Veteran Talent Tree: Lost Identity and How to Fix It!

None of them are nearly as strong individually, and are working with much lower base toughness. Maybe if you combine 3 talents at once but that’s hardly a fair comparison to a single talent.

Fair enough. I just very much notice how insanely tanky Vet can get with a few confirmed kill stacks + iron will. I can stand in direct fire while shooting back through stuff I absolutely would not get away with on anyone but Ogryn (largely because he still has his intrinsic DR from pre patch which is questionably intended). Certainly no combo of Psyker toughness talents let me tank bullets to the same extent.

Especially when you can combine that with shout overshield as well, like I struggle to imagine anyone taking that combo and telling me they can’t just waltz out of ranged fire relatively unscathed that would evaporate other classes.

Compared to any other single toughness talent I genuinely think there is an entire tier between confirmed kill and everything else. The only thing that handicaps it is having your kills stolen, which is annoying but usually means there weren’t enough threatening targets around to be an issue in the first place (or your team mates are just terrible in which case GG).

I agree it’s currently balanced by lack of other good enough options and the positions in the tree (I’m pretty sure FS putting it down there was very much intentional…). I’m just wary of how good it would be if those two things were fixed.

TBH I read that as an additional condition, as in what you personally kill or anything that is tagged by you, which should be a straight buff. Will have to wait for OP to chime in to clarify. I agree if it was restricted to that condition alone it would be a bit awkward.

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