Can anyone explain how much damage a weapon does?

Without guessing based on VT2, can anyone explain how much damage a weapon does? (Before all the complexity of armor and cleave.) The numbers mean nothing if I understand it correctly. And curio rating means nothing? It is really just how many pixels in the damage bar on the display, or am I wrong and the ratings actually mean something?

Given that someone figured out even identical weapons with different damage value dont do exactly what you would expect (more bar doing more damage), i have no damn clue.

Yeah, they mean something, we just dont know what.

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I found this on youtube yesterday.

[Weapon stats]( [DARKGUIDE] Weapon Stats and Damage Calculations - (Detailed) Code Confirmed Guide - YouTube)

I am not sure if this is right but the guy tries to explain how the damage work belivable.


AFAIK, j_sat is a very reliable source, close to FS. Those numbers and analysis should be legit.
As for actual numbers, I enjoy abusing the psykhanium.
Get your set up there and compare it to other weapons, gear, on different enemies, body parts, armor types.
You can see DPS, crits, headshots, armor hits, suppression reaction volume, etc.
I just wish we had something similar to test Merk’s gear before purchase.

FS is also working on adding more info (possibly tooltips).

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(If you know everything below then let’s consider that this answer is for people new to the Tide games that will find your post.)

Damage is, first, quite complicated (if you are curious then check J_sat video, this is gold and confirmed with the game code:
[DARKGUIDE] Weapon Stats and Damage Calculations - (Detailed) Code Confirmed Guide - YouTube).
Second, damage as a number is not important to know. What’s important is reaching (and understanding) BREAKPOINTS, how many hits into what part of which enemy (different armor on different parts of body) is needed to secure a kill.

Since your character skills can influence this (+% damage of warp battery in Psyker, for example, and also +% damage from auras in coherency), this is VERY difficult to answer.

Game hasn’t been out for a week yet, so just enjoy exploring and test on Psykhanium if you reach breakpoints on enemies that interest you (1 headshot flamer, 2 bodyshot mutant, 1 bodyshot cleave for 5 horde poxwalkers etc. whatever interests you in your gameplay style and character), and thanks to the healthbar you will know how much you are missing.

The answer may eventually come, but it won’t be simple.

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Part of the damage equation is the weapon itself. That’s what I’m asking about. Not everything in combination, unless other gear affects weapon base damage? It’s rather confusing.

And no, “try it in the psywhatsit” doesn’t help me compare weapons in the store, but thanks.

That very thread might illustrate why FS is not keen on providing detailed numbers but showing us more vague stat bars instead.

Weapon damage can not be dialed down to a basic raw number. Even if a weapon HAS base damage.
But it wouldn’t help to get a value for, let’s say: base damage on unprotected torso of a specific enemy type.

It’s doing much more complex things than that and it wouldn’t represent the weapon effectiveness in its actual use.
Hence the more vague bars that encourages experimenting and getting a “feel” of the weapon. In what conditions it might work best.
I think I get what FS is going for.
It’s not easy to make things understandable without drowning you in numbers and complex factors like the J_sat detailed video does.

“It’s complicated” (and very confusing at first, and… a bit less later)
Again, I encourage you to watch at least part of the explanations from J_sat, especially from 7’28" (damage part).

Believe me, I’m on the same boat and I require explanations to improve my purging ^^

Any system that’s too complicated to explain to players is simply bad game design. Heck, this rule goes for software in general: if your user can’t figure out what it does, that’s on you as a dev. (I say this as a software dev with more years of experience than Ogryn has fingers and toes to count).

Even very complex rules-heavy RPGs can explain this stuff clearly with number ranges. Given that e.g. penetration is already a different bar, I think it’s not far off.

It would very much help to “get a value for, let’s say: base damage on unprotected torso of a specific enemy type”. That would be great! Number range, I guess, but still. That’s “weapon damage”. Sure, it might be character-specific, but that fine, that solves the problem at hand.

How does that fall of vs armor? That’s “penetration”. Etc for other stats. Separate from base weapon damage.

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This right here is why the whole “It’s too complicated to ‘reduce’ anything down to a simple number” is a load of BS. We can have a simple number for a casual to look at and decide that a weapon is better, because the game already does that.

That’s just incorrect. Multiple people explained why a base damage number means nothing. The complicated nature of the combat is what makes it dynamic and it isn’t hard to understand. Giving people a base damage number is misleading in which weapon is actually better for whatever play style you like. It’s not uncommon for FPS games to lack specific numbers and even when they do it comes with caveats.

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Just no. You know this is computer games WH40k forum, not a boardgame, right?
On serious note, you have a right to not like it and I’m just glad you are not a developer of this game.

This game is much, much simpler than the full set of WH40K rules. And yet, they are fully explained to players. Sure, it takes many books of rules to do so, but there it is.

Any software the user’s can’t understand is bad design. It’s always on the devs to ensure the users understand, that’s just the nature of software design.

Frankly, I reject the notion that the damage system is too complicated to explain. It’s just somewhat complicated. C’mon, we’re not talking Kerbal Space Program here. We’re just talking about damage mechanics, and making excuses for the devs of any game ever never helped any game ever improve.