Coming soon?

When would that be? (Crafting Menu)



I like to think they’re looking at feedback about things like restrictions on what can be changed and reconsidering their decisions.

But I’m a bit of a dreamer…


…of 2023


Yeah, I have a feeling their planned crafting release would have fallen short of expectations revealed by recent feedback so they’re probably reconsidering future updates.

It’s kind of at the point where people are going to be pissed regardless of what comes out. Like, I really feel like if the planned system was complete and part of the game at launch, people mostly would’ve had a little moan about it, but otherwise just gone on with their day.

The problem is that the dung has piled up now and people are getting annoyed by everything.


Why did no one post a screenshot of the Vermintide End Times Launcher yet?

Coming Soon equals whenever they feel like.

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FatShark and employees may not be held accountable for time dilation caused by the massive amounts of BS spewing out of Magnuson’s mouth


solem JPEG Incoming

Should have been.

While you wait, go into the official discord and make jokes about dodge not working right.

Meh, it’s not that important to me, but next time i will wait some time before i buy a fatshark game.
In this times you should always wait a little bit before buying a game. Pre-orders should be forbidden anyway.


I am guessing never.

I guess they didn’t specify which one.

Been a while since I’ve seen such optimism on these forums.

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just played the game again after a while. first match went ok. second one a bugged dawg zapped through the whoie map and f*ed up the hole team. just makes me aggressive. will have a big fatshark break now. it’s just ridiculous and sad. bunch of … really.