Hey, FatShark. I've just spent 13 thousand plasteel units to finally craft a weapon with the blessing I wanted

Not to mention money, time and, last but not least, frustration needed to obtain it.

Hey, Fatshark. Kark you.


There is clearly a problem of time invested to get what you want.

I finally always get what I want… but I play the game a little too much.
The game needs to allow a casual player to enjoy it.

That’s why I suggested several times:

  • about weapons in shops
    • a minimum for weapons global modifiers of 340 for all shops when you’re level 30 (normal shop, Brunt’s armoury, Melk’ shop)
    • there should have a system that grant you a 360+ weapon after 5 purchases and a 370+ guaranteed after 10
  • about the resources, the possibility to:
    • buy and sell plasteel diamantine with ordos
    • exchange plasteel and diamantine
    • dismantle weapons to get plasteel diamantine
    • upgrade a locked blessing (but not changing it)
  • the increase of material (plasteel) we get from missions
    • Uprising from 195 to 300
    • Malice from 300 to 600
    • Heresy from 600 to 900
    • Damnation from 900 to 1200

But, I also think that there should be an increase of what we collect by the conditions:

  • low intensity - 10% of what was collected
  • high intensity + 20% of what was collected
  • others additional / different condition +10% of what was collected

Also, I am pretty sure that, one day, we will be able to exchange diamantine / plasteel… why there would be so many “shop” locations in the Morningstar if they did not plan to add things to it? So, why waiting to implement it?

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You got what you want? Jelly

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I’ve been playing Ragnarok Online again recently. At least that’s an RNG hell that doesn’t hide what it is but you still make consistent incremental progress.

Feel free to add your support here.
Let‘s fix the game together.

Today is april 1st.
I bet he was joking. :smiley:
Nobody just gets the blessing they want, for the small price of 13k plasteel.


Well, first you have to consider what you want, secondly how you want to achieve it…
You have the brute method… you buy at Brunt’s armoury and try to make orange every weapon you obtain and that have a good modifier.

Personally, I am patient. I take anything I see at the normal shop that has great modifier, is green or grey and that I will want to use later.
Then, I upgrade a lot to blue. Once I get a blessing I want, I upload to orange.

However, when the shop doesn’t give me good weapons… I try to upgrade blue ones that have not the right blessing. Sometimes I get lucky.
Example… my veteran (new one) had not a really good shotgun. I upgraded a blue one that had not the right blessing… but was lucky and got Full bore (what I wanted) and so I could add no respite to it.
But as I say I am patient… I have a boltgun (on this veteran that I created 2 weeks ago) that has pinning fire T3 but rendering T2. I want both, at least, T3. I wait that the shop give me the opportunity to try again.

But, I usually don’t spend 13k to get something enough decent to use.

It’s not just the resources. I use the Mod for re roll at the shrine. And it has a counter for every roll.
So when you are at the point where re rolling no longer costs resources, but it shows #986 before the Perk you finally got. Then you realize how stupidly time consuming they designed a system where you should just have the opportunity to get what you want instantly for a set amount of resources.

RNG is OK if it is used right. But FS overuse of RNG just hurts the Game and the Gamers.

  • Refine Item should work like the Re-Bless! Choose what to change and pick what you want for prize XY.

  • Refine Item on Curiosities should only lock one Perk, so that you can refine the other two.

  • Lv30 Players should get the minimum Modifiers Rating of 370 at the armory on all weapons.

  • Armory weapons above Modifier Rating 370 should never have a lower blessing tier than T3.

  • There should be 2 Options for bartering Items instead of just turning them magically into money in the Inventory.
    1: Barter at the Armory for Ordo Dockets.

  • 2: Barter at Hadron:
    white - 50 plasteel
    green - 100 plasteel
    blue - 200 plasteel
    purple - 50 diamanten
    orange 100 diamanten

And finally the Option to exchange materials at Hadron.

  • give her X diamanten and get XX plasteel
  • give her XX plasteel and get X diamanten

In Fatshark casino utopia everyone gets what they want.


I have just tried to get something from Brunt (i have spare money… so tried)
150k ordos wasted, nothing good.

Well… I will stick with my method that I hate!
Waiting that the normal shop propose me what I want… this means lot of time at waiting for something.
Anyways, I cannot remember the last time I had something good from Brunt AND got the good blessings also when crafting the weapon.
Brunt’s armoury is the worst thing they did since they started to patch the game. I like the design, but the implementation is really bad. A 300 modifiers weapon is totally useless at level 30…

Over 600 hours and over 100 Power Sword upgrades later I finally got my first T4 blessing for Power Sword, but it still wasn’t Power Cycler. :upside_down_face:


I don’t think Power cycler is the game changer that a lot think it is…

Even if it isn’t people should still have a viable and clear path to test blessing combos they want.

On this, I would really love a training field where we can experiment any weapon with any blessing we want…
yeah, I dream… I know

Most of the blessings still haven’t been made into decent numbers so it really doesn’t and they (and creating the build you want) should not be out of reach.

Like this new Achlys Stubber, you need to roll a Flak to not waste tons of ammo on most shooters/taggables. Stubbers still need a +crit rate for Charmed Reload to even work 2-3 times a magazine with their current -3% crit rate. And the gun is still so far from good even if you arrive at this unicorn of a gun. I’m using one with T2 Flak lol.

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I want to charge my Power Sword less in a fight. That’s it. lol

I can understand…
I opted for something else… more damages and the possibility to be a threat for crushers.

And here I’ve been making claims about how the progression system is actually a “progression” system. Thank you for proving me wrong and congratulations on your progress! :partying_face:


Hey. You cant just come here and tell Fatshark they steered the crafting ship straight into the eye of terror, ankered, and took the engine apart!

I mean. They DID! But they steered to avoid it!


I always have a good laugh re-reading that crafting blog vs what we got because it legit feels like we’re getting gaslit. So much of it was objectively lies and BS-ing