Spot the difference

One was posted in Juy 2022.

One was posted today January 2023



Also for those of you that keeps saying, VT2 launch was worst…

We are almost at 2 months with DT…

This is what VT2 got after 2 months.



I appreciate their focus on bugs fixes, but if the only content drop we will see during this quarter is crafting and the progression loop (whatever Fatshark decides it means), then the player numbers might have a problem fairly soon.

Assuming despite of that if they continue supporting the game, pushing out new content, I would expect a revival sometime this year…

A roadmap of what they are currently working on would assuage a lot of tension on these forums.

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Historically they weren’t that good at maintaining a schedule, so I’m not sure if putting a date on content drops is a great idea. Either way, I got my fill for now, I definitely play it less, which is probably a good thing.

It’s ok we will get the rest of the crafting system throughout December… of some year.

(second last paragraph pasted below)
In closing, we hope you enjoyed this look into Darktide’s crafting system. We are excited to bring you the rest of the crafting features, which we’ll gradually be rolling out throughout December. And we look forward to building upon this system in the future.