Kerillian eyes missing?

I’m not sure if it is a bug or a strange feature but it looks so creepy. It looks like Kerillian is missing her eyes. Please give her some real eyes. :wink:

Isn’t that based on the Warhammer lore for Elves? I don’t know but that’s what I’d always assumed. If so it should definitely stay as is because you don’t wanna make lore nerds angry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In my game, the eyes look like holes. There are not even any reflections or flares.

It always looked to me more like here eyes are just all pupil. I dunno, I like it, fits her otherworldly/mysterious character.

Regardless of opinion I am 100% sure it’s inentional and this thread does not belong in “bugs”.

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Now look at this Asrai from a different game. Even if her eyes are black too at least they look normal and not like holes of utter despair. :laughing: Probably the area around the eyes needs some reworks to look better.

Fair, the effect could probably be polished up a bit.

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After the crash issues seems now being fixed, I did set the graphic settings to medium but the eyes of Kerillian looks still like creepy holes of despair.

There used to be a bug when textures of her eyes didn’t load correctly and she had crimson red ones. but that was fixed long ago and this is how her eyes are supposed to be. She’s seen some stuff.
Kerillian’s been like that since the very first game and it’s her feature. Adds a little spice when you try to kiss her.
Leave it be.


Then they should add at least some reflections or glares to her eyes so that they no longer are like holes.

Her eyes are black because of lore and (most likely) because shes cursed.
“Even for a Wood Elf, Kerillian’s sight was sharp, able to pick off a ladybird eating a leaf at a hundred paces if she chose to. But this gift, coupled with a natural curiosity also turned into a curse when she saw something that no mortal was meant to see.”


I do not mind the black eyes. but currently, she looks like having holes instead of eyes due complete lack of any reflections or glares.

Well, Total War version of elves has normal eyes. I guess GW just let the devs chose what they want about their eyes.

Grab a black glass marble and shine with a lamp on it and you will see what I mean with the reflections. Kerillion seems to have no reflection in her eyes at all which looks like holes.

Maybe she just doesn’t have eyes and we’ve all been bamboozled this entire time?

That is indeed because of lore. Her eyes are empty for she is corrupted by the perverse elven magicks and knows not the light of Sigmar.

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If she doesn’t have eyes, how can she see normally?
Is it so difficult to add some reflections to the eyes? :wink: :+1:

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