Enchantments and Winds of Magic in the main game

I enjoy Winds of Magic, I think Weaves are fun and the Weapon/Character system is better then the item system in the main game, in my opinion.

But with that said I understand peoples criticism and even I think there could have been more, especially for the main game. Here is some ideas I think would have worked with the Winds of Magic theme.

  1. Enchantments on Weapons and Characters

It would have been interesting if you could give your melee weapon and/or your character an Enchantment, a buff from one of the winds of magic. There could be different enchantments you could chose from in each wind of magic. Here is some examples. (It is just ideas, some of this are way to strong probably, it is just fun ideas).


  • Lore of Fire: Gives your weapon fire damage
  • Lore of Life: Kills give you temporary Health or Kills have a % chance to give health
  • Lore of Light: Have a chance to blind foes in a area around you
  • Lore of Heavens: Have a chance to summon a comet from the sky that damage friends and foes or When you critical hit a foe it is slowed
  • Lore of Metal: You do extra damage against armored foes
  • Lore of Death: You have a chance to kill the enemy you are hitting
  • Lore of Beasts: Gives +5% attack speed or Your attacks apply bleed
  • Lore of Shadow: You have a chance to become undetectable for 3 seconds


  • Lore of Fire: When you die you do fire damage around you or When you go down you do fire damage around you
  • Lore of Life: A hit that would down you will instead give you back 1/3 of you health. Can only occur ones every 1 min
  • Lore of Light: When you go down you blind foes around you
  • Lore of Heavens: Activate to slow foes around you, 1 min cooldown or Activate to freeze foes around you for 5 seconds, frozen enemies take extra damage, 2 min cooldown
  • Lore of Metal: You take less damage for 5 seconds after you Critical hit
  • Lore of Death: A foe that damage you have a chance to die
  • Lore of Beasts: +10% movement speed
  • Lore of Shadow: A hit that would down you make you undetectable for 3 seconds. Can only occur ones every 1 min
  1. Enchantments for enemies
    You can apply the Winds of Magic buffs above on enemies, like Deeds but you don’t loot them from chests, instead you can just apply them to custom games and you can chose as many as you like, because you hate yourself.

  2. Winds of Magic for enemies

The different Weaves but added to the main game. Like Deeds but you don’t loot them from chests, instead you can just add any Lore of Magic to custom games and you can chose as many as you like, again, because you hate yourself.

What buffs would the different Winds of Magic give if you could chose?
No need to be super serious, great ideas come from brainstorming, overpowered or not just follow you heart.

Remember to respect each others opinions and there is nothing wrong in criticizing the developers BUT be respectful. They are people with feelings and make mistakes. Being aggressive because you don’t agree with there chooses is not the right way to go. =)


Alright screw it. I’ll go REAL pie in the sky here. This is more what you could do not that I think the development resources would or could be invested.

1)Winds become way more accessible. You can access each type of wind both in weaves and in missions as modifiers.

2)Each completion for X type of wind gives a currency for that wind. More difficulty=more currency

3)You can spend that currency to craft a wind themed weapon (bascially each wind has an effect that applies to the weapon and a unique themed skin)

What this would do is give each weapon 8 different variants which would provide a bunch of content for players to unlock with some new weapon variety from the winds and some general fun form cosmetic hunting. But the amount of development it would take isn’t worth prioritizing over say…new maps.

Pie in the sky is the only way to go.

I agree other things should prioritized more, like maps.
But always good to brainstorm ideas, maybe something good comes out of it in the future or if there is a Vermintide 3. =)

I like the idea that you get wind currency to craft a wind themed weapons. Gives you goals you can strive for, something I think the game lacks (bedside completing maps on harder difficulties and master the game).

If I’m being honest I also love the weaves, they’re fantastic and look wonderful. The big problems with them as I see it are two fold and have nothing to do with the weaves themselves.

First there is just no incentive to do them. Progress will be reset on the next season, and there are no tangible rewards. While this shouldn’t be the reason to play, it’s a sad reality that for a lot of players if they “don’t get something out of it” it’s not worth their time. So they don’t even want to try. You’re suggestion of a weave related enchantment could solve this issue. Or simply allowing us to keep our crafted weapons would also suffice, or blend it by offering weave related traits you can’t otherwise get when you craft.

Either way, there is a second serious issue plagueing the winds of magic, and that’s the matchmaking aspect of it. Since there are 120 weaves, and you’re actually disincentivized to replay a weave (almost no essence), the player base become radically split. This leads to extremely long and frustrating wait times to even get one other person. At minimum I have to recommend allowing full essence for repeating a weave. Ultimately there needs to be some way to minimize the number of available weaves the community has access to at a given time so that more players are concentrated into fewer events, and they have a reason to replay them. Perhaps your token idea?

Like I said, when I actually get to play the weaves I’m having fun. All problems surrounding them come from dividing and disincentivizing the community from playing together on them.

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What weave are you on right now?

Not far, only half way through the Amethyst weaves. I think 23. But I could remember the numbers wrong.

I want to go further, but my normal playgroup doesn’t want to do weaves due to no rewards, and it’s hard to find randoms.

Ask in the discord channel. People are friendly there. =)

Finding people can be a pain, a big weakness with weaves.

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