High Elf DLC Character Confirmed

Okay yeah not confirmed, but Lohner mentions asking the “Ulthuani Elves” for help, so I am 100% sure that it’s the devs F****** with us.

I’m all for it by the way, Fat Shark… Just don’t tease me.

forget that what we really need is a Dark Elf or Vampire character

And a wizard that slings lightning. Chain Lightning and Ball Lightning Ults, how awesome would that be?


We need another elf, you mayfly lumberfoots are inferior insect races.

Would be kind of funny though. I wonder if the high elf would look down on Kerillion because she’s a wood elf. I can’t see them adding a dark elf though, don’t they want to enslave the rest of the world?

I wouldn’t mind a high elf mage, but don’t they use high magic? That would be extremely over powered xD I think if they do add another character, chances are it’s gonna be someone from around the ubersreik. Perhaps a Bretonnia? Although I wouldn’t mind seeing a Truthsayer(Druid) from Albion, that would be pretty cool.

A high elf wizard still on his path to the mastery of magic could work, though. Would allow for quite the variety of different spells.

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Yeah I’d be really interested in magic that isn’t just fire, there’s a lot you could do with that door open.

Well, Handmaiden => High Elf, Shade => Dark Elf, Waystalker => Wood Elf.

So confirmed in that a playable High Elf is already in the game?

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Lohner talks since release of the Game about a Vampire which was once in his Tavern and her Name starts with G . it was discussed on Reddit and its probably Genevieve Dieudonné. Btw she was born in Bretonnia and was probably at the End Time back there, so wouldnt be so far fetched.


So it isnt the first Time he mentioned someone who could come into the Story.

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Yeah, I think he’s referring to Genevieve as well. She’s the only officially-allowed Vampire in the Empire’s history, afaik, because she saved Karl Franz at one point. But I don’t know her status during the End Times, and she might be too powerful to fit into the group. It would be cool, though.

I think that a Bretonnian is most likely, though personally I find the idea very dull. To get any real variations in class, it would have to be a peasant based class, really. A knight . . . is just going to be a knight of a certain order, and Grail Knights are on par with Chaos Chosen, so are just in a whole different league of power. A peasant character could have a Man-at-Arms class, a Battle Pilgrim, and a Herrimault (outlaw) as career options.

But when I think about this; I think “what are the things the game is missing (relative to what is famous in the setting)?” @Licious-D raises a good one with a wizard that does something other than fire. Other big iconic things IMO are Greenskins and Lizardmen. Now, a Greenskin would be very hard to work in, from a lore perspective, and a Lizardman would still have problems, but they would be much more workable. That’s why I had the idea of a Skink, who can be a Cohortian (warrior), Astronomer (wizard), or a Mist Runner (ranged skirmisher). I developed a whole character with art as well, here. :slight_smile: As an Astronomer, he could use Celestial magic to summon a variety of elemental effects that we don’t already see in the game, like lightning, ice, and wind, along with curses against enemies. I feel like there’s even already a good place in the keep that could become his home, on the upper area with the bird roost. Just imagine it decorated with Lizardman golden bits and bobs, astronomical charts and devices!

Plus, I don’t imagine he’d take Kerillian’s umgak. His species was old when Elves were just starting as the bus boys of the Old Ones.


Thats the thing why does have Kerillian a Shade aka Darkelf Career and Sienna is bound to her Fire, there are no plausibel Reasons why Kerillian has the Career besides recent Speculations.

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press X for doubt

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a dark elf could be added cause even though they are diffrent all elves at one point where the same and because of that and the fact that they all at one point fought chaos they all still really hate and look down on chaos

bretonnian would be even better and make more sense but i doubt they will add a new character

The Dark Elves, or the Druchii as they call themselves, also known as the Nagarrothi or the “Dark Ones”,[5a] are one of the most ancient, powerful, and sadistic of the three Elven civilisations. From the bleak, chilly lands of Naggaroth lies the Dark Elven Kingdoms of Witch King Malekith, a realm born from the depths of malice and hate, a kingdom that seeks nothing more than to despoil a world they believe loathes their existence. With malevolent eyes, the Dark Elves watch this dying world, knowing it is their birthright to rule all that they’ve survey and those that live upon it are born to do nothing more than to grovel at their very feet.[1a]

They are raiders, slavers and heartless reavers of the first degree, their every whim being nothing more than to sow misery and pain to all that oppose them, for make no mistake, misery and pain is the very lifeblood of their existence.

Well, after reading that lore above, They seem like lovely people that will work well with our 5 heros… lol

If they do add another, it will most likely be from the same faction as them. The dark elves are part of the forces of destruction. Just like how Chaos, Skaven, Beastmen etc are part of the faction of Chaos. If they wanted to add a new character from the same alliance/faction as our current heroes, the only “races” left are Bretonnian, High Elf or Lizardmen.

thats why i think it should be a dark elf or vampire cause they arent apart of the forces of good or evil they are in the middle i mean yes they are both evil but they could be killing ratmen and chaos forces for there own reasons or fatshark could be really unexpected and give us a skaven char just for the fun of it

Is this what you were on about?

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