Psyker Casting is not a Weapon

Why does the Psyker switch weapons to cast?

Where in the lore would they stow their staff or other item in order to cast?

Quick Fix?
Adding an option to cast via another key binding instead of “switching weapons”
Quelling of the warp should also be available no matter what is being held. Lets run around holding a grimoire bursting brains.

Other Psyker Notes
The basic flow of playing the psyker feels clunky and missing the mark.

  • Switching weapons to cast and quell.
  • Perils of the Warp
    ** Feels in theme - but lore has peril effects based on the the severity of the spell cast, and there is more than one potential perils of the warp effect.

Brain Burst - why is there only one spell?
** Why is there a perk path dedicated to one spell?
** A generic spell path? Focus on Defense/Offence/CC or some theme?

Having different spells available would add a lot of potential for variation - which in turn also increases replayability.

Staves - They give you two more spells mechanically. But why are your spells chosen by the staff? Thematically it seems backwards (and anecdotally I have not gotten to use every “spell” with my psyker because I haven’t found a staff being sold of each type)

Psykinetic’s Wrath - This spell is great, fun to cast and it’s on a cooldown. But wait - it reduces peril. Mechanically this leads to some good fun to help manage your peril. Thematically this makes no sense given how the rest of the spells are being treated.

Some questions for the development team:

  • Are spells cooldown based or Peril based?
  • Can we have multiple spells/choose which spells we want?
  • Scaling spell power levels? (This ties directly into Perils of the Warp effects)
    ** Ex. Burst one Brain. Burst 10 brains. Burst Horde of Brains.
  • Varying Perils of the Warp effects?
  • Perks for spells generically instead of a single spell?

How we access and use spells feels crammed into the box of how guns work in the game. Making each of the classes play distinctly different is not a bad thing. I would love to be able to bind my spell casting keys instead of “switching weapons”. The available spells/abilities in the game are great - but how we access them and how they are used could be improved. Give the perks a consideration - they could be worked to give the class effective focus.