So no community update today?


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I’m sure we’ll be aiming for next week at the earliest soon, when they delay again. Sorry, its not a delay at all if they use the word ‘maybe’.


The issue is, as always with online communications, that we can’t be sure they didn’t cross their fingers while typing this up. It would also explain why it takes them so long to type.


At this point if we hear anything before February I’ll be amazed

Stop complaining you annoying little consumer! How DARE you voice complaints about a shoddy product, and you have the audacity to expect some kind of plan as to where the future of the game lies? You insignificant worm! Your opinion has all the relevance as a gnats fart in a plague tornado.

Fatshark will communicate with the unwashed peasants when they see fit.

Also, have more RNG and be thankful.


It will be “Earliest” whatever in the hell that’s supposed to mean.

That means at any point from now until the warp scar grows and finally consumes us all. What part of that isn’t clear?



I think catfish said something about trying to get some sort of update out either today or tomorrow.

They normally post stuff around 19:00 swedish time for some reason, so thats in a few hours.

so in 3 hours or so. Good to know

Probably on reddit :smiley:

Aqshy (u/Fatshark_Aqshy) - Reddit

Maybe in three hours, considering how fatshark handles communication we might not get an update before the heat death of the universe occurs.

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There is no fekkin way they can’t write down what they are going concentrate on as a result of the feedback and hand it over. They don’t need to mention dates n sh*t, just give us the development direction… They said the delay in saying anything was partly due to the feedback re-directing what they were going to work on, so tell us what !!

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It’s unlikely the community update will happen today. This is frustrating, we know, and we know we’re not putting out info as fast as we’d like and as fast as you all deserve. We want to ensure any community update we put out is 100% accurate. This means making sure we dot our i’s and cross our t’s. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, we’d like it to go out end of this week, if not next week.


@Aqshy no hotfixes in the meantime? considering i still cant get past the title screen, id assume bug fixes would happen as soon as they are fixed

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Cant wait! thx for the communication

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Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


The team definitely has hotfixes for a variety of community-noted bugs in the works, but likely pushed after our comms.

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Sorry but I just don’t believe you anymore. There is literally zero trust right now and every word you say I am going to scrutinize because at this point its been more lies than honesty. You said there was a community update already written and ready to go in December and it was just waiting for everyone to get back into office. Then it was not enough people back in office, then it was needed to change some things, then it was new CM, now its “dotting i’s and crossing t’s”, what excuse are you going to have next week?

Seriously, just admit that everyone is working on the console port and that no updates are planned until its done. It’s what you did for the last game, it’s probably what is happening here. I really genuinely hope you guys aren’t sitting around wondering why you have such little faith from your community.