Kerillian really does not have eyes


Natural wutelgi eyes.

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This powercreep is getting out of hand, now FS are giving Kerillian lasers for eyes?

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Wait, is Kerillians next career commissar Yarrick?

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Safely predicted before:

Steam Community :: :: Sister of the Thorn - Hard in denial


The denial is so hard that even the link is not working at all.

Edit: it seems Steam has a DNS issue.

I hope they will fix the eyes on Waystalker and SotT eyes soon.

Yeah, out of all the problems this game has, reflections of light on someone’s eyes you barely see truly needs to get fixed. Necro’ing your own thread be damned.


To be fair it’s been less than a week, I dunno if I’d call that a necro. While I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a pressing issue, OP has at least shown that there’s a strange inconsistency across elf classes. Would be nice if FS at least updated the “not a bug” tag or clarified if this is intentional.

But yeah I also don’t get why eye reflections in a first person game is such a big deal for OP. Actually I’d be a little mad if fixing this took priority over the myriad of other issues the game has (unless it’s like a super quick, easy fix or something, which to be fair it might well be).


Yeah, I didn’t even notice there were actual eye reflections until this thread came up, at most I noticed eye-glow when it came to enemies or Sienna. I thought the reflections were static/not actual reflection with HM and Shade’s menu icons.

The fact it’s both wood elf careers that don’t have them makes me think it’s intentional, either a model flaw since those two models are very similar or related to her curse, but again I have no idea without FS confirming one or the other.

I’d say OP either makes another thread but with the images from this one in the OP so it’s clear to FS this is about WS/SotT specifically while HM/Shade have the reflections, then see if they still flag it not-a-bug, or lets this one rest. No point bumping a thread on this topic every week when this is such a minor detail.

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Probably just a shader to apply, can be a couple of clicks as it might be a couple of hours foraging through some old code to apply it by hand.
All in all, not a priority bug fix anyway.


The pictures are already included in this thread. I assume that it can be a quick fix for this. But there are more serious issues needed to be fixed first.

Well nothing major gets fixed anyway, so maybe we’ll have Keri’s eyes fixed at the very least. Certainly we don’t want to manage FS’s development priorities for them by trying to stifle bug report threads now, do we?

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