Darktide team is too lazy even for the 1st April joke?

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They know they can do one with Vt2 cause the Vt2 community isn’t currently at flame.

The DT one not so much.


Well, most of DT players are busy playing Helldivers 2 anyway.



Do you have any idea the absolute shitstorm they’d unleash upon themselves if they posted any april fool’s jokes? It’s one of the worst things they could do right now.
Unless the joke would be included in a serious blog post.


Wonder how often they have to prove via their actions that Darktide is on life support/maintenance mode until people can accept that reality


This is just normal Fatshark, really. They went massive stretches in VT2 without saying anything, no updates, at most some vague promises of some changes that literally everyone wanted . . . Hell, they never even did do a crafting fix. XD Ironic since the Athenor was exactly what everyone wanted . . . But I digress.

If you think this is “maintenance mode”, then you just don’t know Fatshark.


That’s the whole point of it :grin:

But seriously, I highly doubt anyone would care that much by now.


They did post one, it was just posted early on the 29th due to easter vacation days.

Maybe missed a trick by not posting “We introduce our new battlepass!” on the 1st though.

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This is probably the lowest, lowest, lowest, lowest, LOWEST “issue” I have with Fatshark. While even for other Holidays a little “Happy New Year” would’ve been nice this is one of the most informal Holidays of all.

While I think it’s a very poor decision for FS to be radio silent in a lot of cases not doing something for today is completely fine and makes sense. This is a non issue.

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lmao. Take a look around the forum and guess again.


Yeah let’s be honest, FS shouldn’t try right now. The mood is ugly.


Or Dragon’s Dogma 2.


Maybe if they would release an optimization patch I would consider playing it :rage:

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Darktide team is too lazy even for the 1st April joke?

The reason they won’t do it is quite literally because of you and people like you OP. They know you and yours would just take a massive sh*t on it, and if there’s no fun in it then it seems pretty pointless.


lol, you got Capcom’d!

For real though, it’s not that bad. Except in towns.

Still I would rather play at It’s best if its really as good as you say it is. Choppy preformance can really ruin games for me especially if I’m trying to be immersed (I’m not saying it has to be constant 100+ fps, just above 40).

Not lazy at all. The vermintide community dosent rip the devs to shreds for so much as breathing to heavily. Justified or not i dont blame the Darktide team for not doing something with how the Darktide community is…


You don’t blame them for not taking accountability? You say that like we’re a bunch of entitled brats whilst in reality we’ve all been a shining example of Stockholm Syndrome for nearly 2 years.


The only thing i dont blame them for is not releasing some april 1st joke like vermintide did. That is the only thing i was reffering to in any way. I was making no insinuating about the Darktide community other then they are not in an overly joking or humors mood

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Actually i think its more of a yandere relationship. Fatshark being the dumb dense protagonist, and the community being the psychotic horny girl that takes out the kitchen knife as soon as the shark even looks at another girl.