Weapons stat changes.... get ride of the damage bar

It´s probably too late to make huge changes or it will take a while. But i´m at the point to say that the “damage bar” on weapons is pretty pointless.
I mean, i don´t mind the RNG or so, it´s just that no player will suddenly take a weapon with 40% for whatever reasons. It´ll get scrapped and hopefully comes with a decent blessing, so far it just feels somewhat pointless and makes the other stats in the most cases less relevant.

That´s why i think the base-damage should be balanced across the difficulties and that´s it. Let the other stats show and make them more build-defining like “first target” or “mobility”, where e.g. one axe with first target can take out Ogryns with a heavy easily, meanwhile mobility will grant a mentionable difference for dodging / attack speed builds or something.

I guess you know what i mean and i think that the damage bar is actually too important to let those second stats shine in their core. Dunno how hard its coded in, but would be nice to see it changed.


IF i were to play the devils advocate here, this would simply just shift the focus on the 2nd most important damge stat. So for ranged weapons it would usually be stopping power and for melee first target/pen/crit or whatever happens to be the most important secondary.

It would definitely create less “dud” weapons since hitting breakpoints would be easier, but i don’t see it fixing the overlying issue that some of the stats are simply not that valuable.

I know what you mean, but then it´s up to FS to keep the 2nd most important stats more valueable, so having a knife with 80% first target or 80% finesse could make a difference on the build you want that weapon for. In the worst case it would need some form of rebalance ofc.

So it relies more on the player and its preference or “what they can build with what they got” than just looking at the damage bar.

Yeah it definitely will need a rebalance in my mind and i’m not even really against your idea. Just some points worth considering.

i am using a weapon with 65% dmg bar bcuz i want all other bars at 80%. Bcuz dmg is not the most important stat as u think. What u are offering here is casualisation of the game and i personally deeply dislike it.

  1. As i´ve said, most of the time… ofc there can be breakpoints behind the 2nd stats or actual some you want as on e.g. traumastaff / flamer etc…

  2. I see where you´re coming from, but i don´t think it´ll casualize the game at all. It´ll just shift the seeking for weapons and make them more build-opened.

EDIT: They could add another 5th bar instead of just damage then aswell…

To me I kinda want them to remove damage bars but also damage kill and hit skills.

Just balance the weapons by balance them.

No one’s taking a axe with out BM and after that you got the choice of damage or damage or wasted blessing.

The heavy sword gets like 75% more damage from a blessing and that’s seen as good balance not that if you don’t have it your weapons worthless.

The force sword should just be able to block bullets by default but you need a blessing so every single force sword has one real choice.

Blessings should just do interesting utility that make you change up your play style but not be so OP that your forced to take them or the weapons bricked.

I mean at this point if they are going to do that just go back to the VT 2 power level system.

All this really does is remove 1 of the stats people are after and it doesn’t really fix the system it just shifts the focus onto a different stat (which is likely going to be cleave and attack speed or attack speed and pen if applicable).

If you just made the stats flat based off the power level people would likely have less of a headache about it and it would probably make it a lot easier to balance the game if you didn’t need to account for both 40% and 80% stat roll weapons existing.

Even then a lot of the chase is just to dump stat mobility for the most part or defense stat when it involves block (since blocking isn’t wroth it a lot of the time but that’s a different discussion).

Overall the system is needlessly complicated and seems like it should have been reserved for system when people had actual control over the bars via an attachment or modding system.

They could add different marks or modifications to their hearts content if they goal was to add variety, overall it just seems kind of silly to even have the system if they remove damage in the first place.

That´s a matter of how they implement it… of course if you want e.g. attack speed so badly, you´ll go for it. But what i actually want is a system, where all of the 2nd mods become more value. So if a weapon has first target on 80% and cleave on 50%, the weapon is probably great for a singletarget-build, meanwhile the same weapon with cleave 80% and first target 50% would be better on hordeclear.
Yes it somewhat shifts from 1 stat to another especially if poeple seek for it, but it opens more options since you don´t have to care for base-damage anymore. You can concentrate on a more specialized build.

Or, and hear me out. Why don’t we make it so players can reasonably get maxed out gear, with perks they actually want, and blessings they also actually want. All maximized after a moderate grind.

The problem isn’t how weapons are statted. The problem is the entire itemization system is, simply, not fun. It is a complete step backwards from Vermintide 2 in every conceivable way and people keep bargaining for ways to make it slightly less trash, when it’s still going to be irredeemable trash.

Getting a weapon, upgrading it, actually building it into your perfect weapon over time, is the system we should be asking for. Not bargaining to make the casino less of a punch in the face.