Dev Blog: Deep Dive into the Shrine

This, so much this. This update does A LOT of great stuff, but the perk and blessing lock just artifcaly makes getting optimized weapons harder, which isnt needed cuz grinding for dockets and random roll base stats already bulks out the time it takes to get god rolls a more than reasonable amount, the perk and blessing locks have to go off to meet the commisars boltpistol.

In addition, fully removing combine blessings is a bad idea, as again it takes control away from the player to bloat grind time, though I do aknolwdge it needs to be changed for this new and still overall better system. What FS needs to do is change combine blessing so that when you surrender weapons with the same blessing multiple times, it upgrades the level of the permmantly unlocked blessing, and in a process adds gasp n actual viewable progression system to max out all the blessings and make whatever god weapon you want!

Overall, 3 steps forward, 1 step back, keep up the good work and make these changes asap devs.

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(when it comes to expecting corporate entities to act integrity and respect)


I still like to play pretend, sue me.

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At what tier? Does this mean you have to find maximum tier blessing’s?

I thought when they delayed the crafting for another 2 months it was because they actually listened to the community too. Whomp whomp.


If you’re all thinking about ideas of how they should finish off the crafting system/change it; I wanted leave my post here so people can bounce ideas off it. Hopefully it can get some attention, I’m just interested in what others think:

Notice, that they haven’t given a date, timeline or anything. We’re in the “next week end of december soon” arc now, followed by “we didn’t want to promise anything so people wouldn’t w̶h̶i̶n̶e̶ be dissapointed.” arc.

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About the only thing I’m looking forward to about this is cleaning out the hundreds of guns from my inventory lol

Yeh I did I was thinking it might be next week

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The god roll is something that you’ll find eventually, as it should be.

There are no guarantees that you will ever get the perfect item, there is no progression here, no player agency, you are at the mercy of cold and uncaring mathematics and none of what you will achieve will ever be the result of your hard work, you will just have gotten lucky.


Yes still need to find max tier. Stock piling blessings of the same type has been a waste of time and dockets.

That’s their assumption fallacy trap - For instance, I thought crafting would be in the game on release, I thought many things, hoping FS learned and improved, so yeah, that’s on me, their conscience is free.

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I thought so. brb


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This is the last thing I’m going to say on this topic:

Someone over at Fatshark needs to get over themselves.


Boy howdy. Darktide: Infinite sure is shaping up to deserve that name.

Yea, if I as going to keep playing after this at least I’d no longer have to hold on to every single item I ever find in case I need it to upgrade something else later.

But I’ve already uninstalled the game now. I said this months ago here on the forums when they introduced the locked perk. I said if you can only change one blessing that is my red line for quitting this game.

Then they were like “Oooh, we have to delay the crafting rollout again because it might not be what people want.” So I was actually feeling pretty hopeful.

Today they just came out and basically went “We let this stinker stew for a month so it’s extra gross” and dropped it on their community’s face anyways.

I’m done.


I will repeat myself:

Fatsharks CEO and all the higher ups are a bunch of frat bros, there’s no getting over it. There’s only talented developers moving to studios with actual moral standards, or better yet, making their own indie, especially since the indie scene is thriving.

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Oh I knew that one was coming. Just had a feeling you know? I’ll stick it out a bit longer but I’m almost there myself tbh.

I feel like removing combine blessing was a low blow though. Ive got a lot of hours and ive not seen many maximum rolls I think 3 so far? would have to check


Yea, I was suspecting it too, but it doesn’t change the fact that everyone doing any intelligent analysis of why the endgame flounders in this game told them for at least two months now that their focus on RNG is ruining this game. Through all their theatrics of “we’re listening to the community” they still doubled down on the one thing that is ruining this game.


Eager to see how good / bad will be new weapon’s on melk’s store and emperah gift after every damnation mission.

We may not have to buy grey weapons, after all…

They truly are doubling down on the most hateful aspects of the endgame. I really regret ever buying this game.

It’s one thing to support a slow as hell developer who is often inept, but still puts out unique games with a core of gold.

It’s something completely different to support a developer where the management runs on pure, distilled, unmitigated greed and contempt for their customers.