Infestation of Underleveled & Undergeared Players Worse Every Week

In Damnation and presumably even worse in Heresy. You are STILL allowing these players to sabotage groups by being able to join them. Why? The game is rapidly becoming unplayable as more individuals attempt to foist their underleveled and undergeared alts onto groups trying to complete Damnation and Heresy content and wasting everyone’s time.

The game needs the following QoL pass:
-restrict Damnation and Heresy difficulties to level 30 characters
-implement gear power level restrictions for Damnation difficulty - no weapons under 520-530 power, no curios under 140-150 power

I’ve spent more time in loading screens having to bail on non-viable groups sabotaged by low level players, or players with trashy unupgraded gear, than I have actually playing the game, this week, and every week I see it getting worse. You NEED to do something about this.

That suggestion is kinda ridiculous.
Especially with the current “crafting” situation.

A weapon with
379 modifier level (380 is max)
T3+T4 perks (20+25 points)
T3+T4 blessings (45+60 points)
only gets to 529 item level (379+45+105).

Getting just a single 520+ weapon with good stat distribution, right perks and good blessings, could easily take 100+ hours of playtime with the current system.

The difference between T3 and T4 perks is often not noticeable.
Some blessings do not have a T4 version (for example: Blaze Away).

Your suggestion could (and likely would) result in people bringing gear that is not the best they have (and probably not what they want to use), just so that they meet the required item lvl.

I am not against gatekeeping the higher difficulties in some way, but i do not think your item lvl restriction is the way to go.

If you are good enough to play heresy and damnation with high int and high int+ modifiers, i suggest you play the auric playlist, which does have the lvl 30+ limitation.

It might be a good idea to limit regular heresy and damnation by player level, too.
Maybe 20+ or so.
Or require the player to have finished at least x missions of the next lower difficulty.


Sounds like a skill issue.
Just play auric and be the trash who’s trying to get better.
Auric will filter all the under 30 players for you and all you got to do is survive.


Any good player will join diff 4 at level 20 at the latest.
Granted, the first character should probably have higher minimum level requirements, but after that?
A player who can drag a team down at level 20 will probably still drag a team down at level 30.


ye naw, theres gotta be a better way to promote skill based gameplay besides restricting a difficulty based on the whims of the crafting rng system


There should be more restrictions for people who are levelling their first character (lvl. 25 for Heresy and lvl. 30 for Damnation) but for those who are levelling their second character it is okay as it is. Except for T5 Maelstrom where I’d allow lvl. 30 - currently those are full of lvl.15-20 players and even though it is fun to carry them it just shouldn’t be a thing.

Gear restrictions would be silly. You can play damnation very comfortably with a 360 grey weapon if you want. Also considering crafting at it’s current state it takes ages to get a decent item.

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Agree, but only if they remove this useless leveling system.
This game starts after 370 gear and new players are forsed to go through this 0-30 bs for some reason.

Just ballance them by gear and do not allow them to higher levels if they didn’t finish previous ones a few times each.

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Yeah no. I’ve been clearing damnation in dam blues since the game came out and even now i still use weapons that easily do not fall off into that restriction. Just few i picked for example reasons.

Shotgun/Evi, i used for ages.

I also have 508 knife, 509 MKXV Evi and many more i could share, but i think the point is clear as to why this sort of thing is dumb.

Also as @Flawless neatly pointed out, with the way this garbage of a crafting system currently works it could take many many hours to get weapons just qualifying for that difficulty and even then you could be just getting some crappy T4 blessings that increase the item rating but in reality do nothing beneficial for your weapon. (Terrifying barrage, rev it up, etc)

If anything this game needs is some early “play x amount of games in difficulty Y to unlock B” for your account, but limiting gear score by some arbitrary number is not going to improve the quality of your games.

You could also just try hitting the auric staff if you haven’t already where the skill levels are generally noticeably better and where level 30 is actually an requirement.


Eh, 500 for weapons and 100 for curios is pretty reasonable, even with the garbo crafting system.

Not that I think it’d help. You can get to L30 and have all 520+ gear and still not be able to hold your own at auric t5. I see it all the time.

Honestly I think this is mostly a non-issue.


Even 500 is kind of insane considering most weapons require 2-3 primary modifiers to be considered decent, which could make the total weapon fall easily closer to 450 area if perk/blessing luck is not on your side.


Just a thought… we’re playing a coop PvE game, where the players are called “Rejects” as literal random prison scum under suspended sentence of death in the private army of an Inquisitor running a private war on the cheap, used as expendable meat until they’re killed in ad-hoc suicide missions, in a universe where everything relishes the cheapness of human life and extols the holiness of vain sacrifice in the name of zeal at every opportunity.

The fighting in Tertium is basically Space Bakhmut, and experienced elite operators stuck in alongside literal raving lunatic prison scum who aren’t useful for much except catching bullets is entirely in keeping with everything about that, as well as the narrative of the larger 40k universe this game is set in.

Does it sucks sometimes…? Hell yeah. Is that inappropriate to the premise of the game and setting? Not at all. If someone isn’t carrying their weight, there remains the option to vote to field execute (kick). To me at least, garbage teammates are just part of the setting that you roll with.


I know no one agrees with the gear requirements but why has everyone forgotten heresy gives like half plasteel and lower than that in lower difficulties.

You would need to grind twice as long to get your orange weapons to even try damnation then you would be forced to grind with just those weapons to get more oranges or back to heresy to slow farm in a less fun mode.

It’s just such a bad idea in every way.




I don’t mind gating solo queue Auric/damnation missions to level 30, but if you’re “bailing on non-viable groups” then you’re part of the problem.


My dude if you think you need to be level 30 to complete, or for that matter hard carry heresy of all difficulties that is so telling what your problem is :skull:

Even for Damn that’s such a questionable take. Auric there’s maybe some argument for more gating.


Only auric needs a level limit which it does. Damnation is easily soloed with full bots, and heresy straight up solo. Locking out heresy would also suck since its a leveling difficulty.

Stop blaming teammates. You have no control over them. See what you can do beyond anything else.

Get better at the game and you’ll see theres no issues with the game in this specific regard.


Bad take.
This is clearly not the case for most players.
How would anyone already be able to solo a difficulty that they are just moving up to?

And the players that are good enough at the game to do what you suggest, they probably do not usually play the regular playlist.


That’s certainly an interpretation of my post.

The OP wants to lock out Damnation to max levels only. I said no. It’s not necessary. You can take low level players with you, and do just fine considering level 1 bots can live through it, or at least get through.

I said Heresy can be soloed though it was implied, and not explicitly stated that it would be a max level character. This is my bad on this one.

I then said Heresy is a difficulty for leveling. Which is true.

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maybe people should avoid to try to revive someone that has fallen in middle of a lot of enemies and where you have 80% chances to get killed when trying to do that.
Seen that yesterday… did a bad move, fall at the level at bottom… so started to fight but a pox walker arrived + 4 crushers + 2 flamers + horde + scabs gunners + 1 trapper (+ flames from bombers off course)… I have fallen and someone has come to try to revive me… I was, behind my monitor “Nooooo! wait!!! let me die, don’t come… at least clear the area… oh wait he is already dead… oh wait someone come for him… ah… that’s already over”.
We fail as a team when players take bad decisions (and I am not different than others - fact is bad decision = wipe).


While I agree that OPs suggestions on restrictions aren’t necessary I disagree with this statement.

Every pve game can get easy with enough time invested. The amount of time that is necessary to get good at a game could be a measurement for difficulty - and Darktide is hard. Most people I know hold their own on malice during their second character and only get comfortable with heresy during their third character (not with that one mind you but with their lvl 30 chars).

So while there certainly are players that find damnation easy - for most it isn’t.

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