Longbow vs. Swift Bow

Aiming with a Longbow takes:

  • time
  • you slow down
  • you see less because you aim in
  • Less Ammo

Aiming with a Swift Bow takes:

  • nothing
  • Lots of Ammo

So why hell does an aimed Longbow shot the same damage as a aimed shortbow shot? I don’t see any valid reason for that other than making the Longbow useless.

Longbow was good for taking out specials, while short bow was good for fighting waves. Now the Longbow is just as good as the shortbow, so why take any disadvantage?

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Longbow charged shot at unarmored targets does more than twice the headshot damage.
Longbow charged shot at armored targets does much more damage.

Both bows lose DPS when firing aimed shots against spamming LMB.


I had specifically rolled for +Armour and +Skaven damage to charged bodyshot Storms, Gunners, and Flamers on Champion

Now I can’t do that with my longbow and other weapons have an easier time doing that.

So what is the real major point of the Longbow anymore? Swift Bow was always better at dealing with hordes anyways

Sniping specials at ranges that other characters can’t reliably kill them from anymore. Especially Blightstormers, Globadiers, Assassins—enemies that require precise shots because you typically get chances to kill them from a distance. It also keeps its precision at range better than basically any other ranged weapon in the game, which makes it great for headshotting specials and elites across hordes.

Bounty Hunter and Huntsman are much better-positioned to focus on killing close-range specials and elites. No reason why Kerillian should be better than them at that, especially since they don’t have the same utility or long-range consistency that she does.

The Swift Bow charged still stumbles them and it only takes 2 shots (At least on Champion with 600)

It just feels weird to me that even having so many bonus’ just to make sure you’re good at killing specials you can’t do it as well as someone who just stacks crit power

Especially with the changes to stagger levels and such, a lot of the Waystalker options for close combat are super risky unless you want to spam Glaive block attacks

Both bows are great against specials.

Longbow is better against armored. Clears ambiance SV faster than any other career, oneshotting Shieldvermin is essential. The default zoom is also good for mid-range headshots. I still wish FS implemented a way to make the WS remember last zoom.

Swiftbow has great mobility. No slowdown when charging. Rate of fire when charged is similar between bows, but swiftbows have don’t slow movement, longbows slow moderately and the imperial longbow prevents movement. Possibly the best ranged weapon to solo bosses because you can attack while kiting.

I think the three bows are kinda balanced as they are.

Waystalker is a great ranged career. Focusing on melee is doing it wrong.

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Having a deal of melee capability is necessary to not be a waste of space though.

I wont ask that waystalker handle hordes like ironbreaker or either melee kruber but itd be nice not to feel like a mini boss fight just because 4-6 beefy rotblood mobs got near you and are spamming attacks x)

OP you need to try hagbane, this bow wipes entire waves by itself, kills stormvermin in 2 shots and works general wonders on everything that isnt a chaos warrior or a shieldvermin.

Its my go to choice for legend^^

Which bow is best all round for eleven archer?

Trying shooting at literally anything armoured with the shortbow. That’s why you use longbow. The shortbow is useless and basically shouldn’t be used atm, and hagbane is just sad. I miss my VT1 hagbane.

Sadly Elf only has one truely viable ranged option currently: longbow. Volleybow doesn’t count because then you’re playing Shade…

Kerillian can handle hordes just as well as Kruber or Bardin, try Glaive with swift slaying or two handed sword.

It isn’t hard to outkill both of them combined with a +30% attack speed Glaive (5 on weapon, 5 on charm, 20 from swift slaying trait), especially if they’re using hammers or shield weapons. You will absolutely mulch hordes.

The bows are balanced great and have their different uses. It depends on your playstyle, but you can play at legend with any of them if you take the time to learn how.

Longbow is probably the best all-around bow, and really shines if you can reliably get headshots and have good positioning and situational awareness to not get hit when you’re zooming in at far away targets.

Swiftbow is great for hordes and trash cleanup and special duty, and the mobility is awesome. Weak against armor and bosses.

Hagbane is powerful but situational. I don’t use it at all myself but I’ve seen some baller hagbane players in Legend PUGs.

Volley crossbow as shade is pretty situational as well and a tough playstyle, but with the right properties and talents you can put some serious hurt on pretty much anything.

to address the topic:


  • good against armor, even the light attack penetrates armor
  • staggers most targets. this is pretty important.
  • slow to draw.
  • power per shot is relatively high.
  • moderate amount of ammo, can’t spam but you can sustain killing specials till the next ammo drop.


  • great against horde chokepoints.
  • mobility is king, you can aim and shoot on the move with very little movement penalty.
  • great against unarmored targets.
  • not good against armored targets.
  • does not stagger heavier mobs.

unfortunately, in v1.05, the power of all weapons has been drastically reduced and as such, it takes farrrr too long to kill a stormvermin/gatling/firerat with a swiftbow, and it also doesn’t stagger them.

if you want to see the huge differences btw armor vs unarmored, go test out a swiftbow/longbow against target dummies unarmored/armored. the difference is pretty huge. or you could just test it out in game.

now i have to retrain longbow/hagbane to find their effectiveness in legend again

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just headshot specials. the longbow left click mows down hordes too, though it’s not as good on chaos hordes, marauders especially. charge shots won’t kill them. get crit chance, scrounger and vaul’s quiver and you honestly can’t run out of ammo, and you can take trueflight CDR. headshotting bosses is quite effective as well.

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