More Gating Needed

I’m tired of my time being wasted loading into a match only to find one or more players with characters who are not yet level 30 sabotaging the group. Why are these players allowed to join lobbies at heresy and damnation difficulty when their builds are not complete? One character below level 30 already makes the mission needlessly sketchy, and two or more is practically a guaranteed wipe and waste of time for everyone.

So again, why are you allowing players with incomplete characters who are not yet able to contribute to higher difficulty missions into said missions? It’s a nuisance and a waste of my time sitting in loading screens only to discover the group is non-viable, and then having more of my time wasted sitting in another couple of loading screens going back to the hub and into another mission.

At the very least show the group composition and player-character levels and gear, as in the pre-mission loading screen, with the option to decline loading into said mission and having my time wasted.


Yea I agree, for the most part. Most players not lvl 30 don’t seem to hold their weight. I have played with a couple that actually did good.

I have had an interesting experience on my Ogryn though… finally decided to lvl up my last character, Ogryn! At lvl 20, Heresy was just too easy so I decided to try damnation! Surprisingly, regular damnation isn’t that bad, even at lvl 20. 2 of my games last night I actually clutched the 3 other lvl 30s who were dead.

So, in general, I agree with you. You should be able to hold your weight in matches, but I’m no longer sure if just lvl is enough to judge. I do agree there needs to be something.


I believe the minimum level to unlock higher difficulties should be raised for the first character.
For follow-ups?
Character level isn’t all that relevant. Granted, lower levels often have worse equip, but I’d say level 20 is the latest a decent player should go into Heresy.

It should be account level based restriction and not just character level based.
For someone who is levelling the first character it should be lvl. 25 limit to play Heresy and lvl. 30 for Damnation. And honestly I wouldn’t let these players into Auric missions before they win 10 Normal Damnations.
For a player who is levelling a second-fourth character the limits could be lower a bit: min. lvl. 20 for Heresy and lvl. 25 for Damnation. For these lvl. 30 and 5 Normal Damnations wins before allowing them into Auric.
Further we could go that a new Auric character first would need to win 5 missions at D4 to play Auric D5. Then win 5 missions of Auric D5 to play Maelstrom.
EDIT: For a person who is levelling second+ character these Auric wins could be 3 missions at each.

I mostly play Auric Maelstrom with randoms exactly for this extra difficulty that inexperienced players add to the game. I often see fresh lvl. 30 players who don’t even know how to push a burster or dodge a mutie. Don’t get me wrong I am all up for the challenge to carry but in the same time just don’t think it is good for them (fresh players) and majority of the player pool overall. At the end of the day I don’t necessarily need this type of fun… I can just play in a premade duo or trio and add difficulty to these games that way.

Character level isn’t a perfect metric to gate by, yes, as some of you suggested. Personally I think it should be a combination of character level and gear power level, and possibly some kind of account level or class level metric as well. But for the sake of ease of implementation, I think restricting entry into higher difficulties based on character level is probably the simplest way to do it - simply change the value from whatever it is now to 30.

For example, if you could gate characters by the power level of individual pieces of gear, so having a minimum of a 520 weapon in each slot, and a minimum 145 or 150 curio in each slot, I think that would come closer to being helpful. MMOs gate player characters from queueing for more difficult group content in this way, as a matter of fact. Last time I played WoW it gated its public heroic dungeons matchmaking queue by gear power level, though this was waived for private games iirc.

Similarly here, if you want to carry your low level friends through damnation matches, make a private game. It doesn’t bother anyone else that way, or waste public quickplay queue enjoyers’ time carrying low level alts or new players who mistakenly queued for content they aren’t ready for yet.

You are playing a game in which the characters are haphazard prisoners under suspended sentence of death in the private employ of an Inquisitor for their private war, in a universe where the society and culture where the mass sacrifice of human life is seen as holy and good.

Zeal is it’s own reward. Let Faith trample Reason. Lack of Faith is tantamount to Treason. Faith needs no Excuse. No man died in the Emperor’s service that died in vain. There is no greater honor than to die for the Emperor’s cause. The Imperium endures through faith and sacrifice. The game and universe slam these messages into the player at every opportunity. Zeal leading to early (and unnecessary) deaths is a cornerstone of the 40k universe, openly celebrated by the Imperial Creed as a beautiful, right, and just thing.

That said, you can see everyone’s level and build and whatnot in the lobby just before launching the mission, and can decline at that point.

Not seeing where the issues are from either a gameplay or lore perspective.

  1. IF there is a lobby and you don’t join in progress

  2. I don’t think the lore has anything to do with the complaint.

  3. Backing out is definitely an option, but that isn’t good design.

I think having a ranking system of some sort (like MmR?) would be well received and tackle many of the common complaints I see ( bad players joining high difficulties, low level players trying to play higher difficulties assuming they will do bad and this will be reflected in the MMR, etc)

Edit: one problem I think would be if you are “bad” and therefore only play with “bad players”, then that could affect how good you do, too…which could further lower MMR. It doesn’t happen in other games though so it just not be as simple as that

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Before they made currencies account wide, it was a decent measure of your potential.

I’m just sick of seeing people with 2 blues or 1 purple 1 green in Auric Mael. I’m not signing up for a challenge run where the challenge is me carrying your ass.

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what baffles me even more is how people can be content with failing upwards through the whole game, stubborn as they are, yet refuse to invest that SAME energy into getting better and learning the fundamentals.
how in the world can someone accept these kind of situations and call them remotely “satisfying”?

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Yew its like they enjoy torturing themselves :crazy_face:

Or they don’t care about the same things you do and get enjoyment from some other aspect that you’re not aware of.

so why do they burden others in higher difficulties instead of staying in the play for fun kiddi pool?

not caring doesnt equal being welcomed in stuff they are not fit to perform in, only real life scenarios makes it easier to kick out “undesirables”

and they arent desired teammates if their “enjoyment” means getting dragged along by skilled players.


dont get me wrong i enjoy watching the odd self flagelation if its only their own skin they smack off their backs instead of making the other three stumble over their mauled corpses :smile:

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Yea that’s kinda what I’m implying

Kinda the “problem” with team based video games. Can you imagine being on a soccer team with someone who sits in the corner of the field? Our behavior is significantly more selfish in team based video games for some reason. Being respectful of other people on your team is just courteous I guess

vividly i imagine a good beating, a real “team effort” :smile:

anyone remember the “winner stays, loser pays” days of mall beat em ups on consoles? no excessive trash talking either for the mall would close eventually and have limited exits.

almost “an armed society is a polite society” on kindergarten scale.

good times

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This would make sense. Vermintide 2 already had total character level with gear so that’s not unprecedented.

You have true level already. So why not do a player level like DRG between classes?

The way I would see it. Have a minimum value needed for each per difficulty.

For example (damnation):
Minimum: character level 20
Needed Total level: minimum 30.

Meaning, if it’s your first character, it’s unlocked at level 30. If you already have a character at level 900 you can player earlier at 20 (random values). Different values for different difficulties, as well as for auric. This is also to prevent players from getting frustrated with hard content and leaving too early.

You could argue it’s not intuitive but if they do a big blue player level like DRG and show lock requirements clearly it would make sense.

I imagine they’re probably playing with friends. I was queuing for Damnation the other day and got put in a lobby with a lvl 7 guy. I asked how a lvl 7 even got into Damnation and he started talking trash, so I left. Then matchmkaing put me right back into the same group, mission in progress. The lvl 7 started talking trash again and everyone else got downed in the first horde wave. I survived and waded through that mess to get everyone back up, and that shut him up. But for the rest of the mission, he went down in every horde wave and constantly had to be rescued. I tried vote kicking him once and the vote instantly failed.

I can only assume the other people were carrying/power leveling him.

game should not even have an option for teams that far apart.
another buddy is slowly getting into darktide again, i started a zealot from scratch solely for our matches together.

no way i gonna drag my 669 ogryn through those low level environments, he’d learn nothing from me breezing through and i’d be bored shitless too.

seems common sense is in low supply these days

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Don’t bring lore into this. This is purely a game mechanic.

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I entirely agree and am nice or silent to people on my team.

Because unfortunately you cannot really rely on PUG team members. They could have low skill or low situational awareness or just be self centered. People are people. Its smartest to play in such a way as to avoid ever relying on them despite the “team” based nature of the game. If I screw up and they rez me then I feel very grateful for that but I never really expect anything out of my team. I’ll still rescue them if possible. Ironically playing like this has made me a better player all around but has also made me feel a lot more like a random thrown in with actual scummy randoms who I am not sure I can trust. Its very fluffy.