Possible animation changes, also Warpriest or Archmage, one day...maybe?

I was wondering if maybe you would consider changing Kerillian’s 3rd person animations between daggers and dual swords. It would be nice if I could tell what she was using from a quick glance, know what I mean? Like, the silohettes look too similar. Plus, it I thought it might look cooler if she had a more ninja-ish stance with daggers. Also, why is she suddenly a dark elf?
Oh and about new characters… I’m sure its come up a million times, but it sure would be nice to have a high elf magic user…hell, a melee combatant would be nice too.
I also think its kinda weird to see a Warhammer game with no Warpriest. Its certainly not nessicary at or anything,. obviously. Just feels like a 40k game where you never get to see a space marine. I was wondering if there is a lore reason for that? Admittedly, I don’t know the Endtimes lore too well.

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