Kerillian really does not have eyes

I got now my new PC and I was able to play on the highest graphic settings. But Kerillian really does not have any eyes. In one pic it is clearly visible that it is a hole of utter despair.

She does have eyes, and it’s pitch black. Not a bug, it’s intended.

Even on official trailer she has black eyes.

Idk why her eyes are black though. I am guessing it’s related to the curse she got from whoever she was chasing when she was at her homeland as a Waywatcher.


Who cares? She’s just an elgi anyways. What is really interesting is whether Kruber stuffs socks down his pants or not!


This is the second thread ive seen in the last week about this.
Not a bug lol.


When you look carefully at the screenshots you can see the inside of the eyeholes. And there are absolutely no reflections visible. Even pitch-black eyes have a reflection due to the glass-like material of eyes. And if looking from the side there is no eyeball visible too. I don’t mind black eyes but there is absolutely nothing.

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I think it’s just how Warhammer Elf eyes look. I remember them all looking like that in art in the old rulebook, etc…

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As you can see that this Warhammer elf has black eyes. You can see too that the eyes are looking normally with the eye reflection.



But this elf is not Kerillian.
Maybe Keri was born without shine/reflection, or she lost it after spending too much time with manlings and stunties.

Every eye has shine/reflections.

Vantablack eyes. They’re good.

Also I’m sorry but there are reflections and there is noticeable eye movement. For some reason the quality of my recording pixelates it too much to actually be visible, but here you go, try it yourself.
I can’t get in closer or the model becomes transparent.


In Sigmar’s name, this again?

I thought we already discussed this. It’s because she doesn’t know the Truth of Sigmar, therefore should be watched closely and judged appropriately when her usefulness runs out.


iirc older lore generally depicted welves with pitch-black eyes and I think no visible eye-whites (like a seal), newer lore not so much. With Kerillian the consensus seems to be that it has something to do with her curse, as @Mainman suggested.

From glancing ig just now though, OP does seem to be right on SotT specifically when it comes to reflections. If I look at the other Kerillian models (WS, HM, Shade) I can see faint eye reflections if I get the light at the right angle, that is not the case whatsoever with SotT’s eyes in the same locations/lighting.

HM, eye reflection visible:

SotT, zero eye reflection:

I’ve suspected before that SotT’s model has some issues, like how her leggings clip through her legs at the front - slightly when using javelins/briar staff, horrendously when she’s using any other ranged or melee.


Or they just turned to wood as Bardin would have it :smiley:


That is possible too. Just as long as nobody takes a cutting of her, having a second, mini-elf would be far too much by Sigmar :rofl:

It could well be intentional that WS/HM/Shade have eye reflections and SotT does not, we’d need @FatsharkJulia to confirm.


In my second pic, it is clearly visible that the eyeball is missing.

Now I checked the 4 careers for Kerillian. The Handmaiden and the Shade has clearly visible eyes. The Waystalker and the Sister of the Thorns has their eyes missing.


If she didnt had eyes you wouldnt see black spheres at all, only pink inside of her head (there was bug that handmaiden didnt had eyes loaded sometimes )

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Depends on how the background of the eyes is rendered. If the object is considered being there even if it is not visible then the background is not rendered at all.

This is how she looked with bugged not loaded eyes

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I want these eyes. :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting that these eyes still have reflections.

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