I love this game.

But it’s officially dead now right?

No updates since XB version was released. Hardly anyone playing.

Joined a losing game yesterday. Left. Waited 2 mins. Joined a new game … was same game.

I’ve never played a game before where I bump into the same guy so much we have nicknames for each other.


I’ve never bumped into the same players as far as I know. The player base has been around the same amount for the last month. It’s obviously dropped a lot since release. When the new DLC drops, people will be back. Still almost 4k players online right now, I’ve had no issues getting parties.

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I see familiar names every so often, but I also essentially host every game I play so I draw in players around my area as we’ve discovered. I’ve yet to QP into a game with any familiar names as far as I can tell.

I basically do my quests everyday and maybe some additional games. I don’t really have trouble finding games.
I still love the game, but it would be cool to see more activity in the forum again and more updates after XB1 release ;_;


Seems to be a steady 3 to 5k online when I play. Have not had too many issues finding Legend games and the occasional Champion game.
Only time I have a bit of a queue is if I want to play Kerillian. Guess a lot of people play that character.

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Italy here, and definitely it happens to play with the same guys. Also some characters are almost impossible to use (elf) in legend (I should host a game, but my connection is barely enough for letting me play).


Well, kerillian seems to be the most popular character.


That’s the global achievements for the game. Also found it kind of interesting that only 3.9% of the community has cleared legend skittergate xD Looking at the matchmaker board in game, you’ll see most of the players are in Veteran, followed by champion. I did a few champs today just farming 100 clear helmets. Got a group of 3 friends that went down constantly. They even dropped back down to veteran after I carried them through the game. It was just too difficult for them, they weren’t new, and they had a few characters each at lvl 30.


right well that sorta figures. I only use elf …

the reason i like the game is the challenge. the devs have made a great hack and slash system but unfortunately 99% of people can’t grasp the mechanics well enough it seems

I’m playing on Xbox and have never had an issue finding a game. I think I’ve only ever been rematched with the same group once - but hard to say if that’s a player count thing, or something to do with how the game matchmakes.

Maybe once or twice a week, I leave a group at the end (usually because someone is being a complete idiot), do my Crap-In-A-Box opening then rejoin quickplay… to the exact same group I just left.

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Only 3.9%?
About the difficulty level, I’d like to add my experience.
I leveled all the chars to 30 and currently I completed pyro and ib (and working on the zealot) legend. My very big step in legend happened applying Avar guides and changing the pc hardware (from barely fit [old 950gtx 2gb and super old i5 2400] to a little better fit [1060gtx 6gb and i7 3770]) (almost 3 years waiting for intel & nvidia serious next gen :expressionless: and still waiting :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: )
Just these fixes changed completely the experience, now (if the ping is forgiving) I can even carry the group.
My point is that this game is complex.
For being enough safe, you need to know the maps, the builds and how they work together, the mobs and how they behave, have a good hardware (the one proposed as min requirement is not enough, after the hw changes I made, I can choose, during a wave, which single entity I’m going to hit, before it was more “lets swing and hope”), having good teammates who think logically (the more, the best), that thing called ‘position awareness’, the ability to quickly understand the priority/importance balance required in the different situations.
And on top of this, the quirks… you need knowledge also about all the bugs, sorry, the intended features :smile: , related to maps, mechanics, characters etc
So, sometimes it’s almost like working :expressionless:

Imo, devs killed The game with xb1 Release.

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I want killing floor 2 dev for vermintide 2

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I see the same names coming up all the time when I play in the cess pool of quick play. The best games and the best players are to be found in private groups though.

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