No April fool's day?

Nothing planned this year?


Darktide ate up the lion’s share of the of budget for it i suppose, the rest Sofia nabbed to import tons of skeletons to decorate her new house to assert dominance. And to make cleaning up a royal pain.

Well they could use 2020`s planned “get outside” joke they had to scrap because of covid, and even low effort ones, like “mute kerillian” or the lohner post were very welcome.

I get that they have been busy, I’m just hoping they come up with something


101 Hymns to the Emperor.

“Over the the mountains…” Waitaminute.

Fat Shark stated that they are post-poning all seasonal content until they fix Darktide to good standard where they think it is acceptable state.

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I’m glad they actually didn’t.
It would have just been used to post negative comments anyway - See most April Fool’s comment sections of Steam Games.

Meh, those dudes are never happy, no points to keeping them in mind. The rest of the community would have loved it

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By the way, what’s the Vermintide 2 April Fool’s you’d like to become reality the most?

  • Mute Kerillian DLC
  • Bardin’s Songbook
  • Return to the Reik
  • Sienna’s career: Master Griller

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I voted Return to the Reik, but I’m sure each option will get some vote :slight_smile:
Fatshark does make these appealing.

The one I liked to most was Master Griller, but Return to the Reik could have been real fun too and it being real would be the best of those.

Otherwise Vt1’s Hammerbowl would be the one I’d pick

I wish they recorded and released the full Bardin’s Songbook soundtrack.

Definitely Hammertime. Just for the stupid fun.

Other than that Return to the Reik as it would translate into game content. I see no point in mute kerillian or master griller.

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