Weapon Stats are way too obscure

Just add a hover-mouse-over-word comment box on what a stat actually does. Vermintide II stats weren’t the sexiest, but at least you know what they did (at least in general). What are is “Finesse” and “Mobility” and from what am I supposed to assume what it does? Attack speed? Crit chance? Crit power? Movement speed while wielding? While blocking?

And why do the same weapons (e.g. Combat Axe) sometimes have different stats? I had an axe that had I think “Penetration” and another had “Cleave Enemies” or something. I can kind of extrapolate one would be better for hordes and the other for Elite killing, but again, there’s no way to tell.

Please add some explanations for these stats. Maybe add them in the loading screens instead of the endless wave of tiring, edgy quotes.


There has been hundreds of requests just like this and it still feels like it cant be said enough


What you cant understand arbitrary unexplained bar graphs? And random stat modifiers like +2 wounds!

Imagine being a game dev seeing your community ask and plead for Weapon stats for literal months and not add them and refuse to even talk about it

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