For real when is the crafting getting fixed?

I stoped using the crafting slotmachine long time ago because it so bad and timewasting and pointless.
Just buy the odd 370+ base when it shows up in shop.
have plenty of good gear so don’t really need to engage in it anymore.

But wanted a specific combo to try out.
wasted a bit over a milion credits and around 20k plaststeel and idk how much diamanteen to brick every weapon with ok stats.

Why is this system still this bad


I’m still hoping that it’s the same case as it was with the talent trees.
Just a placeholder, something that was easy to implement for the deadline and something that is already in the works to become better… I hope? :sweat_smile:

I just can’t see them being this stupid to think that this BS system really works in favor of player retention. You just can’t ignore the numerous posts of people who dislike the system since launch.

In my opinion with the overhaul of the talent trees this “crafting” system feels even more out of place.

It just makes me really uncomfortable not to hear anything about crafting from FS themselves.

Always good to see more posts about it, you should add to the post i made as well for more traction

yeah I can belive this.
seems like they ported V2’s system over in the midst of fixing the game and a proper system (that one the devs talked about early) is still in the works hopefully.

yeah kinda had the opposite effect.
just closed down the game.

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