Abuse in the vote kick mechanic

We need a solution for vote kick abuse. The other day i was doing a tier 5 maelstrom missions and 15 secondes before i get into the dropship to end the missions i was kicked out by the other player for absolutely no reason. They even teased me by saying ‘‘thank you for you services’’ 2 secondes before. I was not toxic and i played well that game. I was the player that was going down the less. I litterally wasted 30 minutes of my time doing a super difficult mission to get kick right before the end.

This kind of situation make me want to quit the game so it need to be address. Maybe you can put a time limite to kick someone. Like you can only do it in the first 10 minutes of the missions or something like that.


On the flip side, the other day a guy went afk for several mins mid mission and we couldn’t get a successful vote kick on the guy after several attempts, because one other player was their friend and just let him get away with that kind of BS behavior.


I’m with OP.

It has (finger crossed/touch wood) never happened to me, but I can imagine the nob brigade doing this. Accrue an index of the voters, and remove their privileges to do this after 2 occurrences in 4 weeks.

Honestly; I’m 900 hrs in, and i’ve only ever voted once in that time, because one player was effing and jeffing about his inability to stay upright. And I only voted because a Discord buddy thought enough was enough.

How about if they added the ability to see if people are in a premade group? That way if you quickjoin into a premade squad of 3, you can not waste time and just leave.

If I see a premade, I wouldn’t instantly think “ooh, they’re going to kick me”. Probably I’d go with - “great, they’re communicating”.

Yeah - it might be useful to some. But generally I think accruing behavioural statistics is the way to go.

It’s a tool for risk management. Just like not every Zealot I see with a knife, stealth, and Loner is guaranteed to be a speed runner. But if I’m not up for the risk of time investment to find out, I’ll just leave and find another lobby.

Not the first thread about this and I’m against it because I had the opposite experience.

Tl;Dr of that story is: we had one guy being the biggest asshat imaginable for an entire game so me and a 2nd refused to enter the dropship until the 3rd finally agreed to kick him.

There’s no simple solution to what you experienced except to play with one buddy at all times. Yeah, not a great solution, I know.

The reality is that you got unlucky.

I was also kicked once at the beginning of a match for having a knife build and running ahead to the wallbreaches and clear them before I’d need my teammates to cover me but I got kicked for rushing the obj.
Those 3 never stood a chance of finishing that mission btw or I was going to carry the living hell out of them but oh well.

This was the first time I was kicked in over 1100 hours and not even for a reason, I was simply judged too soon by 3 noobs.

I think I got kicked once for still being in the default convict outfit. It was a mid mission quick join, so it’s not like they could tell anything else about me, besides class. They were in the middle of fighting a Beast of Nurgle. I was Vet, chucked all my Krack grenades at it to knock out at least half its health, helped finish it off from range, got kicked.

Been saying the solution is a kicked player ends up in the same game by themselves. Others can join, or they can finish with bots.

You get rid of the problem, but you can’t put them out of their game.

MAYBE add a safe zone they can stand in to wait for joins.

Not sure the game would be able to replicate the exact same scenario if the kicked player was migrated into a copy of the mission. The AI spawns enemies in response to people on the team. If you’re kicked mid horde, does it AI move all the enemies scaled for a 4 man group over as well? Also given that the game typically spawns enemies from certain points, do enemy positions need to be migrated over as well, or do they all respawn from standard spawn points and have to run back over to you?

It might be viable to reset a player to a previous checkpoint like the security room or elevator. But then that would require a redesign of how those work as well. Currently they do not work like safe rooms in L4D games. You all go in and close the door behind you, then the door in front of you opens, ready or not. In fact, several elevator transitions leave you vulnerble to enemy attack before the elevator doors even open.

Some fair enough observations, and all things that can be dealt with if the will is there to proceed and the idea gets enough reach, but suppose for sake of argument, the bots would be identical to the crew who just left, made with an unrealistic level of buff so you don’t get killed if you’re in the moment of horde.

VT2 had kick protection for the final section of a mission. That this game lacks it is frankly ridiculous.

Thats sad to hear.

My solution would be to give the player kicked a % of rewards based on time spent in overall mission duration + % of completion.

This way, if you spend the whole game jsut to get kicked at the end, you will get 99% of the bonus.

Each situation is unique and although something like this has not happened to me, I would encourage you to screenshot the bad behavior and report it.

Alternatively, I have posted about having an end of map scoreboard/review location for players to review previous matches. I think the option to record games for the purpose of reviewing (reviewing in the sense of gameplay improvement) will help resolve some of the bad behavior, but that’s just my 2 cents.

What’s more ridiculous is that you think this would actually help at all.

Not the first time I’m saying this but oh well:

A team looking to grief an unlucky stranger would simply kick them before that protection kicks in.
Giving someone protection from consequences only promotes them to be a griefer once they cannot be kicked anymore. (And before you get clever with me, I’ve seen it plenty of times in VT2 and even experienced a situation in DT which would’ve lead to a griefer getting away without consequences, if the same protection existed)

You can do what you want but there will always be a way to abuse the vote kick system with the exception of playing with 1 buddy at all times.
Not a great solution but it’s an actual solution over your proposal.

It helped then, it’d help here. We have evidence that it worked because we all played through VT2. Your worse case scenario of people turning into an troll in the finale didn’t happen.

Again, the amount of last minute kicks were cut drastically when they changed the rules that allowed it. The amount of griefers in the last act far outstripped the amount of people waiting outside the bubble and forcing a kick on one person to rob them of their rewards which was a thing that happened regularly enough to force them to change it.

The hypothetical team of coordinated griefers while I don’t doubt happen, are a minority in comparison to the sheer amount of people that pug this game and VT2.

So no. I don’t think it’s ridiculous. Given that it was implemented and it worked.

My request to the system would be that people who kick you are automatically added to your block list. Obviously, they don’t want to play with you and you would likely not want to play with people like them again.

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Tbh I agree somewhat, as I’ve personally been kicked before by people who asked me to leave so their friend could join after I QP’d into a game that had just started and carried them through three quarters of it, so I get the feeling, but I think if anything was to be done, it’d have to take into account chat logs and match stats.

Case in point (from like 8 months ago):

IMO, the only time when people should be penalized for using an in-game system like that is if you can basically prove without a shadow of a doubt that it’s being abused, like if you’ve got chat logs that show they wanted to unjustly kick you, and/or some stats that can show they were in a party, or that you weren’t griefing or being AFK. Like, I do think that something needs to be done about this type of abuse, but it seems like it’d be fairly difficult to actually fix without just making the votekick a liability that has potential to get you wrongly punished for “votekick abuse”.


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