Suggestion for a playable Highelf Character

Hello everyone, as an internal need, I want to share my thought about a character I thought about, which would complement the existing characters in the game. Calen is a male Highelf, with mixed play styles with strong magic tendencies. I would like to see him as a DLC for the game. Rather than map packs which would separate the community, everyone could at least enjoy when the new character joins the party. Calen has a Melee/Range, Only Melee, and Sorcerer profession. I wrote a story introduction, about his three professions and a short text about his behavior towards the other characters. Everyone who enjoyed or don’t can leave a comment, tell me if they would like to have it as well in the game.
You might say: “well an elf… not again” but since the introduction of that many High elven technology, nothing makes more sense than introducing an High elf. I would like, if somebody comment on this “article” I would like you to give a argument based response, rather than just a simple “don’t” . I hope you value that.

Story introduction

Calen Del’Ador – Loremaster Aspirant of the Highelves
While the Old world crumbles, every Regions is impacted by the Vermintide and hordes of chaos warriors marching through all empire Regions, other parts of the world seem not be spared.

The Prince of the Elfs is not receiving any response from far colonies, Druchii arm themselves for a dark crusade against their relatives, Chaos Norseman are plundering the northeast part of Ulthuan. While his brother Teclis forced him to make contact to the Empire of Men, Tyrion himself tried to work on the problems of their kingdom by his own. Creaking his teeth, he received or – even worse - not received response from the bad situation in elven cities on daily basis. Some of them were attacked not from a wandering army but something from the underground. Spies from the Empire send him reports about the giant rat men able to destroy Überreik from the inside. Teclis might be right on the assumption that these beasts might also haunting the high elven cities, Tyrion admitted. Even more surprised is the king about the coordination of the recent north men attacks in the north of Ulthuan. Are these events related? He needed to find out. In a silent moment in his office, he thought about what he needs to do. He might send a message to the Human king, Karl Franz, in order to ask him for information about the Vermintide, about the events of Überreik, and what is recently happening in Helmgart.
But… this might sound pitiful, weak, and why by the Cadai should a highborn race like the High elves ask the dirty undeveloped humans? In this moment his eyes skimmed over a message of a puzzle High priest who was feeling the activity of the Bridges of Shadow. The text was hasty written, confusing. Some parts weren’t even readable. But some lines were pretty clear: “These Bridges were not used since centuries, in a time, when elves were ruling the old world. No one dared to use them neither they got the knowledge to do so…”. He was skimmed further through the text until his eyes stopped “…They were used in the areas where today the Empire City Helmgart exists…” Tyrion smiled… he found a trace, and this trace was basically his territory. Time to get to the bottom of it.
The next day Calen, one of Hoeth’s highest Loremaster aspirants was appointed to Tyrions office. Calen is average tall Highelf Warrior, branded by War but also by his addiction to knowledge. While Calen still didn’t know what was going on, Tyrion eyes laid motionless on the aspirant. Without any greetings, Tyrion stood up, wandered behind Calen and did not waste another view on him.
Calen’s eyes were lit by fury. Recently his wife was killed by attacks of chaos warrior’s raiders in Cothique in north east Ulthuan. He swears by Isha, that he will revenge her death. Silently he hoped, Tyrion was sending him back there, in order to either find his revenge, or a suitable death.
“You heard about giant rat men?”, were Tyrions first words after a while.
Calen was lifting a brow. Confused he replied his prince. “Yes I heard stories of them. Chattering is going on. People say they might be the reason we do not get any response of our colonies”
“Then let it be chattering. We are here to do something about it.”
“what does it mean?”
“Recently our mages we’re feeling the Bridge of Shadow system in the Old world. I want you to have a look on it. Shut it down and kill everyone who is related to it, when it’s not helpful for the survival of our race. But if it is… find out more make friends with the users.”
“You are sending me into the Old world?”, Calen voice stammered. “If I can speak freely, why do you do this?!”, Calen nearly couldn’t hold his frustration and anger back.
“This is an order. I have a theory, if I am right, you will find out…”
In the name of Isha! Calen anger was kept inside his body. Neither he wanted to be in the Old world, nor does it serve the Love to his wife. Maybe he dies without a purpose.
Calen was send with help of high elven mages to the bridge which was recently used the most. After he walked over the Bridge of Shadow, he ended up in a ruined manling keep. The place manlings would call “Taal Horn’s keep”. Right after his arrival he noticed a spell preparing mage left to him. The shocked mage tried to cast some hastily casted spells, Calen just pushed her against a wall with his magical force, were she lost consciousness.
He stepped the stairs up and was attacked by a blunt of an old man. He parried the attack by his sword and hit him with the handle of his sword. The old man, hearing on the Name Lohner, fell to the ground and lost the blunt.
“What happens here?”, His eyes wandered around the room.
He saw documents, magical runes, Chaos Symbols as well as Skaven Symbols. Information about Skaven and the chaos warriors. Troop information. Now he knew what Tyrion meant. The Hope of finding a solution. Whatever this is, it will serve a purpose. Calen started to smile.
The old man picked himself up.
Lohner lifted his voice “Well welcome stranger, May I…”, he set his back right with a short painful yelp. “…help you?”
“ I act in the name of Kingdom of Lothern. You are not allowed to use this technology.” He pointed with his staff in the direction of the Bridge of Shadows. “beside he was curiously examine the mission preparations of Lohner“ …and normally you would find death.”
“We thought that since nobody was using it anymore in the firstplace…”, Lohner argued hastly.
“Hold your tonque, manling. Now there are more problems than this. Tell me everything you know about this ratmen, and I may help you and your pitiful empire.
“So then… I welcome you to the fight against the Vermintide…”

Hopefully, I didn’t made any lore mistakes about Warhammer or Vermintide :slight_smile: , please tell me then. If you liked this introduction please continue about the gameplay elements, Calen would introduce to the existing game. Eventhough he is exotic to this foreign world, he is as deadly and dangerous as the other 5 chracters. Now follows the 3 professions I thought about. Note that I don’t use a wording like " I would be cood if" or “could helpful that” rather than what I would expecting of a new character. Please share your thoughts

Lothern Sea Guard:

Calen ones served as a Captain of the base troops of Elven Empire. He can remember the tactics and fighting style he taught them, in order to rule in close and ranged combat. The Lothern Sea guards are mixed range and melee soldiers, they mostly use bows, shields and spears to fight their enemy.
Calen fights in medium heavy armor, can use sword, spears and shields. Unlike the other professions of Calen, this is profession is mostly focused on Range and melee damage rather than magic.
Weapons: Melee Spears, Swords, clubs (always with shield)
Distance: Bows, Eagle Claw Crossbow
Passive ability: Logistics
In this form, the elf has a very useful ability for himself and his team mates. The passive talent “logistics” allows to share every ammo involving ability effect among all players in the team. A permanent ammo regeneration of Kerillian, a Headshot resource gaining ability of Kruber, drop of extra ammo of Bardin is all shared among all players in the game. And Generally, all found ammo is given to all team mates.
Active skill: shield dome
His active skill allows him to throw a magical ankh. This ankh creates a shield dome which is semi permeable shield barrier. Attacks and shots can leave the barrier in order to attack enemies which are outside the shield. Unfortunately, this will hurt the barrier as well, and it faster collapses. Everything inside the barrier stays inside, but players and throwable objects can leave and enter it as they want. Which means that enemies can be caught by the ankh as well. Even big bosses can be caught by the barrier. – The enemies then are trying to destroy it from the inside. All players can still do damage towards the encapsulated enemy, but this will also damage the shield dome and make it collapse faster.

Sword master of Hoeth

The second profession of Calen is the sword master. Sword masters train with their weapon for centuries and be one of the best sword fighters inside the Warhammer World. Calen wears heavy armor with this profession, intensively melee focused, but unable to use a range weapon. He uses a two-handed weapons as main hand weapon, and dual wielded swords as secondary option. He uses different weapon enhancements, like fire magic, lighting or arcane damage. Which were used as sockets inside the weapons.
While fire is very useful against unarmored targets, lighting is best used against armored. Arcane is just a mixture of both. All are impacting the enemy slightly different where lighting and fire damage is more direct but arcane works like damage over time effect. There could be only one effect activated at once. It is chosen by the talent tree.
Weapons: two handed: Master sword, Pheonix Guard Helbard, White Lion Axe
Dual wielding: master swords, daggers, Highelven Khopeshs
Passive ability: Controlled Anger
The sword master has the passive ability that he wields his swords faster and moves faster as he deals more damage and kills. Also the magical power is impacted by this ability and enlarges the area (attack distance) in which they impact the enemy. Periods in which he is not attacking or takes damage will reduce the effect.
Active ability: Reflection
Reflect all incoming damage for 3 seconds. This is obviously helpful for enemy hordes. Some damage like the damage of the ratling gunner or a throwback of rat ogre can’t be reflected but will be avoided by 100% of its damage.

Lore master of Hoeth

While Calen spend years inside the rows of the sword masters, he eventually was elected to serve as a Lore master of Hoeth. They can be interpreted as battle mages with a strong tendency towards sword fighting. Even though they do not manage all winds of magic perfectly, they are devastating on battlefields. Calen choose the path of the Light magic, but he is still ruling with one handed sword.
Calen can perform several lighting attacks, like bolts which can hit multiple targets or thunderstorms keeping on the battlefield. Basically, they feel similar to what Sienna does, but the effect of the magic is a bit different since the lighting can jump between close-by enemies. With higher gear levels, this effect is enhanced.
The biggest difference between him and Sienna is the way how he cools his winds of magic. The casted magic will fill its overheat meter, and will eventually kill him, but unlike Sienna his Winds won’t cool down. He needs to either block damage or attack with his sword to discharge the electrical power. The cool thing: in both cases the effects are improved the higher his winds of magic are, means more block levels and increased damage.
Possible weapons:
melee: one handed swords, daggers, High elven Khopesh (a magical shield casted by himself is used when he parries).
cast: chain lighting, storm beam, ball-lighting, storm (area of effect)
Passive ability: Knowledge assembler:
Has an additional slot for a health potion, which can also be used to collect a second tome. Additional, he is able to reduce the effect of grimoires by 10%
Active ability: Thunder:
likewise, the chaos storm, the mage performs a hurricane, which intakes smaller enemies and throws them away and will perform considerable damage on greater enemies, the player can control the direction of the hurricane, additionally, he increases the lifetime and size of the hurricane by performing more lighting magic on the hurricane. Be careful, the greater it is the harder it changes its direction. Also, if he or Sienna is casting towards enemies inside the hurricane, they will perform damage on every enemy inside of it. Be careful, friendly players will be taken with the hurricane. On higher difficulties it even will perform considerable damage towards them.

Character/social behaviour
Last but not Least we can talk about Calen’s Character.
Calen is middle sized male High elf. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. Eventhough he has like other High elves this “elven elegance”, anger and hate is storming out of him. Maybe he is not as funny as the other existing characters. When he is funny, he is most times more an a**hole.

He is a grim arrogant character, who thinks that the High elven Race is superior in any means towards the others. He will often comment on the primitive society/buildings of the humans or dwarfs. He admires Salzpyres knowledge about the Skaven, but he is sees neither him nor Kruber or Sienna as equal. Sienna likes his knowledge about the magic, but she is nerved by his haughtiness. He doesn’t like the dwarf Bardin since of hereditary hate between the races. Anyhow he has to admit that he has at least a decent grown culture. He views Kerillian like other Wood elves as primitive and strange, even though he is remembered to his wife when he talks to her. Kerillian is not really mirroring this behavior.


Here it is. Everyone is asking for new characters, i made up my own. As written above , what do you think? Do you have different ideas? share them, but make them atleast related to this character. If the Devs would like to answer , I would see that aswell. If this won’t fit in the plans of them, I would like to start modding it, as long it is possible to do so. :smiley:

Sources: used images were used from Warhammer Wiki , I do not own this content.


Is this not who Kerilian is already? I know this is probably very key trait for elves in general, but do we really need another a$$hole elf?

I think a neat idea would be a fatalistic high elf character, someone who recognizes the end times and does what they can, but feels the futility of it all in the face of the cataclysm. I think that would be a more interesting archetype to contrast to Saltzspyres grim determination.


Welcome to elves, they are all arrogant and see everyone else as inferior.

If they add High Elves, one of the classes needs to be White Lion.

Possible classes (only specialised or elite units)

1)lothern sea guard
2)white lions
3)swordmasters of hoeth
4)phoenix guard
5)shadow warriors
8)loremasters of hoeth
9)handmaiden/sister of avelorn(yeah i know…wood elf should get shadowdancer/wardancer instead)

Yes, yes, yes. And I already recognized this in my original comment. But the question is, why add a character that has the exact same personality as another?

He could be arrogant in a ‘were all heroes but Im superman’ kind of way. Like hes there gracing the lesser races with his wisdom and protection. Like a guardian angel that mentions his divine heritage a bit too often :stuck_out_tongue:

Because you kinda cant avoid it with elves.
Also i care more about unique gameplay options like magic + 2handed sword than about personality.

I thought it is suitable enough, if they would add a skin for that. I added the axe (even if it not lorewise correctly) to the swordmaster. But if they exchange the name for the class… well I dont mind :smiley:

that’s how I imagine him. :smiley:

Contrary to Kerillian who mostly brings people down hed be heroic and inspiring to the point of nausea :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Onward champions! Follow me to victory!’ XD

Well, look at how high elves dress themselves, they are most arrogant of all elves.

BlockquotePossible classes (only specialised or elite units)
1)lothern sea guard
2)white lions
3)swordmasters of hoeth
4)phoenix guard
5)shadow warriors
8)loremasters of hoeth
9)handmaiden/sister of avelorn(yeah i know…wood elf should get shadowdancer/wardancer instead)

I though about different classes, in the end, there are multiple solutions. But I think , some like Pheonix guard, white lions, nobles, are too similar. A skin for these “subclasses” would be suitable enough to make them still into the games, without changing the gameplay too much. Mages or Arch mages of the High elves are superior to any human one. This class would seem to be too weak if you just play a single magical lore, or you are hindered that much as Sienna. Thats why I took the Loremaster, they are mages but not the best ones and still pretty good in melee (which is too important in this game).
A shadow warrior is much too close to Kerillians Shade (maybe a skin for her?)… Well yeah, thats why I took these classes.

As someone expect, intended this suggestion as a DLC, which gives highly different playable approaches for anyone who plays the game. I think it is better to have more “buyable” characters ( other players who dont own the DLC will still have the oppurtunity to play with owners) rather than buyable Map packs which divide the community. Anyway this is not a discussion about DLCs. But think about the diversity a new character should have rather than a full melee hero , or a pure range hero.

Imo swordmaster along with loremaster would be too similiar.

Imo i would go with shadow warrior, loremaster and phoenix guard or noble or prince(ss)

As for mages, yeah they can easily be reduced to only 1 lore of magic, namely high magic, their unique lore with some beastly spells.

Lorewise you are correct, and yeah you could exchange the name of the “Swordmaster” to other melee based professions like the pheonix guard or the White lions or even nobles. Gameplay like they would play very different. The point is the “Vermintide 2” simliarity. I want a “fast-skilled-samurai” like fighter rather a thick tank, because that’s what we already have with Bardin or Kruber.

These Shadow warrior guys look a way too much like Kerillian’s Shade form, eventhough of course, they are more famous and I dont get why they didn’t choose a Wardancer for her but thats another question :smiley:

for those who dont know how Shadow warriors look…

they exists in different forms but this arche type will again confirm this “Legolas : I am sk1ll Elf” clichee. I dont like the idea of adding this guy here. Thats why i took the Lothern Sea Guardian. Also because there is no Hero in Vermintide who has a shield and a Spear

Shadow warriors are very edgy elves who decided to that dark elves need to die because they are too edgy and attack high elves for some reason.

As for kerillian, shade is dark elf unit. Eternal guard or deepwood ranger for tank and shadowdancer or wardancer for melee dps.
Oh and btw, yes asrai use shields and spears extensively.

Though imo, loremaster have no problem being magic knight with 2 hander and magic.
Also yeah bows are kinda iconic for elves and lothern sea guard isnt elite enough for me, if it were female i would suggest sister of avelorn they use bows and spears.
Also you might make prince into ranged character.

Ofc i want spear and shield but dont feel that class specifically for it is needed, every elf trained with it and should be able to use it.

So you would like to play another Elf with a strong range background? ski11ilian2? Really I see already people getting annoyed about the Highelf :D. Honestly, It’s less about the Lore (even though still important for giving the borders) rather than the resulting gameplay. Wood elves are the best ranged based Fighters in the Warhammer world, why should the Highelf and the woodelf compete with a rather similar class? I think this doesn’t work in any means. Make some High elf gear skins for Krillean rather than adding a new class which is very much the same as the others. Skins are quite missing in the game and do add the diversity and uniqueness. I think this way someone would be able to play a “high elf pure range character” eventhough it is just a skin.

Eventhough Lothern Sea guards are not very special inside the High elven empire, their fighting style and compared to the exsting characters definetely is. Kruber and Bardin have very common classes as a “starting class” aswell. And those who like to play him in ranged fight, still are free to do so. Giving Calen directly a super cool subclass really misses the point of unlocking things. People who are skilled might see the point why this Lothern Sea Guard profession might not be that bad, gameplay wise. Always take care about the gameplay rather than a oversuited Lore. Its warhammer not Lorehammer, :smiley: . If you really want these things make it to the game, the developers could add unlockable Skins or Weapons to give it the feeling you want. This will even increase the replay value of the game and I like to add more High elven Lore into the game. But for this it would be oversuited to create new classes. I want a few well suited meaningful and different classes rather than several unbalanced classes which are oversuited to the lore with some of them beeing pretty useless.

I would really like to argue more about the talents I was thinking off rather than names or classes in general. Gameplay is much more important than the lore(eventhough I try to keep this in the frame), If you highly disagree with what you reading here, maybe make your own class suggestion with your own professions. I tried to make a tradeoff between Lore/Gameplay/Story of Vermintide to fit the character as good as possible in the existing game. And for a exotic character like an High elf this definetly is not easy without limiting him too much. All the other characters are quite freely and self definable. The player needs to be as free as possible to play the character as he wants, while not making them too similar to each other.

so please can we talk more about the “gameplay” rather than what lorewise would be more suitable? :smiley:

Yes i would, imagine ppl rage boner about 2 elves :stuck_out_tongue:

Then unique talents, passives and actives and so on. High elves for example use no trueflight or hagbane(though this one could be replaced by magic fire arrows), glaive can but doesnt need to work like 2h axe.
Unique moveset can be given to same weapons and more focus can be put on usage of shields.

Then also loremaster or mage, kerillian uses no magic.

Actually i did make some time back ^^

High Elves are trash, Druchii master race.

I dont think that this is too similar. Atleast not how I thought about this character. Maybe I haven’t been to concrete about the definition of an a**hole but here are maybe examples I was thinking of when I made him up in my mind:
Talking about the Taal Keep:
“You call this a keep? we would rather defecate in buildings like this…”

Seeing the canalization of “Convocation of Decay”:
“Forgot what I told you about your keeps, I do not even know where I should start here.”
Dialogue with Salzpyre
“These barbaric Norsemen are pillaging everything without any sense for culture nor for the sake of knowledge!”
“You mean like the empire?”

Talking about an old building
“Well it lacks a bit of charm but it is not too bad. Needs maybe some elven marble, greater windows, a bit paint, some decorators and maybe… completely placed in Ulthuan, and not this pathetic continent. “

Talking about the collapsing helmgart:
“Oh, you build your houses inside these giant rat holes? Whoops my bad…”

Seeing sigmar:
“So you worship a guy wielding a hammer? How Original, I totally not get the idea that you humans are degenerated fellows.”
Kruber: “Was this irony?”
“Kind of.”

Dialogue about High elven ruins of Atel Yenlui:
“Your knowledge about our culture is pathetic manlings. These building were meant to survive the eternity. This beauty of bygone days pervade myself with pride… -”
Sienna : “… And still these are just a bunch of ruins…”

to Sienna after she performs a killstreak:
“Oh Sienna you did well, very well… for an apprentice.”

To Bardin after performing a killstreak:
“That was a good one! Fight you little ankle-biter!"

Kruber needs to shut up:
"Well, First I wanted ask for Elyrion Whine to survive the next word leaving Kruber’s mouth. Then I realized that you possible do not have any. Then I was about to ask for Bordeleausian Whine, for which at least the ends justify the means. Then I realized that we are still in the empire and possible none of you guys have anything good.”
Bardin: “Well, I have some beer”
“By the Cadai, what a Nightmare.”

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