This is a bit depressing to go through this cycle again

Being a longtime Vermintide player I’ve been through this release cycle before and its depressing to know that we’re a year away from Darktide being in a place that feels like it doesn’t disrespect my time. We get very few first person melee hack and slash games, sucks that the best of them is dragged down by mistakes being repeated.

Don't worry, the next content drop will feature more skins in the cash shop, and another map with a samey-same tileset locked behind RNG.  

I personally cannot wait.


Yeah tbh I hated VT2 at launch, but coming back to it repeatedly over the years I was always impressed with the user experience upgrades and improvements to the game. It’s wild how none of that translated into DT at all.


Gotta cash in that good-will for them short term gains, amiright?

yeah, that’s why I have so little patience for the shortcomings of this game.

Even with VT2 I had patience because I understood that most of the designs, while completely broken, were not outright terrible (some were, for sure) as opposed to here. Here, things are both broken, and terribly designed. This is their THIRD Tide game. They had legit 7 YEARS to gather feedback across both Vermintide games. They really should have been able to cobble together something baseline coherent and competent at this point because they really should know what people like by now.

There’s just no excuse anymore. 7 Years is enough for a child to grow up and learn over half a decade’s worth of life experiences. How has a video game developer not learned core fundamental lessons about what their audience likes during that time?


A lot of the anger from the Fatshark community stems from going through the less than stellar launch of VT2 and SUPPORTING Fatshark as they made it the great game it is today. We were there, we did this already.

There was an unsaid expectation that Fatshark would LEARN and GROW as a developer but that obviously has not been the case. The only growth we have seen from Fatshark is their appetite for our money.


We get even fewer good games set in the 40k universe that do it justice and this is so close

I wouldn’t even mind (Well, I would, but I’d be far less irate) if we got a straight up “we wanted to try something different and clearly it didn’t work out. We’ll fix it” - like the RNG maps, RNG loot, etc etc.

Except we get pure silence on the overwhelming amount of feedback on these systems. And what they did reply via shared resources, was “Yeah we’ll look into it but that does go against our design intent” - …really?


Yeah can’t wait to get that nice ‘content’. In parts. Spread accross a few days due to various reasons and delays.

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Yes if they wanted to come out with a 40k game that wasn’t supposed to resemble their previous titles it would have been really obvious to us their longtime supporters.

This definitely wasn’t the case though. Darktide from day 1 was marketed and pushed as a Tide game set in the 40k universe that was going to focus more on ranged combat and 40k concepts. At no point did they say or even hint at “this is a totally new concept and game style we are doing so please bear with us as we figure out how to make it awesome”.

If they did say that to us early on and follow through with the concept all the energy we put into being angry at them could instead be channeled into helping them make their new game great.

Fathshark dug themselves a massive PR hole of doom with this release and it won’t be easy for them to crawl out of that. If they even care to do so.

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Not sure if any of the Fatshark devs actually reads any of this feedback at this point. Had they seen/learned from the previous feedback within the other tide games, they would of known this game would of been a chance to redeem themselves.

Instead, what we saw within the closed beta was exactly what we were getting into. A buggy, unfinished mess that each patch just seems to either make it worse or cause a lot of anger towards the game. It’s like at the very end of development, a lot of good concepts were gutted out from the game and we were just given on what was left.

Now I understand why this game literally calls us Rejects. :confused:

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PR hole is a nice description. They already failed to crawl out. 2 weeks and what was it? A little bit of communication after 3 days. Then a half week without any response. And so it went on.

All it would take to climb out would be STRONG communication. Sure they have much work to do. But they have special staff that has only one Job, and that is to communicate with the customers.
And if it is to much work to shine some light on what is going on with the progress of the product that was meant to be Finished at release, then the least thing they should do is giving the customers that already payed for that product, ONE! At least ONE Update EVERY DAY. simply some transparity.


I don’t know, I remember Creative Assembly putting out a state of the game recently that was basically “We don’t really know what we’re doing but we’re working on it!” and everyone hated it. Sometimes it doesn’t help for developers to say “we’re going to keep working on it” players will still eat them alive lol

This is just like Bethesda, Bioware, and every other gaming studio out there. I have not played a release especially live service that was not busted or created to sell junk to people based on appearances because they know people will riot if you sell power. see anthem and every other recent game and you have their strategy.