weapon. HM doesn’t need a horde clearing ranged weapon since horde clearing is trivial for her and Shade doesn’t get increased ammo supply and after one horde, your supply is usually almost spent - and refilling your 50 ammo stack via bloodfletcher is usually not worth the effort.

My only suggestion would be to give swift the ability to stagger gunners and warpfire on headshots and increase the boss damage. I don’t mind it being basically only useable and fun on WS, but hagbane fills basically the same role, has insane stagger and ALOT better boss damage.

My other suggestion would be to give Keri an Averlorn bow with Starfire shaft arrows so she has an equivalent to Kruber’s and Dorf’s handgun. Could even use the same ammo profile, give it a low rate of fire but make charged shots pierce super armour and set stuff on (BLUE!) fire.


Longbow fires much faster than the rifles do, it has top notch accuracy, range and with minimal stats added it becomes lethal.

Swiftbow does feel underwhelming to use, however the advantage is mobility and ammo, you are expected to switch between melee and range while using this.

Like moving while shooting at a incoming group, or running away from them, then pull your weapon out when needed, it will definitely have lessened the enemy density and you´ll have ammo to spare.

It does feel lame on bosses though.

Hagbane is similarly to shortbow also expecting you to use melee a lot, but its incredibly powerful when dealing with anything short of a chaos warrior because anything else gets staggered and rapidly lose health over a few shots.

A full quiver+strength potion is some sweet anti anything.

Crossbow is basically crit reliant, fire 3 barrages and 2 of those crit and 2 waves stacked on eachother will basically be dead.

The advantage it has is rapidfire, it clears dense and narrow hordes much better than both shortbow and longbow due to it being quicker.

Longbow does it well but its slow.

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id agree longbow isnt absolute trash yet very unvivid overall
but for crossbow it is damn unusable.

wonder how often you stabbed ratmen’s back with shade so you never running of out ammo.
i assumed you miraculously point every blades to the backside?.

Crossbow is amazing and so is longbow. Can you elaborate as to why you think these two oustanding weapons are bad? These weapons aren’t meant for killing hordes, even though still capable of it with fair penetration so I’d love to hear as to what your reasonings behind this input is.

I don’t play Shade often but all ranged weapons have means of maintaining a high ammo count. Knowing what you want to use your ranged weapon for is a good start, whether you want to is it for hordes, elites or specials or a combination of the aforementioned. If you use it on all then you really need to have a high ammo count, only possible with WS, RV, BH & Huntsman.

But my point is that ammo consumption isn’t a large issue considering you’ve two ways of returning ammo, either via headshots with Conv. Shooter & criticals with Scrounger. Most of the time I reserve my ranged weapons solely for specials, and every now and again for troublesome elites such as a patrol and unloading pistols like John Wick as Saltzpyre.

Well no its way slower than 2 quickshots from guns, Longbow problem is that its very slow and damage is not that great comparing how long you need to charge to shoot.

And I would say that crossbow is best of them, fastest way to kill specials, good at cleaning elites, amazing damage against monsters, high ammo cap before reload, its even good for hordes but thats waste of its potential.

But I don’t think elf weapons are in bad positions, they have each different playstyle and work in one way or another, She dont need OP ranged weapons too :stuck_out_tongue:

The longbow, as shot by the Waystalker and compared to the handgun as wielded by the Huntsman/Ranger Veteran, shoots faster than the Handgun, doesn’t it? Or are we talking about the revolving guns?

@anon31175957 well… unvivid is the term I’d use to describe any ranged weapon in this game that doesn’t have a bunch of Warhammer’s artistic flair rubbed all over it. It’s just a normal bow, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a super-weapon. @SmokerT69 does it justice; the weapon rolls over anything that isn’t a horde and, even then, it doesn’t perform poorly.

The crossbow is a more niche and unique weapon, but it still kills specials really well and just smashes armor into the dirt. If you over-use it during gameplay, you will run out just like @Tosspot mentions above; you have to pick your purpose and try to stick to melee for other stuff. Not an amazing weapon, IMHO, but that’s because I don’t prefer the crossbows play-style.

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That’s the idea. Depends on the weapon, but with most weapons worth using on Shade, you can pretty much guarantee a steady ammo-income. I mean, with longbow, I can almost use it as often as I would with WS. If you can weapons like S&D or dual swords, all you gotta do is go stealth, run behind a group of enemies and use one charged attack into their backs and get some 3 to 5 arrows back. Put conservative shooter on it and as long as you at least somewhat try to go for headshots, ammo is not an issue. At all.

Sorry, gotta agree with others that maybe you just aren’t using it to the full potential yet. Crossbow is a beast for specials, elites, and bosses. Combined with blood fletcher keeping ammo up isn’t an issue… trick is only using ammo when you need it, if you run around shooting everything you’ll be out in short order.


While I agree with your improvement ideas, I don’t agree with your assessment. There is another thing the Swift Bow excels at: reflexive shots, particularly against anything unarmored - which, of course, includes all disablers and Blightstormers. If used for that, it has quite enough ammo to keep a Handmaiden without expanded quiver going quite well through the whole map, and even allowing the occasional softening of a horde. Just remember to shot two or three arrows instead of one, and you’ll do fine.

I’ve also found the Elf Volley crossbow’s problem being less in its actual ammo count than its ammo efficiency. To do any real damage, you need to use the burst, and that eats up your ammo very fast. The Swift bow also uses up a lot of ammo, but it has the reserves to back it up. So while increasing the ammo reserve of the Volley could indeed deal with this, so could increasing some aspects about its damage - single shots, armor damage, or the whole thing.

On the Longbow and Hagbane I agree on your thoughts. Hagbane in general seems to be considered the strongest of Elf bows, and the Longbow’s only trouble (for some players) is that it relies on headshots for nearly everything (but that’s kinda an elf thing, isn’t it?).


Single arrow on head shot with the talent is around 9k damage. That’s more than enough to kill everything. Like I said, as long as you have good aim and know what you’re doing. That’s why I found huntsman so easy to play around 600 hours on WS playing a head shot build.

yes but thats way to slow often, and range wise good luck doing headshots with any realistic low time on far away globadiers

WS has double zoom me dude, on the special weapon key with the longbow. Have to bind it. Once you put in enough time, it’s just reflexes, you’ll be getting those headshots all the time.

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In time you charge it he would be dead by any other similar weapon.

You said on far away targets? If you can hip shoot mobs with a handgun across the map, my god, you on another level then. The other weapons that can 1 shot, need to be charged/aimed down sight as well. So I simply don’t agree with this.


Well I don’t consider handgun to be same category, more like crossbows but ok.
Its way easier and effective to use non aimed crossbows, repeater/bops etc than charging longbow and being vulnerable. I never meet elf who can snipe so effective as you says. It probably is pretty good if you give a lot of time for it, but you have similar and easier solutions in 3 other classes

Do you have similar and easier solutions on Kerillian? Earlier you said “guns”, so we were assuming you were talking about guns. The only guns in the ‘similar tier’ to the longbow are the handguns.

If you aren’t talking about handguns, I doubt you can match the accuracy; the time it takes to aim the longbow and shoot is the same to aim another weapon and shoot. Plus the second shot of the Longbow comes up faster than most other weapons…

I also use the longbow in the middle of a horde. It’s a miracle what a push/swap/dodge will do for you in the way of buying time. You can disengage from the fight just long enough to snipe a special just like all of the other ranged weapons; I don’t see why the ‘time to wind-up’ is a problem… except for maybe intercepting airborne Gutter-Runners?

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