Faith in fatshark restored..but crafting

Yes another post about crafting but, the microtransactions or skins leave a really bad taste in mouth.
Bad crafting actively pushes people away from grinding.
A grind which now after 13 (and upcomign 14) is VERY enjoyable.

NOONE wants to dump 6k plasteel into lvl 3 blessings sub par weapon.
PLEASE for the love of God give people what they were asking for since day - ability to remove locks / buy blessings / improve blessings-weapon stats

Diamantine sink ideas
Improving base weapon stats - 10 points = 100 diamantine
(To improve a weapon from 300 to 380 = 800 diamantine)
Buy - improve blessings - lvl 4 blessings = 1000 diamantine purchase
(If this is too much, let us then buy lvl 3 blessings)
Would this mean we will get the weapons we want MUCH faster ?
Does this push people away from playing?
NO! Exact opposite, NOW people can try out different builds to mess around with.
Look at DRG, its takes very little time to max out a weapon and yet people play it religiously - NOT because they are grinding, but because they LIKE the gameplay.


Why is it restored? Because they have xbox, 14k free aquilas (60€) to bribe them to buying the game.


That incentive helps, but I own the game since beta and patch 13 REALLY did wonders to how good is it now.
Its these sh-tstains like shop AND PRIMARILY crafting that I dont understand.


Let us have one weapon of each type and let us upgrade that in a Winds of Magic-like way (but more advanced). Let me grind mats for upgrades that I can slot in and out from my weapons. Make some of these materials fiendishly hard to get, not by hours played but by penance-like things.

One can dream. Sitting around with hundreds of guns in a bag is not my idea of fun, but people enjoy looter shooters for reasons I will never understand.


Yeah, you are not the only one. Its ridiculous that fatshark expect us not to react to the news :joy: I mean do their marketing department actually do anything.

I liked the new class rework. However the absolute awful MTX- shop should be addressed by the dev’s in addition to an apology for the community. Like who makes these decisions? Certainly they are not made for the benefit of the community, or to improve the game. The FOMO, is imo the worst of it.

and don’t forget to add a way to remove the locks so when they nerf some blessings or put new better ones we don’t need to put our weapon in the garbage bin


The crafting issue is going to fester and undercut literally everything the developers put out for this game.

New maps, new classes, new builds, etc all are way less fun and interesting if gear acquisition and trying new things is an intentionally painful and frustrating experience.

Normally when games use these types of mechanics (usually Mobile games) the purpose is to create frustration that can be relieved with money, or to create a gambling reward cycle with the player to build engagement. In Darktide’s instance though, there is no monetization, and the gambling reward cycle is far too stingy to feel fun and actively deters further engagement by making trying new things feel punishingly difficult and arbitrary to build out.

We still get XP after 30, it just goes nowhere. Fatshark could build a system to build out and earn/upgrade weapons and perks and blessings for weapons instead of a random grind, and probably build better engagement than the current system, but they seem really dedicated to this system built to be monetized…but isn’t actually monetized.


Their systems were and still are imiscible to new content as well.

  • Hype for new weapons are killed by the crafting.
  • New archetypes are hurt by lacklustre levelling (although they did improve a few things since release) and also by crafting because archetype unique weapons have to be crafted up from absolutely zero.
  • New missions are neutered by the mission board, where Fatshark has to break their own design to allow you to reliably play the new maps.

Almost every point of their design outside of the mission gameplay seems to try to hit player satisfaction as hard as they can, for some unfathomable reason it feels like they’re simultaneously there to stop people from playing too much and to keep people playing? Just the feel between being in mission and in between missions is massive.


Exactly this. The missions themselves are stellar. I really love them, which is why I come back here even though I’m so frustrated.

Everything around the missions is hot garbage. Even such a trivial thing as the groups being maintained in between missions… in V2 I often pugged and then stuck around with the same group. In Darktide this has happened a grand total of zero times.

I know there is a merge strike teams button but somehow that never seems to happen… and sometimes does not work when I’ve tried.


Also its very annoying that the vote on it is so slow.

I agree that while I like the hub, there is far too little agency in crafting and lack of cosmetics and customization is an issue, there is little reason to stick to the game. This is hit especially hard by the lack of earnable cosmetics (e.g no cover armor) paid skins, are the mainstay insted of earnable cosmetics to
work towards. The weekly shop is also a missed opportunity, why on earth would I spend ordo dockets on anything that has poor stats. I only try to buy the ”blessing” to get a specific weapon upgraded that I already have. There is little incentive to use dockects once you have all the blessings.

I think issuing quests that would allow us to ”earn” a blessing would be better like the grail knight had the sword skin that you could earn. However they should be something like finish mission on damnation with X modifier 10 times for example.

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Well I fear that in FS mind that what melk contract are… Quests to get currency… currency to buy weapons with good blessings…

The issue is the blessings are rng and I’m not even sure if it’s possible to get lvl 4 blessings with Melk …

If only it was possible to see lvl 4 blessings in Melk shop crafting would become way better instantly …
But it would only be fixed when the LOCKS GOES AWAY!

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Yeah it’s really frustrating how weapons, blessings and talents keep getting better every step. But crafting continues to be garbage and the premium shop is a joke.

They’re teetering on the edge of making something truly great but simply refuse to give us what we actually need, like a crafting rework to remove the locks and add red items ala vermintide.


Agreed, personally I would like to see ogryn receive the next content drop since he has least weapons/variety.

Then red weapons, crafting to make production and balance: to streamline balancing issues that are inevitable with current system.

Another crafting improvement, and weapon customization needs to happen.

Or even better, Winds of magic. Let us have one gun of each type and grind for upgrades that we can slot in and out :).

Just because Darktide’s loot system is horrendous doesn’t mean that V2s suddenly is good.


WoM wasn’t perfect either. There’s the soul grind and the tedious process of levelling the athanor and individual weapons by clicking the same button dozens of times. Ideally they could split the difference and give us the ability to collect multiple items of the same type but craft any property like bars/blessings/perks that we have previously unlocked somehow.

If there’s only one item of each type we would have to configure it every time, or at least set loadouts. But loadouts are limited and possibly subject to being deleted every time they patch the game.

The way it wasn’t perfect was that it peaked out quite quickly, but that can be expanded upon. The thing that was very much sub-optimal with WoM was that it fragmented the gear and you had to grind for gear in two incompatible places, but on the whole it was a much better system than standard V2.

As for load outs and resets, I don’t consider this to be a problem. They may reset, they may not, but we should have plenty of pre-determined load outs for our characters so that we can switch build on the fly. Worst case we have to remake them after a patch, but FS has said that this was not something they intended to happen and I tend te believe them in this particular case.

Winds pf magic was a terrible mistake amd should not be repeated. Expeditions etc were much much better and more fun. Weaves were the worst and the skins for weapons while really cool are still not earnable.

I love the game overall but the shop is so insanely pointlessly frustrating… yay I’m trying to put together a specific build… can’t because we don’t want you to pick weapons that are useful.

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