Psyker and their compentence

The world of 40k doesn’t work under the same requirement that Warhammer the Old World/Fantasy or AoS

  • The Winds of Magic don’t exist
  • You can learn a wide array of spell/technique from different school/wind
  • Spell are created under the psychic aid of the council (Either the Astra Telepatica or a Space Marine Librarian)

But it has similarity

  • It’s difficult and dangerous
  • Using the power can result in demonic incursion or in the Psyker exploding
  • The Psyker/Wizard are not trusted too much

So if we take all the “Humancapacity we have different groups depending on the “school” they went too

Interesting advantage of 40k is the characterisation of the the technique that were created:

  • The Carcharodons have spell that take the appearance of Sharks (A bit like the TW Warhammer Lore of the Deep lore of Magic)
  • The Imperial Fist can call the might of their Primarch and get various buff
  • The Salamander can call flame from their home planet
  • The Space Corgy can call Icy storm and other Ice and Wolf based spell (Like the Lore of Ice in Praag)

In the Human (Normal) register we have the Inquisition (Hereticus and Malleus) and the Imperial Guards (SoB have a different type of power)

  • Malleus have the regular banishement, sanctuary but they can also call flame or have hand that are so hard that they can become weapon
  • Hereticus has a few spell from the Malleus but their spell center around Psyker and the ability to make Heretic feel shame (basically)
  • Imperial Guard have a few spell centred around protection (against the enemy Psyker) and a few offensive one too

Then Dark Heresy introduced a few spell for the Role play game under Discipline to have an easier time for the GM

Off the previous game centred around 40K we had Space Hulk and Inquisitor where you could play as a Psyker

I’m guessing Fatshark will again go the RPG route like in Vermintide (tons of it based on 2nd edition WHFRPG) , so for direction you truly should look in Dark Heresy for references. I don’t know if this will be all though, maybe they will also draw reference from Only War. We don’t know yet in which year this will play, so we don’t know if Wrath & Glory might be involved, but FS tend to work with the older lore.
All i can say is that everything Space Marine related is unlikely to be playable. Comparing a ‘regular’ SM to a walking flashlight, even if he/she has a hotshot lasgun, is a far stretch imo.
An Ogryn and an Eldar might be the most special we’ll get. Having the Eldar be a psyker might be interesting, but i guess we’ll get only a human one.

Of course it’s far to early to really tell what will happen.

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Hopefully FS will draw from DH1 and DH2. There is alot of really cool stuff in there that could be used. In a way I almost hope that FS will set it in either their own sector so they can add things as they wish, or in the Calixis sector so that all the material developed for DH1 can be used. :slight_smile:

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