Can we've swordmasters of hoeth?

they looks great.


I totally agree that it would be radical to add a high-elf to the Uber-Doober 5. Swordmasters of Hoeth, or even a Loremaster of Hoeth, would mesh really well and probably provide a much-needed variation to playstyles. They have a history of being superior soldiers and the high-elves are natural mages… which means a lot of great dialogue can be sparked between characters (primarily with Sienna as a fellow mage/magic user, probably a good repertoire with Kruber as a fellow soldier, and might be the only person willing to talk mad smack to Ol’ Saltzy).

Unfortunately, they are a pretty long distance away. I don’t know a lot of the lore surrounding the high-elves during the End-Times, but if it isn’t canon that they would have a notable character nearby, I think Games Workshop/FatShark would push for a better known or more convenient ally to add first.

Again, I like the idea and I also believe that they would fit in really well as opposition to the End-Times, but I have a feeling other routes will be pursued first.

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Add Warrior Priest for Victor

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“Unfortunately, they are a pretty long distance away. I don’t know a lot of the lore surrounding the high-elves during the End-Times”

Yup, Elves were going through the whole replaying the history of the gods during the time the Empire was being swarmed by Nugle’s followers. That being said, Helgart is not directly mentioned in the Endtimes tale (that I am aware of at least) and creative liberties could call for the town surviving to the point that the elves relocate to the Wood Elves territory south west past the Gray mountains. All sorts of elf variants could be possibilities then but we already have Kerillian who pulls from each faction.

guys lets not be to lore dramatic this is a game after all right, and i think everyone would like to play their favorite class i think a warrior priest/ swordmaster of Hoeth, just plain new heroes coming in the game would be awesome i’m pretty sure we could squeez some heroes in after all and make up some things on how a swordmaster of hoeth / warrior priest did something or something happend to make them move towards the group etc… alot of things could be done to make it fit in the warhammer world.

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