Did fatshark abandon darktide?

2 weeks no updates (oh, wait premium cosmetics).

2 weeks no hotfix bugs

No events on holidays

No news, no roadmaps, no communication.


They have been on vacation and if asqhy is to be belived, most of the fatshark staff will be back next week.
And yeah this is typical of fatshark to release stuff and go on vacations so get used to it.


They started coming back this week, we might get a community update next week (This WE at earliest)

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In my eyes a bit strange. You launch the game beginning of December right before the holiday season where most player CCU will be achieved because many ppl have holidays. Than you decide sending of all the staff into holiday. So “no community support” until 9 of January. Also feels for me as another “we are FS, we dont care”


erm I hope not :smiley:

In other games (especially online) before holidays launch BIG PATCH contains huge content or events to grind (just because developers need time to rest, and players get business).

Gacha games do it better, honestly.

If you release a live service right before Christmas, have a Christmas event ready to keep people engaged and attract some extra audience.

But obviously this wasn’t the case, the game was barely finished (in fact the MS store didn’t get the release version on release day, which makes me think the release version was finished like the day before release), no time to do anything for Christmas.

And since they were probably crunching to have the game out before the holidays, you can’t expect them to put out something instead of going on vacation, the workers have probably earned it anyway, regardless of the state of the game.


I was thinking this too they where probably all really in need of a break just trying to get the game out


As said, best would be release end Q1 and really take the results of Beta serious. But nah, better take those holliday sales because you know the overall game is in a bad state and you will likely earn more no matter if the people realy like the game or not. The real fans you can get back with big patches in each quarter.


The devs probably earned it. Everyone in management didn’t. They probably shouldn’t be in the positions they’re in, frankly.

On another note, is it just me, or are the servers getting progressively worse? Yesterday and today even on Heresy the lag is insane if anything at all is going on. Not just missed inputs, but enemies and even my own character teleporting instead of moving during intense moments, lights turning to heavies, animations breaking and stuff just… being… crap.


Wouldn’t surprise me if little to no maintenance has been done.

They haven’t touched the game since the week before christmas. So yeah. Pretty much.

It’s common for Swedes to have vacation over Christmas. I know I did.

I’d say it’s common in most of Europe, but it’s also common to leave some people in charge of live services, the game feels like it’s been on auto pilot since christmas eve.


Well aware. It seems to be an extremely common practice to release games broken, right before people head off on vacation. Another prime example on how little the community matter to Fatshark.


Common for certain jobs perhaps, but personally speaking I don’t know anyone who is still on vacation for Christmas/New Year. Most workers have been back since the day after Boxing Day. :man_shrugging:

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Christmas + new year, they were just in a vacation

They did not fix the game crashing constantly in a month, so maybe. They also lied about finishing the crafting system.


The datamine confirms that they launched this game without season 1 active, which I can’t remember any live service game doing. Hearing the excuse for delays on our ‘first major content update’ being that it kept crashing gives me little faith they’ll get to the bottom of that or the memory leak anytime soon. They’re probably still having major stability issues with a lot of content.


Game’s dead until further notice considering we can’t even get a response from the CMs that isn’t just closing a thread for “bait” xD

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