Do people understand they can play champ?

If you are a good player and want “your” class to be able to kill with easy.

One shot cw
Melt boss in 5 secs or so
Spamming arrows at everything.
Clear trash with lmb spam.
Place a duct tape on right mouse, and go out with the dog, come back and block is still working.

Can you please understand that there is modes in this game that allows all of that.

Please do not destroy this game by asking to be able to do that on legend.
You can choose a lesser level!.

Exaggerating, yes I admit it.

If a good team can do legend and success unless EVIL director kills them, then we do not need to play. Only roll randal :wink:

Please let it be so that legend is gritty, messy and most CW will only be killed by dodging, kiting, perfect timed swings.
One CW now and then can be cheesed by ults, but not all of them.

Keep LEGEND CHALLING, do it by need of skills, not make it hard by random trollings nummers that spawns evil instant death.

This is my xmas wish:)


You know the Christmas man is not real, right?

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I only play Champ

edit: Truth be told, I didn’t fully read your post and didn’t actually realize your post was a giant load of horseshit.

muh left-click fighter!

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He is the best there is. Difficulty for difficulty’s sake is best, because even after hundreds of hours pumped into it, Legend should be super difficult and challenging for your stacked character with all red items equipped.

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Not trying to be offensive, but have you tried playing Legend+ ?
I mean - playing with a host, who owns an hyper-overclocked i7, which let the AI director go bonkers.


Champ is challenging too. Don’t underestimate it.

Champ is only challenging because people tend to not take it serious and start running for green circles. Or there are people that just can’t/don’t wanna play as a team - they also make Champ very challenging for themselves and for others.

But a team, that has basic understanding of the game and cooperates can easily destroy it. All they need to do is stay together, press LMB and protect each other from specials.

Yes, legend should be a pain,a gigant pain, one failed block…