Trying to vote kick someone should not be spammable, and shouldn't disable all inputs

I just played a match where a Ogryn tried to kick another Ogryn with shield from the party, and kept spamming the thing so that the “yes/no” vote popped up on our screens often enough that we couldn’t even fight the mobs. This is of course because you can’t actually input anything while the vote to kick is happening, which is different from VT2 where you could still do everything fine, and voting was done with F-keys instead of clicking a popup.

Not only is this clear griefing, but I genuinely don’t think that you should be able to spam a kick vote like this. There should be at minimum a few minutes delay between each vote, to prevent abuse like I just had. We almost failed the final bossfight of the mission because this griefer decided out of the blue to spam vote kicks against a player for no apparent reason. The only thing they typed in chat was “XXXXX can u f*ck out with your shield”, and then just started spamming vote kicks, despite me and the zealot clicking no on every one of them.

Crossposted this on the Reddit as well, to hopefully get more attention to the issue.

Edited out name in case of witchhunt rules.


I was going to create a topic about this and then I found yours. Absolutely game breaking that the vote kick abruptly stops you mid game and you cannot do anything about someone spamming it. It should be like VT2 where it’s in the background and doesn’t stop you.

I was not aware this was a thing. How did this even make it past QA?