Fatshark for the love of Sigmar assemble some kind of community balance council because you have no clue wtf your doing

I think it’s more nerfs arn’t going to the OP things while the terrible things arn’t getting buffed either. As mentioned, Pyromancers special comes back insanely fast. Meanwhile the executioner sword gets nerfed.

Meanwhile the playerbase in game seems to think hunter kruber killing bosses in 2-4 seconds is “fine.” Then again bosses are still broken in a lot of areas, looking at you chaos spawn.


I’m fine with classes having a “Boss” spec where they take the right talents and item traits to be able to delete a boss, but I agree that kruber huntsman gatling handgun is an obvious unintended effect of his ability stacking.

But what’s the guarantee that the group will be more competent?

I’ll happily give up some time in regard to balance discussions if my voice was actually heard.


Of course, there’s no actual guarantee. But when people look at things from different perspectives (Devs vs. players, stable groups vs. Quick Play with strangers, and simply different preferences) new thoughts and ideas will emerge, and they can be better searched through and decided what would fix what actually needs to be fixed, not just what seems wrong to the devs.

Things need to be looked at from “outside” to see the faults in them, as the people who make something are often blind to their products’ troubles. This is why artists may look at their drawings upside down or in a mirror, and why playtesters and proofreaders (professional and otherwise) exist. It’s why some board games end up with badly written manuals, even with vital information missing.


You’re right, but:

And that’s exactly why there needs to be a few more people looking at potential changes. From within the company, or outside of it. People who actually like the game and play it a lot see things that the devs may not, and a few of us already volunteered to help. Ones with sensible opinions too, as I see it. FS has a dedicated community, they might as well use it.

Okay. Then, if we assume that devs are incompetent in this topic, how are they gonna hire competent people? “ones with sensible opinions”. If they are incompetent themselves, and that’s the problem, they can’t discern who is competent and who is not. That’s a vicious cycle.

I believe they’re operating on the “monkeys with typewriters” system.

We’ll get Hamlet eventually damnit!

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Yeah,everyone will die. First the community,then the game and then the studio.

Alas,poor Yorick!

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I would like to know why old glitches are brought back.

I would also like to know why executioner is nerfed but halberd isn’t (not that it really needs to be).

How about the shield weapons? What is the damn point.

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The point?
No one knows. No one will ever know.
Right now I am absolutely sure that FS is a pact of actual chaos cultists.
They are devotees of Tzeentch and made this game to harvest confusion from mortals like us so the Changer of Ways will be pleased.


Why they keep nerfing Kruber at all is beyond me.


While I myself am by no means an expert when it comes to game balancing, I think I at least have a certain grasp as to what a weapon needs in regards to buffs and nerfs (i.e. Great Axe being too unwieldy on light attacks and Pickaxe doing too little damage for its slow charged attack) and I would gladly love to help out in making the balancing in this game at least a bit better than it currently is.

So yes, I agree, get some of the high tier experienced players on a round table and have them discuss weapon changes together with your team, Fatshark.
We love the game despite all its flaws and drawbacks and want a game that just blows everyone’s mind. And for that to happen we need properly balanced weapons.

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Somthing tells me OP is a Shade main.

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VT1 became more balanced over time, so will VT2. FS have a deep understanding of the game they’ve coded, the path they’re taking towards balance, and what is yet to come. Even if you’ve logged a million hours in game, you’ll only have 1/3 of those at best.

But besides those facts, FS does indeed listen to hardcore vet players. That’s why jsat & company were flown into Sweden to give feedback. It just so happens that there is little overlap between the true hardcore crowd, who have been playing thousands of hours since VT1, and the group here that incessantly complains about every aspect of the game.


That’s cute of you to say… except that hedge already posted saying the recent change was a mistake and there’s going to be hotfix following everyone’s feedback. Also, most of the devs only play at vet/champ soooooo… /golfclap for being wrong again.


Being wrong about what? The fact that the game is improving but, as is the nature of coding a complex set of systems, there will be bumps/warts along the way that FS is dedicated to fixing…because they have no incentives to NOT make the game the best they can (by employing all manner of tactics, including listening to the community).

As for devs not playing on Legend: https://clips.twitch.tv/InexpensiveScaryLampFUNgineer I watched that whole stream and Morja pulled some serious moves.

Frankly, the way you talk about/to the team that has worked hard to create a game we’ve all played for dozens/hundreds of hours is just insulting and uninformed. The devs care, they play the game, they want it to be the best. It won’t magically happen, it’ll take more work and time.

Look, I get it, you put me in your book of grudges. That’s fine, man. I’ll continue to post my opinions here, you can continue to rage.


That’s not at all what you were doing lol… you implied they know better than the community immediately after the community brought attention to an error that slipped through the cracks. You went on to insinuate most hardcore players don’t know what they’re talking about.

One dev playing on Legend (ie. the dev we knew plays on Legend) is irrelevant to the fact that most don’t. Kinda falls squarely within the bounds of the statement its aiming to refute.

Frankly, you posting apologist bs in a feeback forum is asinine. 99% of the feedback isn’t remotely incensed and when it is, it’s typically because it’s been months since we were lied to by the advertising department and the devs have barely communicated with us. What’s more insulting? Constructive criticism and feedback or someone trying to disregard that feedback? How about investing tons of time into dealing with the game’s issues, then more time communicating those issues on the forum, then virtually never receiving any acknowledgement from the devs, even in beta?

I scarcely talk to the team and usually, when I do, it’s polite. The few times it hasn’t, it has been a direct result of the aforementioned, “I paid retail price for what was advertised as a full-release Collector’s Edition and instead of a finished, polished game I’m now an unpaid playtester.”

I don’t have grudges, I have logic. Your derisive attempts to dismiss any/all negative feedback are both illogical and unhelpful. Being a condescending douche about it a la “the devs know better” when they haven’t yet communicated or demonstrated it and each patch is a new fresh hell doesn’t help either. Yes, there are lots of good things about the game but suggesting to a group of hardcore gamers they just don’t know what they’re talking about is idiotic.

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