No community update today : coming next week

Just FYI


WHAT!!! No…I’m so surprised!!


Reddit of course, because this isnt their official forums.


Next Week :copyright: :tm:

Maybe. Possibly. Seems to be on track. At the earliest.


I’m pretty sure they’re agonizing over exactly what promises they should make , and what they should stay vague about. On VT2 (and so far on DT) their track record when it comes to delivering on time stuff they actually promised the community is really abysmal.

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We already knew this, tbh.

@Lexa i dont use discord or reddit so how the hell am i supposed to know lol, i think i mentioned on that topic, that if they mention something like that it should be on official platforms. You’d think that the forums would be the first place they’d say something like that considering the forums is the normally the first line of communication with any game company


I also don’t use discord (for DT) nor Reddit.
It was more of a joke post to show how little value you would get by getting info from those other platforms.
This is a non-update, just like the joke one from my post.

I hope the real update/announcement is placed on this forum, as well, but, at the moment, I don’t see that I am missing any info by staying here.

So… next week again.

Next week or so.

Could be bloody May 19th at this rate.

I like how they hope to have patch notes to post. Also again confirming no crafting, just minor hotfixes. Why? Because barely anyone is working on the PC version, that’s why.


Shut up man you’re draining my hopium supplies :frowning:

Going through hopium faster than Hadron snorts up plasteel

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It’s always the Next Week™.

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We need a “Next week” category in this forum.
Maybe FS will put in some comms from their side under it, for a change :wink:

The update coms satisfaction at this point should rival rusty trombone performed by finest Swedish escorts to even start salvaging the situation.

How about Warhammer 40K: Nexttide… Nexttime?

Warhammer 40K: Nexttime.

And the 40K is literal this time because that’s the actual year they’ll ship something playable with functioning mechanics and a semblance of the promo trailers.

We just have to wait another 37,977 years, boys. :crossed_fingers:


Yup. Game development takes time. It’s not like they can magically change that just because they chose to, or had to, or were forced to, release their product before it was finished.

is it weird that i actually like the way Catfish communicated?

I release my full comment earliest at the end of next week