So full Crafting WON'T be ready for launch according to Hedge on Discord? Are you freaking serious?

Where all the development time went? A BASIC feature, the crafting that is CORE part of progression system that we got ONE function to work in early “beta” won’t be ready on release date?

Are you even serious? Over 1 year of delay and you can’t ship crafting at launch?

So you expect us to roll with RNG store in hub as our progression and just consecrate what is least garbage or had RNG god-roll?

Please kindly tell I am wrong becasue I want to be wrong but this is dissapointing to say the least. The only way keeping me from writing esseys how current progression sucks is becasue crafting mechanic was supposed to be here on release with properties rerolls, changing traits, upgrading traits, extracting traits, rerolling stats etc.


Phew glad I went ahead and refunded.


Was announced in one of the last updates here that it’d roll out over december

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I might have missed it but my reaction would still be the same. How can game not ship with basic progression system. It copying crafting mechanics from previous games so hard for Fatshark.

I would write this topic just earlier. In my opinion after 3 delays this is really dissapointing.


Fatshark: We made what might be the best feeling FPS melee combat and guns in the history of videogames and our soundtrack and atmosphere are literally the best in any WH40k ever made by the way.

Also Fatshark: We added stupid amounts of grind and RNG to make the slowest and most disheartening progression system ever made (even worse than an MMO somehow in a 4 player co-op pve game). We also delayed the game 3 times to scrap our class, loot and upgrade system to make them even worse (and part of it is not even at launch) and all of this somehow passed QA.



I am tired. Oh so tired of the Fatshark cycle. What is going on over there, is it management? Does nobody in power have any decent planning skills? Game clearly needed delayed again. Shouldn’t have announced it when you did.

And poor Hedge, dude is taking the brunt of all this for years. Must have skin thicker than adamantium.


considering the fracking amount of kharking RNG needed for Equipment currently? Were “The Emperor’s gift” drops you a white weapon once in a blue moon?



You’d think they could at least make it so the Emperor (blessed be his name) doesn’t hand out greys since they don’t have any properties to refine.

This is disappointing news to be sure.

Prolonged Early Access under any other name :person_shrugging:


Early Access would have been fitting. The game is complex and prone to iterative design (missions, balance, classes, talents, enemy types, etc.).
No idea why they didn’t consider that route.

Game has been delayed a couple of times and they still can’t deliver it, in the 100% content form.

How nice to know we get an incomplete product at launch. Modern gaming industry stamp of quality, alright.
I’d refund if I didn’t get the game for free as a bday gift from friend.

Sounds cliche at this point TBH. I don’t know why this is not the expected norm still.

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You know what will be ready for launch? The cash shop lol…


It should not be the expected norm. It’s a dishonest business practice, probably being forced on the developers by execs or investors or something like that to get the game ‘out’ in time for the holiday season.

As if a grimdark warhammer game makes a good christmas present for the kids.

norm (noun) - something that is usual, typical, or standard.
(c) Oxford dictionary.

I’ve seen previous FS releases and I was using the word in its original sense. I wasn’t raising a moral or prefessional question, I was commenting about setting reasonable expectations. Noone expects a child to make scientific breakthroughs, so why get upset about it when instead you can pat him on the shoulder and compliment his finger painting?


Cry harder, Jesus.

And you think it being delayed for a year is a sign that it’s fully operational and everything’s been addressed? Games don’t release when they’re ready when they’re delayed, they’re released when they’re forced to be released.

Of course it’s expected. I expected this. I expect this sort of thing out of literally any game that comes out.

If I want to be sure a game I buy is fully functional and bug-free and polished, I, GET THIS, WAIT FOR IT TO BE RELEASED FOR A WHILE, THEN SEE IF IT’S WORTH IT.

Should that be how it works? No. Will complaining about that ever fix it? Also no. It’s just capitalism, baby, gotta have something to show for the Q4 profits.

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Will it though? I wonder if they’ll even have that ready.