Why is Keri's skin purple as Shade class?

Does she turn into a Warcrft elf?

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Well… according to the story, as Shade, Kerillian turned to Khaine (God of war and murder). Druchii also have this dark/purble skin tone and they worship Khaine above all (He’s in the centre of their pantheon mandala). So there’s some connection between worshipping Khaine and the appearence of his worshippers.

Now I am no Druchii lore expert, so someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is pretty much it.

That’s completely wrong though. Look at any artwork, they don’t look like they smeared themselves into grape juice.

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They can be Pruble-ish up to a Darkend White, i looked at Keri in Daylight and its more a Darkend White with a Purple stitch, the Armor adds a bit as well from my Opinion.

Nope, get your eyes or monitor checked.

Im Working as a Printer, my Eyes and Monitor are good laddie.

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I think it’s just artistic license, really. I don’t see it as a problem, since Warhammer lore is often contradictory. Magic in general is so unpredictable and dangerous in Warhammer, that for all she know this is the magical version of her having a bad reaction going from primarily worshipping the forest gods of the Elven pantheon to primarily Khaine. You know, like hives. Magic, purple hives.


Dark Elves are very white folk. Living in underground etc has changed them away from that healthy color of High Elves and the like.

I’m also curious why FS made Shade look like this pinkish thingy…

If you see the official artwork of pale elfs as purple, something is very wrong with your eyesight or monitor. Or someplace else.

“I think it’s just artistic license, really.”

That makes no sense to give the elf randomly purple skin. Most likely it’s just a texturing/shading error that’s still not fixed.

I don’t think it’s an error; I think it was a conscious choice that they liked the look of, even if it didn’t entirely makes sense, and gives Shade Kerillian more of a differentiation in appearance from her other careers. In other words, it’s artistic license. Purple does seem to be associated with Dark Elves a lot, perhaps it was even meant to bring to mind Drow from other fantasy media; not everyone plays are gonna know Warhammer.

I really don’t see the big deal with it. The minor details of appearance (aside from major characteristics) of things in WH tend to look different. Bile Trolls don’t look exactly the same as they do in tabletop. In TW:WH they look even different still. The artists have the creative freedom to make things look a way they like, for flavor.

Its still WH game. Why make stuff different than what it is in tabletop or in artworks? I mean if you are new, then isn’t it better to get into the lore itself without elves looking like something they are not meant to be in WH universe?

And this is not based on a franchise from Forgotten Realms :upside_down_face:

Elf smearing herself with grape-juice randomly is a really jarring deviance from established Warhammer lore. It doesn’t make any sense and ruins immersion and can’t be excused with “creative freedom”. I guess if I didn’t care about the quality of the game you play, I could also overlook every stupid mistake the developers make.

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I’m a warhammer fan; quite interested in the lore, actually.

I excuse it as a creative license thing. I guess different people have different opinions, almost, and an extremely minor aesthetic choice on one of 15 character classes does not completely ruin the entire game for me. But I’m odd that way.

Yeah, some people would also be ok with eating flies in their soup at a restaurant.

Think of it like a Corruption or a Disease of the soul…Khaine gives his own signature corruption to the mind , Body…and soul

The corruption of grapejuice, got it.

……:slight_smile: ok

If thats your point. … ok. Personally i think the helmets are far more disturbing.

Geez OP, you can just ask people why their skin is a certain colour.

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