Need some help from Lore-masters :p

It’s not quite related to Vermintide, but I think this is the best place to ask stuff about Warhammer lore.

So I’m basically a GM for WFRP 1st edition (got the book from my father).
As I only GM for my friend, I allow myself some twist in the rules and lore, but very few. Thus I took the 2nd edition (Winds of Magic) magic system to the actual game. Here comes my problem.
The only “Cleric” spells I can see are for human Pantheon. But a Elf, a Dwarf or a Halfling can all be Cleric. I don’t think a Taal Halfling cleric is that much of a deal (they have their own gods but they’re pretty much integrated to human culture I think), but I can’t decently let an Elf or Dwarf become a Sigmar cleric, can I ?

The wiki didn’t help me lot, so does someone know where I could find Elven and Dwarf cleric spells ?
Or should I just gave Elves Druid spells and Dwarves Runesmith and disable to possibility to become Cleric ?

It seems to me there arent really elf clerics. Not the miracle working, spellcaster type at least. Its not how they see things. In general in Warhammer humans are the only ‘good’ race with typical fantasy magic-wielding priests. For elves everything is both magic and mysticism. They get various gifts from their gods (Swordmasters from Hoeth, Wardancers from Loec, etc.) but theyre not spells.

Alright thanks :slight_smile: I guess I’m gonna use the complement book stuff, so Elf that become Cleric will have Song of Trees spell, and Runesmith for Dwarves :smiley:

You can try and get a hold of the Realms of Sorcery sourcebook. It explains all magic in the Warhammer world. Might help you out.

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