Given up on this game

Been months but none of the actual feedback has been responded to. stale game with very limited content. even a dlc is not going to bring me back before any of the issues been fixed. i bet people here on commenting positive just recently bought the game. well yea its a nice game. limited content with no ongoing development or support. this feedback section seems redundant in my opinion.

So is the ‘roadmap’ page on your website. Redundant. Empty page for months.

edit: only time i’ve seen a dev or Cm reply to any post is for their new consoles market or to block a page here cause too many negative comments. how about responding to 100 other well written feedback posts?


Nah, I preordered it last year and started playing during the beta and I still love the game regardless of all its problems.

The imporant thing for me is that they read the feedback.
They DO btw. write in feedback


Nope, some of us are just positive people in general. 400+ hours in VT2, a lot in VT1, and been playing VT2 since before official release. It’s one of my favorite games right now, and absolutely one of the best co-ops I’ve played (together with its predecessor).

There certainly are problems in the game still, but they are being fixed and the devs certainly listen to our feedback. Some issues are exaggerated by many people in the community, others only hit certain people or hit certain people more than others, but those issues are still being addressed, even if it’s sometimes (some would say often or always, but I don’t think so) slowly. The most problematic part of the game is the fanbase: A collection of people with wildly differing preferences, sharp opinions and differing skill levels leads to the whole community being very literally unpleasable. Also as any internet or game community, there are people apparently out to ruin others’ fun, ones not wanting to cooperate with others (in a co-op game…) and simply stubborn people with foolish opinions (although which ones those are, depend completely on who you ask; my reasonable opinion is another’s insanity). People are hard to work with, and the responses giving up nearly any information in the gaming business prompts, it’s no wonder devs are likely to be very careful with what they say.


Why do so many people insist on a long drawn out “I’m quitting” post? Just leave and play a different game. Literally no one cares that you’re quitting.


If he’s lucky, he’ll catch Neymar.

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