Is this game dead already?


Not dead, but working hard to get there. Lowest playerbase since launch. And still plagued by bugs.


Also about to lose its positive reviews status


right now (yesterday to be honest) is extremely difficult find a good group (out of the discord groups) for legend and even for champ.

I wont count them… the most “new” reviews are from peed off ppl with probably 1000h ingame and they just mentioned “oh i died to a bug , FU FS.”
I read a bad review like :

“The Dev-Team is on vacation and dont work on the game.”

Wow… just … head… meets… table…

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Odd, weird even I’m always finding games on the Xbox version, I’m wondering once the console version launched the PC side died, and yes the Devs are working on the game they could be gathering for a massive update, their Facebook support have been responsive and helping to fix and send bug reports.

Most people are done with the content on PC I would guess. Console dudes have not reached that Point yet .Once Shadow over Bögenhafen is released a lot of people will return I reckon.

About the search range (world included), what you see there is defined by the system of steamworks that Fatshark uses and it shows you different results depending on what download region you selected on steam.
Note that world isn’t world just… ah… further than far.
Steamworks changed recently and is quite re****ed now.

The game is not dead… yet. The next patch is absolutely critical in recovering some of the faith lost through the recent months of radio silence and poor patches/communication. If this next patch is not implemented properly It’ll be another nail in the coffin.

The XBox release was always planned for many months in advance so that was always going to happen whether the PC version was a car crash or not.

SO… IF the patch is comprehensive and works properly, and IF the DLC isn’t overpriced and buggy then MAYBE the playerbase might recover.


Well, as much as i love this game, it is basically dying at this point, the steam charts are at the lowest which is sort of expected but by a large number, In July the game had 11k at the peak players and in the past 30 days it has only had 6k, I myself have currently stopped playing like a week ago because im waiting for something new and im hoping that the upcoming dlc will revive some of these numbers and also make me want to play again too, but only time will tell.

I suspect yes… BUT it depends on where…

East Coast USA is pretty dead, and I don’t see much from Europe… but West Coast and Midwest still seem to be going fairly decently.

Game is dying really freaking fast because of fatsharks bad handling of it. I quit playing a while ago but i still follow it on this site to see if they might eventually fix this trash.

It’s on thin ice. I mean, I got my money’s worth of passable gameplay, but it would just be a shame to see this game deflate to nothing.

well being dead isnt what it used to be , just look at diablo 3 and no mans sky.

havent played in a couple of weeks myself , if hey ever go back to being a melee focused game ill be back but i already have a selection of shooters that are better at it

Not here. I’m on the other side of the world) Very occasionally I’ll have trouble finding players, but the norm would be a full group comprised of 3 randoms or out to 6 others that I know, and there’s at least one other regular group of players on line.

When the DLC comes out I expect the numbers to climb again.

Of course not
I find games at any time.
with the upcoming dlc, player count will increase greatly.
Patience, dawri.

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Some will return but not that many. I give it 10’000 again for like a week at best.


they need to add crossplay now

And further lower the quality of people in public games. Nah, no thanks. The useless bots are still better than 50% of people in public games as is.

Many of us stopped playing when stuttering was constantly present on desktop computers and there was huge delay when joining other people. I saw numbers from 17k active users, drop to 2k in these few months -> . Devs really need to focus on resolving issues, especially because this game has a big potential, when it is fixed.

Yes :confused: