Someone please explain what I might be calculating wrong on this weapons damage

This weapon bar/% system makes even less sense to me now. These are not different weapons, these are the same title. The only thing I now wonder is there somehow damage numbers being calculated based off “first target” or the perks or even the fact that its purple?

Why is the grey at 79% damage with definitely a more orange bar keeping the same 189 light attack and lower 237 heavy attack vs the already upgraded hammer with same 189 light attack and higher heavy attack?


That is not damage, that is base damage which is modified by stats in the “modifiers” section.

Why the purple weapon has a slightly higher base heavy attack damage? I have no idea. It could be random or some minor flat bonus damage you get with higher tier weapons.
I’ve already accepted that, to know the actual damage, you have to test it in psykhanium.

That’s what it is

I’m stockpiling on force swords and noticed the total damage is also an independant roll

So when you max roll 80% damage, you’re actually getting 80% of this particular weapon’s damage roll

It’s a roll on a roll

The difference as far as i’ve seen is minor though, a couple digits more or less damage

Appreciate the video link but this was before they showed damage numbers. This helped but it is still odd. If he makes an updated video post launch I’ll keep an eye out.

Yeah the psykhanium seems to be the case. Just a little bit derpy that I have to go actually test their own math and buy the weapon when it could potentially be worse lol.

Still makes it very odd being a roll on a roll if we they decided to not show damage numbers at launch but, what Lexa mentioned will be what I have to do. Test it in psykhanium to get the full picture.

I do indeed believe that the damage you are shown is including the “first target” modifier. I have seen the same on f.Ex. a Force sword.
If you want to use it for single target, that is fine. If not, the damage numbers shown aren’t helping you much. Does the detailed stats view shed any light?

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This man speaks the truth. With weapons like knives and swords, the ‘First Target’ modifier plays heavily into the damage numbers shown.

Yeah, I just checked in-game.
The number shown has the “first target” multiplier applied

As others said, “First Target” is adding enough to push the numbers.

From my limited testing, Hammers don’t cleave that great so it’s probably a good stat anyway and actually indicative of damage you’d do for what you use it for.

Also worth noting that Penetration factors greatly for different armour types.

Hit V to go to the inspect screen then hit tab.
It’ll show you the damage per enemy hit by attack type and you can also see the stagger value in blue.

I’m not sure if we know mass values of enemies to know what that stagger value would mean, but… it’s still useful info. Although a little hidden and obscured.

I complained about stat presentation here: Weapon Stat Clarity - Mobility

Although I wrote that at 1am and it’s not exactly coherent, I stand by it being a presentation issue with the stats we see being as useful a metric to look at as the magnification of a telescope is in working out the mass of a star it’s looking at. It’s a start, but it’s not the info we want to know at a glance.

Why this cant be straight forward and understandable IN GAME is just a complete failure on the design side of the game.

The fact that weapon stats cant show clear and precise info regarding damage and other stats without the need to use a wiki, video guide, etc to understand what you are looking at is just ridiculous.

It really should be as simple as seeing

Weapon 1 - 50 damage
Weapon 2 - 60 damage

Whatever calculations lead to those results, no one cares unless we have control over those elements. Even when/if we ever do, the end result STILL needs to be simple and straight forward.

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It does that now.

This post is about why, given the other stats as the OP expected the weapon with the higher damage% to do more damage. But that doens’t change the fact the game right now does list the damage of the weapon exactly as you requested it do.

Personally, I love all the hidden weapon complexity in how the game players and how the weapons handle and work. I just really wish it was communicated a LOT better to the players so we’re not just waiting for a google sheets document to explain what stats to aim for to hit what breakpoints.


That first hit stat is so pointless. The whole thing is completely convoluted. We’ve got all this nonsense and we don’t even get any cool momentum modifiers for anything.

I’m not sure if we can trust the psykhanium in all situations. I noticed with Ogryn in the beta you would knock down heavy enemies with the special attack (uppercut). YET on the same difficulty level in the actual game they would only get staggered.

Personally, I love all the hidden weapon complexity in how the game players and how the weapons handle and work. I just really wish it was communicated a LOT better to the players so we’re not just waiting for a google sheets document to explain what stats to aim for to hit what breakpoints.

This is contradicting. If you love hidden complexity, you shouldnt mind having to use a google sheet to explain the stats.

The key word here being “hidden”. Things can be super complex, but have all those complex values clearly laid out for people to experiment with to their hearts content. If people are criticizing that there are elements that are unknown (ie: hidden) then it would seem there is no love for hidden complexity.

I like the complexity, that is currently hidden (to varying degrees).

I don’t like how hidden it is.

I feel it could be better communicated.

I guess I’m too used to talking about things from a V2 perspective where it was much more hidden thanwhat we currently have in Darktide.

They’ve made an effort to display more of this information to the players, I just feel its not quite there yet.

To me, every stat bar we currently see from the default item view (not inspecting) is not a useful stat. It conveys what each variable rolled, without telling you anything about what that weapon has in terms of actual stats.

How many players even know Finesse is attack speed?

I thought first hit only applied to cleave attacks and didn’t factor in assassin strikes

I didnt

I thought it was crit damage or something similar lol

Thats what im referring to when i say it needs to be blatant numbers.

Not flavor text
Not progress bars.

At the very least it needs to support mouse over tool tips so when you mouse over “finesse” it says “attack speed”

It’s not only attack speed, but one of the things finesse does it attack speed, I think the other thing is weak spot damage and crits.