Predict Fatshark's April Fools 2020 (if we get one)

Maybe they have no interest this year or maybe it will be canceled because of our lovely global pandemie. But if they have decided for one, it is most likely completed already so whatever we write here will not influence them. So far we got (for links check Hedge’s post below):

  • 2015: Hammertime
  • 2016: Death Wish
  • 2017: Pub Brawl
  • 2018: Mute Kerillian
  • 2019: Bardin’s Songbook

Don’t know if they want to rotate through all heroes but my bet for this year would be:

  • 2020: Saltzpyre - Steamtank Driver Career or just a Steamtank as “Weapon DLC”

What are your suggestions? Please try to control yourself and decide only on one.




Brewmaster career for Bardin, wearing barrel armor with the Quiet Drink drunk-mechanic as his passive ability.


Usually it revolves about breaking my heart, because it’s actually not in the game.

Let’s get some ideas.


I wasn’t aware of Hammertime :stuck_out_tongue: I think I got Vermintide after April 2016.

But I remember Pub Brawl. That one actually became reality.


Kerillian being actually a guy.
“The Hobbit” taught me that it’s fairly difficult telling elf men and elf women apart.


Every single enemy in the game being given a massive health pool and berzerker armour type plus a huge knockback when they die.

OR Anime sex costumes for the Emporium. Salty gets a Gimp suit 0.o


With how much people (including me) have been theorizing/wishing with all their hearts that Catrinne is a new playable character coming to the roster, and with how unlikely it is that that’s actually the case…

Trailer for Catrinne as a new character for April Fool’s. All your weapons are brushes or quills. You can’t fight, you can only put down a frame and start painting, and carry gear for the other three.
Best gameplay.


Ranger Veteran as Potion Seller


Man, I would give the limbs from a whole bunch of other people for that one. Just brilliant :smiley:

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I’d love a map, where they’d actually find a random steam tank and use it to advance in the level, until they get it destroyed somehow, just like everything else xD
Saltzpyre would be incredibly happy, just to end up crying over his loss a few minutes later xD


Just watched the pub brawl one and realised we don’t have a fist weapon yet. :eyes:

The Claw on Saltz would be so cool.

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It’s not that they haven’t been suggested. But you have to look at this from different perspectives. Most people suggesting them just think about “Style Points”. They look cool. However, are they functional? One of the problems lies in what is described in the second sentence of your linked article. They will have an awfully short range. In a game where people usually claim bad design because they play badly I can’t see this working out very well. Dodging and avoiding aamage with them will be extremely difficulty.
Another point is that “fists” are not cleave weapons. So they would be mostly single target damage. To compensate this you would either make them very very fast or the characters has to literally hit like a hammer. So they would be like a worse version of 1H axes. A claw might indeed work a bit better as you could cleave to it but you would still have to get very personal. In this scenario you would have something like a downgraded rapier.

A part of me wants to see a video like this. Three of the characters are fighting and screaming in a bloody fight against a rat ogre and and a horde. Death screams, blood and fire everywhere. Then you see Catrinne, sitting down, accompanied by tranquil music and bird tweeting, and starting to paint the massacre unfolding in front of her. And then the scene keeps switching back and forth. And after the fight ends, you will see an image of Catrinne’s painting which is just a portrait of Victor :stuck_out_tongue:


True. As with DS though, I’d prefer to have it as a sort of off-hand rather than the main weapon. In that game they’re used for utility in parrying. I think that way the Claw type weapon could definitely get some sort of backhand slash, a CC ability like Billhook, or a special property similar to the half cost pushes on some weapons.

A caestus could suit Kruber or Slayer well, without needing to be super functional outside of a special attack or as part of a combo.

Also cool looking weapons are important as this is a FPS, even if they do just end up as a bladed wrist/handguard like Predator or Shredder from TMNT. :sweat_smile:

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Don’t bully the Fire Sword. :worried:


So, here we are, it’s April 1st. Happy fools day?

It’s a tricky situation to navigate. On one hand, humour and fun is something we all need a bit of right now, but on the other hand we all need to be sensitive towards each other, as the situation in the world is unfolding differently in different nations, states and continents.

With that in mind, we did prepare an April Fools joke a while back, nothing too outlandish but something fun. However, upon review of that piece we felt that it would be perhaps insensitive and would be a little off-message and contrary to some of the advice being issued by governments across the globe.

So for 2020, the year of now, we will not be providing frovility in the form of a seasonal gag. We just want you all to stay well, stay safe, stay inside, play games/watch films/learn something/play board games with the family or those you live with.

Big love from all of us.


Understandable, this was among the reasons I was expecting for not getting an April Fools today. Without knowing the actual April Fools it is hard to say “how insensitive” it would have been.

That said, is there a chance that we get it at a later day or just a one/two description here in this thread?

And can we get Hammertime as Weekly reoccuring Event?

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Already suspected it.
Well Nurgle is a bad (or well) fitting antagonist on that regard, I agree.
You are not the only company. Many companies (like radio channels or news papers) dont want to make an April Fools gag, because of the situation.

I am a supporter of the saying “humor is who laughs anyway” (german phrase)
But there can always be people who can get it “in the wrong tube” (another one!) and companies are a bit vulnerable to a sh!tstorm, because of that.


We may repurpose and ‘make grander’ the gag for next year. We planned this some time ago (before these events) and to not spoil it but clue you in, a key message in the gag was one of an outdoorsy/quasi-social nature, and as such really not the right gag for the timeline.

But even more importantly, Fake News is absolutely not something that should be encouraged right now. Sure, we’re a video game developer and not the BBC or WHO or someone you come to for real world news, but tonally it’s just not right for anyone really to be making fake news right now :slight_smile:


Bummer, but understandable, I guess.

About the hyporhetical gauntlet weapon: It’d indeed be an unfavorable weapon because of its naturally fitting range and cleave profile being unfavorable, but Sienna already has a claw attack: The first power attack of the fire sword. I feel her magic combined with a claw weapon could actually work. The fast attacks could be quick single target strikes kind of like dual daggers which don’t do much direct damage but they’d apply a burn, while its charged attacks be fire sweeps like the existing attack.