Is it still december?

Remember this quote?

In closing, we hope you enjoyed this look into Darktide’s crafting system. We are excited to bring you the rest of the crafting features, which we’ll gradually be rolling out throughout December. And we look forward to building upon this system in the future.

Was there ever any explanation on what happened to the crafting system?


Imma be honest with you chief, I think they are working on the console port, but hey I’m also a dreamer and expect a new class announcement. (I know, I know plz don’t eat me)

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December…we have december 2023 if u understand what i mean)

FatShark does this all the time. They promise something, then never delivers on the promised time, if they ever deliver at all.
Mods for VT1 are still “Coming soon”.

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Remember when Fatshark said Vermintide 2 would have servers? They lie all the time.


“Rolling”, not “rolled”.

I’m sure this will be the mealy mouth corp-speak point where they can go “Well technically we didn’t say it would be finished by December, one piece of crafting was rolled out, the rest is still rolling out :^)”

It’s standard practice for bad companies to make their last line of defense “the consumer misread our statement, so any dissatisfaction they might be feeling with us is actually their fault”


These servers are worse than P2P. VT2 would have died completely if there was no modded. Or if there was and your C3DWONSL3 Dante Must Die Funky Mode lagged to hell whenever 10 taggable enemies were on screen with a horde.


But zombies are immensely more complex than rats!

They are. I can’t see what else these clowns are doing by being silent this long. Anyone who’s worked in any customer service oriented business can tell you that it’s not normal to be silent on key grievances that a customer has. Y’know what’s worse than one unhappy customer; a whole big group of them. So either this company is going under, or cutting its losses, moving on, or they’re actually working on ports for a game that’s going to get dumpstered on because none of the problems that PC players raised are getting addressed.


Hey, hey, hey
Ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember?
Ba-dee-ya, updatin’ in december
Ba-dee-ya, tried to put my doubts away

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They did not specify December of this year if you catch my drift.

“Rolling out” implies it will be implemented before the end of december.

It’s pretty obvious what happened.
The upgrading or “crafting system” was 100% finished, that’s without a doubt as it’s a core feature of the game and the game was built around it.
What Fatshark decided to do was… remove half the features in favour of this “live service” model so they can drip feed core features back into the game and pass them off as actual updates to their live service game.